4 Israelis killed in shooting attack
Ynet reporters
Published: 31.08.10, 22:09
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1. I bet
Someone ,   Ashkelon,Isral   (08.31.10)
Everybody's going to blame Israel on that... what a shame.
2. Unfortunate loss of life
Hussam ,   Palestine   (08.31.10)
These attacks against illegal settlers are however bound to continue and the world cannot possibly sympathize with victims. The world sees them as illegal occupiers involved in settlement activity in contravention of international law. One last attempt at negotiations should be given a chance to determine the fate of the illegal settlements.
3. Condolences to the families
Muayyad ,   Palestine   (08.31.10)
Death is always sad. Make no mistake, the purpose of this attack is to undermine the talks in Washington. The only way peace and see the light of the day is throught the swift implementation of the 2-state solution. If not, resentment among Palestinians will likely increase and no Israeli will be safe in Palestin'e territory!
4. attack
olim hadashim ,   tel aviv/israel   (08.31.10)
Security for all jews in the Land of Israel is the principal requirement .No government shall forget this.
5. It begins.....
J K ,   NYC, USA   (08.31.10)
Not good. You think Abbas and his skilled security system will be able to find these killers? Ha!
6. :: #2 and #3 apologists for Muslim terrorism and supporters
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (08.31.10)
7. 4 Israelis Killed on Heels of Summit
Larry ,   Columbus, Ohio USA   (08.31.10)
So, this is what you call peace, you slaughter a pregnant Woman and Civilians- What Purpose did you fufill? You wiped out a whole family, What purpose did it serve? Only Cowards would do something like this. There will never be peace... you dont know the meaning of the word.
8. #2 and #3
yaakov ,   jerusalem   (08.31.10)
Rabbi Yosef must have been talking about you two the other day, judging from your talkback
9. Jordan is 'Palestine' - maybe no Arab will be safe in Israel
David ,   Hartford USA   (08.31.10)
Abbas has already stated that no Jews will be allowed to live in the new 'Palestine.' Maybe time to reciprocate and state that no Arabs will be allowed to live in Israel..... Why did we take down all the checkpoints??? To make a goodwill gesture to these killers? You just know that whoever did this is invited to Samir Kuntar's Ramadan feast this evening. Find the people who did this and kill them. Period.
10. Hey #2
Ben S ,   USA   (08.31.10)
1) There is no place named Palestine. 2) Do not make excuses for this. Murder is murder. If these are the people Israel is negotiating with to hell with the peace talks.
11. Stop the US initiated Circus!
Jennie ,   Us/Israel   (08.31.10)
Bibi should drop the sharade in NY wright away and immediately leave Home ! They did threaten and promissed us their war all along and now it started... Bibi ! It is high time for you to do what you were elected to do at home right now. You better clean and defend your house quickly. While you playing with the wild cat, the wolf has attacked and killed 4 of your innocent people !? All that is left for you to do now, is unleash all the Hell and all the Fire onto these subhumans...NOW !
12. PA Isn't A Peace Partner
mark ,   usa   (08.31.10)
How convenient of the PA to blame their political foe Hamas and take the attention off of them. It was Mahmoud Abbas who was giving himself a way out of the talks by saying if Israel lifts the freeze the talks are over and its Israel's fault this is a entity that wants peace?
13. Stupid American Jews:Obama HUSSEIN stole your MONEY & VOTES!
Jewish blood is on ,   your hands!   (08.31.10)
14. DIRECT YOUR ANGER AT the government and the legal system
Marcella   (08.31.10)
With this tragedy coming in the aftermath of another murder of a Jew in Jerusalem, I would encourage readers to read the Jerusalem murder report on "Israel National News". There you will see how there has been a non-ending string of Arab-on-Jew attacks lately and police have routinely disregarded them. Whenever a Jew makes a formal complaint to police - it's the JEW!!! who gets charged for being the victim while the Arab is released. One of the youth implicated in the Jerusalem murder has already been released! With a weak government that opens up checkpoints - that orders IDF and police to refrain from responding to Arab attacks - and that instructs police to either not respond to reports of attacks on Jews or to charge Jews reporting violence instead, this latest quadruple murder is no surprise. Jews using guns to defend themselves risk being put in jail for years, while Arabs are free to attack Jews anytime, anywhere. An event reported August 26: Dozens of Arabs went on a rampage for over 90 minutes at Shiloach (Silwan), Jerusalem. A frantic Jew calls police: "I told them to send their forces in quickly because I do not want to have to use my weapon. So the policewoman asked me – 'How did you come to have a weapon at home?' This is what bothered her. ("Near Pogrom at Shiloach", Israel National News). This is the situation in Israel today. Criticizing the Arabs is useless. They won't change. It's your government policies and courts' attitude that must change! Stop the peace talks already! Demand a referendum in the PA. If they don't want peace - there's no point in easing restrictions on the PA or partitioning your country FOR NOTHING EXCEPT MORE VIOLENCE AGAINST JEWS.
15. No Muslim will be safe in Israel! Flee before its to late!
James   (08.31.10)
16. Arab double speak
Yehuda ,   Jerusalem   (08.31.10)
The comments of Hussam and Muayyad pretty much sums up one of the main roots of this conflict. There is NO justification for the intentional murder of innocent people. Hussam and Muayyad unfortunately speak for the majority of their people who see it as a legitimate political tactic and therefore betray their lack of basic humanity and moral bearing. How does one make peace with such people?
17. 4 Israelis MURDERED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
YNET = LEFTIST PIGS   (08.31.10)
18. Bibi, come back. No talks with terrorists!
Eddie Shor   (08.31.10)
19. Israel under attack
Brod ,   USA   (08.31.10)
Israel should hit them hard and fast. Any delays will only embolden the wolves and tigers to attack Israel again and terrorize the country. Immediately, round up their leaders who have been fomenting war and terrorism.
20. Perpitrators should be hung and shot in public
Raed ,   Palestine   (08.31.10)
this Hamas cell should be captured by the PA not Israel. they should then be hung in the middle of hebron and shot killing pregnant women has no justification no matter where you come from and in the holy month of ramadan no less. even if they are settlers on occupied land. at a time when palestinian leader go to talk peace they go and kill pregnant women. they are not human.
21. Netanyahous hands are soaked in BLOOD!
Mary   (08.31.10)
22. Two State ? A stupid idea.
RayS ,   USA   (08.31.10)
The Palestinians show again that they will never be good neighbors. To give them a state would increase their ability to inflict war on Israel Gaza? South Lebanon? Do you need more examples?Adopt key West Bank Security areas and Settlements ant turn the rest over to Jordan or Saudi Arabia, or Egypt or whatever.
23. Bound to continue?
Someone   (08.31.10)
So shooting pregnant women is a legal form struggle? We have superior military technology that can eviscerate your population, yet we constantly hold back. Arabs have different standards of humanity than everyone else. Why should we negotiate with you after this?
24. #3 - Is this a threat?
Someone   (08.31.10)
By your logic, why should any Arabs be safe inside Israel at the hands of regular Israelis?
25. If no instant denunciation by Obama regime...
Dr. L. Brnd ,   San Diego, USA   (08.31.10)
..equal in vehemence to the State Dept. denunciation of Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef's MERE WORDS, Israel should reply with a particularly vicious reprisal against Hamas targets, aiming for a body count of 25-50. If the silent Obama White House THEN criticizes Israeli reaction as "harming peace talks", Israeli reply should be to publically denounce Obama's one-sided conduct and reinforce that no "freeze" of any kind will be continued as a price for talks after Sept. 26th, unless both the US and Abbas make an equivalent massive concession to Israel for it. NO MORE "GESTURES" to Obama or Abbas - these deaths are the only result.
26. Heartfelt condolences...
Joe ,   France   (08.31.10)
to the families & friends of the victims of arab terrorism. Nothing else, sorry!
27. Hamas version of peace
M Carr ,   Baltimore   (08.31.10)
These are the same Hamas butchers that slaughtered their own Fatah brothers in the Gaza takeover. Given half a chance I hate to imagine what they would do to an unprotected Jewish population. For those of you that don’t get it, it is this kind of savagery that earned Hamas the terrorist label. How can any civilized, reasonable person support them?
28. "4 Israelis killed"? why not say murder?
Mahmoud Gadaffi ,   Tipa, LY   (08.31.10)
Why not say arab? Is it that you don't want to be redundant?
29. No peace with evil thinkers such as #2
Harvard ,   USA   (08.31.10)
#2 is an example of why there won't be peace. Echoing the sentiment of Abbas, Israeli security is not as important as ending "the occupation". #2 takes it even further. He has absolutely no feeling for the lives of the 4 people who were murdered. Evidently, in his demonic and twisted way of thinking, the occupation excuses murder. Well, turn his thought around. The murders justify the occupation as even if an agreement is reached with Abbas, the terrorist groups will not honor it and kill more innocent Israelis.
30. No Hussam # 2
Golani ,   Vineland, USA   (08.31.10)
Only the morally bankrupt part of the world sees Israel as the aggressor and most Americans do sympathize with the Israeli victims. The US has been attacked by terrorists who hijacked the Muslim religion to try to justify they immoral terrorism and it has not worked. Most of the US and most of the morally responsible world sees it as it is. There is nothing illegal about the settlers, it may be disputed, but it certainly is not illegal. In fact many may consider the occupation of Arab settlers in the West Bank as illegal. What can I say, but welcome to Israel since my family was there a heck of a lot longer than yours.
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