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Immigrating out of fear
Danny Adino Ababa
Published: 30.08.10, 19:18
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1. Leave you modesty squads at home we have enough here
Josh   (08.30.10)
2. Turkish jews
olim hadashim ,   tel aviv/israel   (08.30.10)
The majority of jews will be immigrating to Israel.Those who are not immigrating are assimilating rapidly sothat the Turkish Jewish experience is coming to a sad end.
3. islum terrorists promote aliyah, 1st good thing they've done
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (08.30.10)
4. Erdogan apartheid
Matthew ,   Boston   (08.30.10)
Erdogan hates Jews. It is a major point of his philosophical view towards the world. He has made many powerful enemies here in the USA in a very short time. He will not get away with picking on a small helpless community without consequences, and he is learning that everyday. That is why he is keeping his mouth shut now. Turkey, a good country that is our natural ally, is paying a major price here in the USA for his religious hatred. He is probably one of the least welcome pollitical leaders in the USA. He is reaching Mel Gibson status here in Wsahington each day. Enjoy tea with Assad and Ahmadinejad..........................
5. Hating Jews for killing Arabs
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (08.30.10) called collective punishment., not antisemitism. Hating Arabs and imprisoning 1.5 million in Gaza is also collective punishment.
BOO ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
7. :: Sad state of affairs
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (08.30.10)
It is probably fair to say that Israel’s refusal to apologize for killing nine Turkish civilians has a lot to do with the uncertainly and fear that Jewish Turks feel. If only Israel would apologize and compensate the families of those it killed. Alas because of Israel’s stubbornness Turkish Jews now feel isolated and vulnerable. One can only hope that the Israeli Gov does the right thing and does it soon.
8. The emmigration started 10 years ago.
ben yaacov ,   herzliya il   (08.31.10)
This has been the trend for more than a decade. It started when the previous 'Islamist' government took power and was doing the same things as Erdogan is doing now. Young Jews finish University and then look for professional careers in North America or Australia. They primarily choose these destinations because they can speak English. Personally I am curious about what the Iranian Jews who have bought Turkish property and get Turkish residency papers in event they need to suddenly leave Iran are going to do?
9. Erdogan, the best five leaders of the world
aykut ,   arizona   (08.31.10)
Matthew, I totally agree with your opinion about Erdogan in your first paragraph with one little correction. The problem here is not because he hates jews. The problem is because he is ideologically aligned with hamas, which conflicts with the israeli policies. However, I will diagree with your second opinion about erdogan being one of the worst leaders in the world. According to one of the british magazines, he is designated as one of the best 5 leaders of the world. aykut
10. Turkish Jews, Leave the Genocidal Country
Dav Lev ,   Burbank. CAUSA   (08.31.10)
One poster says Israeli troops killed innocent civilians. Innocent civilians, are you deaf and dumb? Israel had paint balls..but was forced to use lethal weapons when attacked with lethal weaponry, upon descending onto the ship, which was in violation of international laws re: embargos and blockades. Just like the Pales/Arab worlds, this commentor refused to face the truth..and lied to achieve a purpose. As far as Turkish Jews..get out now. Leave that Muslim country behind. They dont want or need your rugs and carpets. When in Israel, join the IDF..learn to defend might have to nuke Tehran someday. Show no pity or mercy.
11. Too all Turkish Jews come live in Israel
Dyslexic..... ,   Israel...   (08.31.10)
It is your home and you are all welcome.Israel has its good and its bad ,but there is a lot of good and you will be happy here.For one big reason Israel is your country and nobody can kick you out and call you a Jew.
12. #7. What makes you feel Israel is stubborn?
Ypip ,   Canada   (08.31.10)
Resolved is more like it. Erdogan should concern himself less on Jews and pay attention to his own court.
13. #7
Truth ,   New york   (08.31.10)
The Israeli govt has already done the right thing. It has killed nine terrorists on a terrorist boat sponsored by a terrorist organization coming from a terrorist country.
14. Crypto Jews
observer   (08.31.10)
in December 1686, more than three hundred Jewish families converted to Islam in Salonica. Like Shabtai and other Marranos, they continued to attend Jewish services secretly and observed certain Jewish customs in their homes. This was the origin of the most important group, numerically and historically, of Islamic Marranos. The Turkish Muslims called these hidden Jews 'doenmehs', the renegades. Over the years the 'doenmeh' movement became firmly established in Asia Minor. In the nineteenth century the sect was estimated to have twenty thousand members. Salonica remained its main seat until that city became Greek in 1913. Although the Jewish community remained there under Greek rule, the 'doenmehs' moved to Constantinople.
15. #4 - Erdogan hates Jews,...
split ,   USA   (08.31.10)
Your list is getting longer and longer next time tell us who doesn't ? ;) ,....
16. #7
Robin ,   US   (08.31.10)
If anyone should apologize, it's Turkey.
17. Turkish character unstable leave now
david ,   Jerusalem Israel   (08.31.10)
They should get out while they can they are living in delusion , Turkey is very unstable you feel it everywhere like waiting for an accident to happen.
18. Welcome home, brothers.
Avner ,   Ramat-Gan, Israel   (08.31.10)
19. eighty-five?
Pheppseleh ,   Netanya   (08.31.10)
Eighty-five immigrants in the first half of this year, out of 17,000? I can't say it's an overwhelming flood. Come on folks, hop over here before it's too late. The immigrant on the left of the photo is particularly welcome.
20. to #14 the only chrypto is your head, we r talking
ghostq   (08.31.10)
about jews who r abused by muslims in Turkey today, you just find excusses for Muslim behavior, but we all know how Islam treat other minorities in their area, convert to Islam or die, it was back during the ottoman era and is is still true today.
21. matty- are you serious?!
nadav ,   tlv israel   (08.31.10)
Even if there is a problem between Israel and Turkey, why should the Turks attack their Jewish citizens? Conflicts betwen states should not effect ethnic minority citizens in those states. Following your logic, Muslims should be hounded and expelled from Europe because of Muslim terrorist acts since the 1970s that have killed hundreds of Europeans....
22. Come Home Now!
The Dude ,   Eilat   (08.31.10)
23. #20
Omri ,   Israel   (08.31.10)
In the ottoman era jews actually had little problems with the ottoman turks the problems only came in the ottoman last days. This turkish anti-semetism isnt anything to do with history its more out of "all the rest of the Muslims hate Israel so we should to" and ofc Erdogans calling to Israel being a terrorist state with Iran as the "good guys".
24. :: Nadav - #21
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (08.31.10)
Why are you making this up? There have been no recorded attacks on Turkish Jews by fellow Turks following the Israel’s attack on the flotilla.
25. A shame this is happening
Omri ,   Israel   (08.31.10)
But it seems the crisis is coming to an end soon with the resent news from turkey so i wouldn't count on this to go on for long.
26. to #23 that is where you wrong
ghostq   (08.31.10)
Turks expelled jews from Tell Aviv in 1914, they let the arabs population stay in Joffa but told the Jews they should live especially when they suspected jews were colaborators of the Franch and the British, another thing you don't know that every time Naby Mussa rioters came to Jewish areas the Turks turned the blind eye. jews didn't live comfortly in Osrael they were living in poverty. Turks as I noticed will do anything for money, it's also easier to make them do things for the right fee even today.
27. to #24 not making this up, jews today in Turkey
ghostq   (08.31.10)
hid their identity to avoid prosecutiom, and that is from personal source. face it they just look for excusses to attack jews, if it wasn't flotila which they send than it would have been other excuss. that how it goes.
28. I hope that many of them
roli ,   miami beach, USA   (08.31.10)
will also come to The United States of America. The secular republic of Turkey should continue it's epic tradition of poised democratic authorship which dates back to the days of of Spinoza and Smith. Erdogan is bottom heavy, like the Turkish Army, which should be defending Kurds who are more secular even than Israeli's.
29. he who speaks the truth..
turkish diaspora ,   new york   (08.31.10)
There is a folk saying in Turkish "he who speaks the truth, gets chased off from nine villages", meaning no one wants to hear bearer of ugly truth. I came to the US 25 years ago for college and 10 years later decided to stay for good when the islamic parties came to coalition in turkey for the first time with the rise of fundamentalist islam in turkey as a harbinger of what to come. 10 years later, my parents moved here, when Erdogan surged in popularity in local elections and then to national stage and the country started changing course with women being able to walk in veils freely in Istanbul, madrasas became high school equivalents and more mosques were started to get built than any other public project. Finally, this year, my 85 year old, widower grandma immigrated, even though she never wanted to leave her country, her house and her lifetime of memories behind, after the demonstrations following the Davos incident and the Flotilla affair. Being a turkish jew went over the last 30 years from being part of the history and cultural fabric of Turkey, to being "tolerated", to "living on borrowed time". What a shame.
30. Aykut from AZ
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (08.31.10)
Yes a British magazine put Erdogan in the list of best leaders. However what criteria does this magazine use is the important thing here. We all know that Edogan (unfortunately) has a huge public support in Turkey. He talks the language of the people in the street and considering the education level of the people in the street this is no flattery. Mussolini and Hitler also had similar support from their people and could have been in a similar list during their time but that does not make them good leaders. I personally can not accept a PM to be a good one if he can say to one of his people -Take your mother and go = Anani da al git - or even worse one that considers democracy a bus from which he will get off when he arrives his destination (Sheria).
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