2 families attacked in Qalandiya after losing their way
Aviel Magnezi
Published: 29.08.10, 15:39
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1. Rockets, stoning, lynching & the Left still don't understand
Shalom   (08.29.10)
with their corrupt, evil, warped brains or don't care to understand. This is what you Leftists as well as others will get if G-d forbid Israel agrees to a 1 state for 2 people deal. It will never come to pass in any case. Just silly talk from silly Leftists - destroyers of Israel and the rest of the world - who don't give a hoot about Israel or the Jewish nation.
2. If a Jews goes to an Islamic, Arab country, the same thing
happen to him!!   (08.29.10)
3. I want to shake the hand of that gas station attendant
Chaya ,   Tel Aviv   (08.29.10)
4. to #3 you probably blond, you see in the article
ghostq   (08.29.10)
it said eventually he helped, he wasn't much willing to do so.
stude ham   (08.29.10)
6. to #4 and you are?
bandora etrog   (08.29.10)
that is not what the article says at all. you either do not understand english or you want to distort the story. it says they were finally helped by, which means this was the last part of the incident and he was the one who helped them.
7. And we want peace? With whom? For what?
Israeli 2   (08.29.10)
8. Glad they are safe...
John ,   Jerusalem   (08.29.10)
...and throwing rocks at children is unforgiveable. Some odd details in here: Palestinian license plates are green not blue and the wall doesn't run through Qalandiya refugee camp. But they were probably a bit confused and scared. A bit daft, too, if they couldn't work out they were going through a checkpoint into the West Bank at Qalandiya. Doesn't excuse the violence but I also suspect that these guys were settlers. You might not like to admit it but truth be told ordinary Israelis and ordinary Palestinians are pretty much indistinguishable. And there are more yellow plated cars in Ramallah than green plated. So I suspect a knitted kippa, snood or orange bunting gave them away. Glad they got out alright. Qalandiya can be rough. Most Palestinians and internationals avoid it too. If they don't smash your car they'll jump in front of it and try to sue you for personal injury. One way to avoid these problems in future would be to redesignate the area around Qalandiya as Area A allowing Palestinian police to control traffic and to patrol the camps. It works in Jericho where you rarely get accidental Jewish drive-ins because there is a (very friendly and light touch) PA roadblock at the entrance to the town set up specifically for that purpose. It also works in Bethlehem where there are quite a few accidental drive-ins but the Palestinian police are on hand to escort them back into Israel.
9. consequence of price tag
daz ,   uk   (08.29.10)
These two families have suffered because of what the settler terrorists do to the Palestinians with their stupid "Price tag" policies
10. This is the state that Abbas wants to create!
David ,   Hartford USA   (08.29.10)
Just imagine such nice folks living across the valley from your home! Your kids go out for a walk and never come back. Your car breaks down within target range of this neighboring state. Abbas has already stated that 'no Jews' will be allowed to live in the new 'Palestine.' This means it will be perpetual 'open season' on Jews that come anywhere near this border. Bibi is deluding himself if he thinks peace is possible with people who have been brainwashed for generations to hate Israel, and who continue to brainwash their children to this day!.
11. to daz or is it daze?
Frank P ,   Jerusalem   (08.29.10)
Following your fallacious reasoning this would be the first incident of Arabs stoning a Jewish vehicle; unfortunately there have been tens of thousands of such incidents over many many years. These perpetrators are blood thirsty racist xenophobes who would be targeted by your own troops had they the misfortune to reside in Afghanistan or Iraq.
12. Good fences, make good neighbors
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (08.29.10)
As the old saying goes. You have to wonder why Israel would ever consider letting any Palestinians return to Israel. While we all know there is no such thing as a "right of return", only a recommendation. Even that recommendation was based on 2 ideas. 1) That Palestinians wanted to return 2) That those who did return want to "live in peace", with Israel, clearly that's not the case. Kudos to the guy who helped out the families. It does show that not all Palestinians are filled with hate. Those are the people Israel needs to focus on, the level headed ones. Let us hope that guy wasn't killed by his peace loving neighbors. Branded as a traitor or collaborator, just for doing the right thing.
13. "We prayed?"
S. Cohen ,   New York, USA   (08.29.10)
"We PRAYED; they knew we were there and they waited for us each time we DROVE passed," she said. I'd like to know: to whom exactly did these people pray to? To Hashem, who certainly was not pleased that they were driving on Shabbat? I hope they got the message that when you desecrate Shabbat there are consequences. Baruch Hashem, He saved these yidden anyway (and even used the Palestinian gas station attendant as His shaliach to do so). May all Israelis come to recognize that "Hashem, Hu Elokim...ain ode Milvado."
14. but the Arabs want peace, don't they??
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (08.29.10)
I don't understand, Yossi Belien, didn't you say that the Arabs are peace loving people who just can't wait to express their devotion to peace and brotherhood.
15. right, there's no sign at all, it happened to me once but I
aviG   (08.29.10)
did a u-turn and got out. I don't get it how they entered so far the place that is 2 miles far away from the checkpoint ?
16. no one checked their vehicles
observer   (08.29.10)
restriction of movement is put only on Palestinians ON their Occupied land. Israeli citizens can go wherever they wish IN the Occupied land.
17. What if a palestinian car drove into a settlement?
Rachel ,   Brussels, Belgium   (08.29.10)
The furious settlers and/or the soldiers protecting them would shoot at once and there would probably be no one left alive afterwards. The news title would then be "Suspected palestinian terrorists were shot down while attempting to enter settlement". Such is the wicked logic of colonialism and apartheid.
18. Car Stoning
JEFFery ,   USA   (08.29.10)
It could not be Settlers because it happened on Saturday afternoon - so much for your assumption!
19. #16; observer, your funny, but wrong
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (08.29.10)
More than likely, the reason your not checked going into the refugee camp, is, you pose no threat to Israel, inside the camp. When your leaving the Camp, and going into Israel, then you pose a threat to Israel. So the IDF checks those coming out only. Doesn't that make more sense than your bias remark.
20. @ Rachel , Brussels
Frank P ,   Jerusalem   (08.30.10)
Unbelievable ignorance Rachel, That there is no record of such an incident and you have to make it up is the height of prejudice. I myself stood guard many times at the gate of a "West Bank" settlement and politely redirected lost Arabs.
21. #18 Settler violence is more likely & worst on Shabbat
observer   (08.30.10)
22. Rachel from Belgiun
Rachel ,   USA   (08.30.10)
Amazing how people with an agenda can come on to an Israel website, and try to spin an attempted murderous terror attack to make the Arabs out to be the victims even when their attacking a car with Jewish infants in it. Such is the *wicked* logic of hatred and antisemitism.
23. redaing maps is obviously beneath their dignity
sweeter than honey ,   far away   (08.30.10)
or learning to read maps, a basic in a not-exactly-peace-is-it? situation. that would mean taking responsibility for their own inadequacies. they expect some one else to do such dirty work?
24. #19 a test of exercising right of return
observer   (08.30.10)
are you saying that despite the color of number plate on the car, the guards of that international terminal were unwary of the situation? what is the best medium to to test the right of return to the Jewish land if it weren't the indigenous people who were denied right of return? I don't know how a land be Jewish; on the maternal or paternal side? does it practice circumcision and observe Shabbat?
25. #24; observer, who are the " indigenous people"
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (08.30.10)
This should be interesting. Did you mean the Arabs who considered themselves to Syrians prior to 1940? Or the 100,000's of Arabs that came after the 1890's when Jewish people created jobs while rebuilding their homeland?
26. it was at night
aya-i was there   (09.02.10)
after shabat.
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