US tells Turkey military exercise off if Israel not in
Published: 01.09.10, 16:45
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31. Monastras - this is not what i hear in the Turkish street
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (09.01.10)
1. In the past Turkey had rational leaders with the exception of Erbakan around 1974. Now you have an irrational - understudy of Erbakan - PM and government. Anything can happen including joining camps with Iran, Syria or Hams and it would not surprise me. 2. Turkey may not directly fight Israel but providing help to Israel's enemies is similar to fighting Israel. However I find this to be a very small probability. 3. It is not that Turkey sometimes speaks against Israeli policies that is a concern but the way it has been done by this government is the issue. In the past even Ismail Cem had critical words against Israel but the tone and the style was different and it never caused any problems between the two allies. Unfortunately people like you don;t seem to be the majority in Turkey these days. The people from Istanbul's Kasimpasa, Fatih districts are running the country and they became the majority. When you read the comments posted in Turkish media you see how much sympathy there is for Iran's Ahmedinejad, Valenzuela's Chaves, Cuba's Castro, Russia's Putin etc, not to mention the hatred for Israel and even openly against Jews.
32. Peter Vojta
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (09.01.10)
China is not very happy with Turkey and its policies also. (My wife is Chinese and I visit China often. I will be in Wuhan again in a few weeks). China is upset with Turkey's meddling on the Xinijan (Muslim part of China) issue. As much as Turkey approaches Iran the fact is that the two countries are competitors in trying to become the leader of the ME and I have to say that Iran is playing with Turkey in a very successful way. They got the Turkish NO vote for UN sanctions and then their vice president made a speech about the Armenian issue angering Turkey. Is a close alliance with Pakistan better then an alliance with the west? What does that bring to Turkey other then showing defiance to the west?
33. #12 - wonder why Hamas used civilian shields
William ,   Israel   (09.01.10)
Obviously, the US would have cancelled any attack and absolutely ignored all of the baby food and rice factories that seem to be on every street corner of the Arab world, right? Oh, and if the IDF was wrong, how did the UN and ICRC both rule that Israel's use of white phosphorous was according to law? Seems like they're the ones you should be upset with... right after you submit the actual list of victims that you claim were "fried" by white phosphorous.
34. #16 - Hmm, Col. Kemp of NATO disagrees with you
William ,   Israel   (09.01.10)
But why let facts get in the way of your rants? Col. Kemp was one of many military leaders and analysts who commended the surgical operations by the IDF in urban settings against terrorists who use civilians and civilian infrastructure to hide behind, and stated that NATO could benefit from such patience and tactics. Then again, when a group like Hamas plants IEDs next to civilian homes and destroys a whole city bloc...well, there's not really anything the IDF can do to stop, is there?
35. #5. Should Israel care?
Ram ,   London   (09.01.10)
Both the US and for certain the Turks benefit more than they contribute to Israel in these excercises.
36. #5 So that you know
Ram ,   London   (09.01.10)
Greece, not an islamic country, has been coziing up to Israel since the flotilla incident. Who knows how many otyher countries will be coziing up to Israel should a) Obama do well in November and b) should the US turn against Israel. Optimists know that things always happen for best. Time will tell.
37. #6 ohh please!!!
James ,   Herzeliya   (09.01.10)
US has killed more than one million Iraqis... and continue to kill more Afgans. Now please shut up and turn yourself in as a war criminal to the UN.
38. Question for Sarah B
Elmer ,   USA   (09.01.10)
I’m trying to figure out your opinion of the United States. You seem to often knock or ridicule the United States and its military. Do you have a low opinion of the U.S. and its military or, if not, are you letting the posters (leftists) from the U.S. who are hostile to Israel sucker you in? (If it’s the latter, don’t let them.)
39. To: No. 38
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.01.10)
It's hard to be respectful of a military that orchestrated the debacle that was Vietnam, the failed attempt to rescue the hostages in Iran, the "fixed-wing" nonsense in the 1991-2 Gulf War and Somalia. It occurs to me that the reason Americans are obsessed with World War II is because it was the last war we fought as if we meant it. Movies about World War II continue to be made; sixty-five years after the last shots were fired. Thank you for your final comment. I assure you, however, that the posters hostile to Israel are really no match for me. They couldn't sucker me into anything if I helped them! Most times, their comments just give me grist for my mill. Sometimes I reply; most times, I just ignore them. Many, I don't even bother to read.
40. To share ANY military secrets with the
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (09.01.10)
Turks is clearly the most dangerous thing to do... Turkey has become an outpost of Iran and to claim, that US-Turkish relations are at their peak, says it all about Hussein Obama...!!!
41. :: Elmer - #38
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (09.02.10)
Allow me to answer. Sarah BS is an American, born and bred, but she has switched her loyalty to Israel. Most patriotic Americans would class her has a traitor, a turncoat. You will also find that Sarah BS is a racist misanthrope who delights in epicaricacy. This detachment from humanity also explains her other psychological conditions namely Münchausen/Mirror syndrome and DARVO. This bigoted delusional tendency also sheds light on why she routinely misrepresents academic facts to suit her ‘claims’. Simply put she creates a fantasy world with fictional characters and misrepresents known facts, all to support and aid her bigoted construct of ‘reality’. For example she once claimed that “My son was murdered by the suicide bombing at Sbarro Pizzeria” this delusion was *proven* to be just that a delusion/lie. Another example would be that very recently she claimed that “the Palestine Authority is now the single largest recipient of United States aid”, anyone who spends 5 minutes Googling this outrageous claim will see that it is totally false ie: a lie. In short Sarah BS is a fraud, a phoney without any substance to back ‘her’ claims up.
42. More than a million Iraqi deaths?
Elmer ,   USA   (09.02.10)
James, #37 - combining estimates from the Associated Press and the Health Ministry of the Iraqi government, total deaths through April, 2009 are about only a bit over 110, 600. (Wikipedia - Casualties of the Iraq War) Your claim is that about one out of 30 Iraqis were killed by the United States. Nonsense.
43. #36 You have your a and b backwards
Obama will lose his Dem congress in November and the US will never turn against Israel. In 2012 Obama will be tossed out of office for being totally incompetent for just about bankrupting this country & surrounding himself with seducious Marxists. And all this talk about military maneuvers? My nephew is an USAF instructor pilot and he is NOT training Turkish pilots anywhere. So guess who is getting the best new fighter's? Hint. It isn't Turkey.
44. post 37 was meant for #12 not 6
James ,   Herzeliya   (09.02.10)
45. :: Indeed Elemer, how you dare presenting accurate facts?
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (09.02.10)
I do not bother with such unimportant details.
46. #6 Israel should let Turkey waste its fuel & save hers
observer   (09.02.10)
and more, Israel will avoid another air crash like that in Romania, lately .
47. Damn, you have the claws out today, Sarah at #21
Cameron ,   USA   (09.02.10)
Frankly, I was always partial to that historic Dresden episode, but again, it points to the need to learn from those weary, old Israeli veterans as to the proper art of bombing Muslim cities and population centers. Who else has the decades-long, veteran background, and "hands-on" expertise in such a matter that we could draw upon, and learn the "fine-points" from? By necessity, we turn to the most moral army in the world for training in this particular Israeli specialty! Had to smile at the mention of Hiroshima & Nagasaki. Doubtless you & other Israelis have been thinking a great deal this past year as to how the US completely ended that conflict in two blinding flashes. You know the Persians have been thinking just as hard about the fate of those cities, both day and night, and the utter finality of how that move truly ended the conflict. Will those bombing experts, the Israelis, strike first? Or shall it be the nutter Persians? Ah, what say ye, Sarah?
48. Speaking of military debacles & poor performance, Sarah #39
Cameron ,   USA   (09.02.10)
Summarize all those years of the IDF screwing around in S. Lebanon, and the victorious outcome, if you will. A feather in the invincible IDF's cap? Dive in........................if you dare.
49. To: Elmer at No. 42
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.02.10)
That's an awful lot of civilians, wouldn't you say? If you factor in the Afghanis, the number triples. So no more loose talk about civilian deaths due to Israeli bombing is in order, agreed?
50. #38 Elmer regarding Matty@#41
Cynthia ,   USA   (09.02.10)
Matty believes anyone who supports Israel is a traitor. He's not American and doesn't speak for Americans. Matty must be taking a psychology 101 class and learned a few new terms. I'd be surprised if Matty even graduated high school. He's not qualified to analyze Sarah's psychological status. Matty creates his own reality by repeating lies and hoping people believe him. He can't challenge Sarah based on facts or intellect so he attacks her personal life. I once asked him to provide a link to where Sarah made reference to her son being a victim of the Sbarro Pizzeria bombing. Matty slithered away. As for US aid to the Palestinian Authority, let's see Matty refute Sarah with facts and figures instead of his lazy go google the information reference. In summary, Matty is a shallow anti-Israel propagandist who hides behind a peace sign and falls short when asked to back up his claims.
51. "OK" NO PROBLEM then
Lee ,   Istanbul, Turkey   (09.03.10)
52. Turkey should try Russian for once
Anna   (09.04.10)
Turkey please Join Russia. Who knows? it might be a blessing in disguise for you. You need technology and Russia needs to use you as a gateway.
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