Hamas claims responsibility for shooting attack
Ali Waked
Published: 01.09.10, 00:57
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1. Heroic operation in Hebron
CJ   (08.31.10)
This is the Arab definition to the murder of a pregnant woman followed by dead checking. Ramadan Karim!
2. sick
jj   (09.01.10)
3. This is a clear proof to the World that Hamas is against
Asher ,   NY,USA   (09.01.10)
any stability between Israel and Palestinians and Force is only language can talk to them and make them calm. Really how Israel can achieve peace with such a savage group or Palestinians vote them to Power. They are looking to push Israel to get into another war with them and at the same time the world will ask Israel for more restraint. Let them Kill and You shut Your mouths for the sake of peace. Which Peace? They already killed four innocent people just like that, like the hungry wolves hunting for blood. How do you expect Israel make peace with wild and blood thirsty terrorist that are against any negotiations any stability and Life itself. How many Times Israel has to proof the World they do not have any partner in peace and there is no way to deal with these criminals!!
4. Setttlers are welcome to stay in the Palestinian State
Palestinian   (09.01.10)
5. Once again the arabs show how cheap Jewish blood is
BJL ,   usa   (09.01.10)
Slaughter 4 Jews and life goes on. No reprisals. No cost. Meetings with these devils will go on....This is insane. Jewish blood should not be cheap but priceless.
6. Menachem Begin, of blessed memory,
Jane   (09.01.10)
said that we the Jews bow our knee only to G-d. Let's not forget that. Also let's not forget that "he who comes to kill you, kill him FIRST"!
7. What Did You Expect
Sheik Rattle & Roll ,   USA   (09.01.10)
Hamas to do. Did you really expect this terrorist group to be sidelined during peace talks. Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, Hamas are planning day and night for the big war. I hope Israel & USA is doing the same. You can not negotiate with these people if you can call them that (people).
8. all I want to know is what is
Jon ,   GA   (09.01.10)
this trash bag the soldiers wear for a hat.
9. # 1 ,...
split ,   USA   (09.01.10)
Isn't that what some of your spiritual leaders promoting in recent days? ,...
10. # 5 - Jewish blood should not be cheap but priceless.
split ,   USA   (09.01.10)
What so special about Jewish blood aren't we all God's children ? ,...
11. "confidence-building gestures"?
tom ,   toronto, canada   (09.01.10)
before the peace talks open, why isn't washington pressuring abu mazzen to round up the terrorists behind this attack and hand them over (dead or alive) to israel? or is it only up to israel to make "confidence-building gestures"?
12. another reason for settlers to leave
ivan ,   haifa   (09.01.10)
their own security
13. signs of peace
mayer ,   new york, usa   (09.01.10)
guys this is the price you have to pay for peace, why complain this is peace. peace is on its way. bibi is strong. he speaks well. he is bringing peace. please dont misunderstand blood and death as a regular killing this is "peace" in action. as rabin obm said they are peace sacrifices... and didnt bibi say he is ready to make some hard sacrifices for peace. so all you cry babis - peace has alrady begun - i you dont belive me then ask obama.
14. peace
mayer ,   new york, usa   (09.01.10)
asher, why dont you relize that this is the nature of peace. get used to it, more is coming. bibi and the left driven by obama and peace loving jews will bring more of it. why fight? just retreat, go back to 67, then 48 then 39 then ... peace taks time... we need time to get everyone in the sea. it happens in stages peace above all logic and life! thats what we call peace now!@
15. Hunt them down...
Jacob ,   UK   (09.01.10)
Regardless of what people may think of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, these terrorists should be brought to justice one way or another. There is no excuse for this act of barbarity which Hamas calls 'heroic'. Anyone who disagrees with this has no credibility or dignity, end of.
16. One way to stop this madness...
Alexis Sitton ,   Alexandria, LA   (09.01.10)
Start killing all the leadership of Hamas, no question ask. They place new leaders, kill them all too.
17. One way to stop this madness...
Alexis Sitton ,   Alexandria, LA   (09.01.10)
Start killing all the leadership of Hamas, no question ask. They place new leaders, kill them all too.
18. Proper response
EZ   (09.01.10)
If Israel had half a brain it would coordinate with US an upgrade of sanctions/boycott against Hamas in Gaza. US should twist EU's arm to also support this. Condition of return to the status quo should be release of Gilad Shalit. This will thoroughly embarrass Hamas and be a proper payback. Netanyahu has the credibility now that he has made concessions for peace to press for this. The US and EU who pressed for these peace talks will not be able to back down since Hamas has declared that they are going to do their utmost to break down the talks so a proper response is needed. 2nd alternative is to force Syria to turn Meshaal over to an international tribunal. Going after the scum who pulled the trigger is child's play. Go after Meshaal in Damascus. Either embarrass him into releasing Shalit (and kill him politically) or put him in prison for life.
19. Gaza kill ratio 109 to 1 in 2009
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (09.01.10) many Arabs and Jews have been killed in 2010 in Palestine Israel? 10 to 1? 20 to 1? Is anyone counting the dead Arabs this year? Let the natives vote, end the violence of Apartheid!
20. true colors showing
it's not only hamas that is barbaric, what about salam fayad the moderate who says "it doesn't serve palestinian intrests". he isn't condemming the act, he doesn't say it is barbaric to kill innocent civilians, parents of children. shame on him and anyone else who does not yell out that this act is dispicable!!!! they are equally responsible.
21. "the heroic hamas".....
les ,   canada   (09.01.10)
all this talk, all this hand wringging, all these useless comments! the IAF should have been in the air already, and destroy all hamas's infrastructure, all the known residences of head murderers, PERIOD!
22. re: Jacob
Toby ,   London   (09.01.10)
I agree Jacob as I'm sure you would agree that the cowards that murdered 400+ woman and children in Gaza last year should also be locked up and punished? Yes? Or are they somehow special?
DENNIS ,   CHICAGO   (09.01.10)
24. Celebrations widespread in Gaza
William ,   Israel   (09.01.10)
If this doesn't speak volumes about the mentality of Gazans and the overwhelming support for Hamas' terror activities, then nothing does. To those who claim that Gazans are just civilians and the blockade is "collective punishment", go pound sand. They celebrated the death of civilians today including a pregnant woman, and they celebrated the the 9/11 events. 'nuff said.
25. #4 - many indicated they would accept citizenship
William ,   Israel   (09.01.10)
and be ruled by Palestinian law already. The shameful part is the call for ALL Jews to be ethnically cleansed in a new Palestinian State. What's even worse is that many Jews lived there before they were ethnically cleansed in 1948, so let's reverse this historic crime and invite Jews to live among you....and that is TRUE coexistence.
26. #9 - promote and do are two different things
William ,   Israel   (09.01.10)
First, Rabbi Yosef isn't the absolute word in Israel, and his followers are small. Second, despite his words, the Israeli govt and others have denounced the premise of his words. Something the Arabs haven't really done to date (Abbas did this today but only in English, big deal!!) Third, incitement is not part of Israeli media or education, and this rabbi's words will not amount to any real action. Not so among Arabs who need only to see a breathing Israeli in order to be offended enough to kill. Two different things that show the barbarity of Arabs and the civility of Israeli society.
27. #12 - if Arabs attack you in Haifa, will you leave?
William ,   Israel   (09.01.10)
Or do you think the police should come to help you? After all, Arabs consider Haifa an Arab village and you're trespassing, especially with the name "Ivan". Or maybe your tune will change because you're personally affected?
28. #1 Ramadan Karim!
sam ,   colorado   (09.01.10)
It also condemns condemned
29. #2 wolves hunting for blood
sam ,   colorado   (09.01.10)
Why did not you ask yourself what drives them to do that?
30. Shame! Shame! Shame!
Sean ,   Montreal, Quebec   (09.01.10)
Abu Ubaida said that the attack was proof of the failure of security coordination between the Palestinian Authority, Fatah and Israel. Of all the things the attack is proof of, we can put coordinated security well down the list. Let's start with a total disregard for human life. Did the "heroes" intentionally target a pregnant woman or was that merely chance, highlighting the indiscriminate randomness of the act? The vengeance that will be sought due to this vile crime will no doubt cause other innocents to die. I suspect there is too much hatred in the hearts of the perpetrators to ever have considered that. If these men wanted to highlight that the Peace Talks are a sham, they couldn't have chosen a better way to make that point.I doubt however, it is the point they intended. Personal note to Abu ubaida: Sir I get confused sometimes with the Abu and Ibn, but in English we have an expression, Son of a....! Is it your intention to scream of a collective punishment suffered at the hands of the Israelis? That is what this act is. You called these murderers heroes. In what warped version of reality can this be so? A pregnant woman! If your defense is that I don't understand the Middle East, let me reassure that I have heard that one before. Look what they have driven us to do is a political excuse and without any moral value. I repeat what I said at the beginning,,Shame! Shame! Shame!
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