Injured Israeli recounts shooting attack: Miracle we're alive
Ari Galahar
Published: 02.09.10, 09:45
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1. Baruch Hashem, they should all malfunction and backfire.
Lioness ,   Israel   (09.02.10)
2. Direct result of removing checkpoints.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (09.02.10)
Goodwill gestures = dead Jews. Can anyone tell me why we are not bombing Gaza?
3. Who are We Negotiating With?
Moshe ,   Petach Tikva   (09.02.10)
Hamas is governing Gaza. They claim responsibility for the attacks. Then with whom are we going to negotiate in the direct talks and what validity will any agreements have?
4. does the world still think Hamas is a politicle movement?
Sharon ,   Bonn   (09.02.10)
when we defend our country from terrorist in cover of peacemaker the world go crazy about us beasts, but when they kill citizens in the name of their God nothing happens... I wonder why?
5. Matty Groves - why disarm the settlers?
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (09.02.10)
Yesterday Matty Groves reacted by saying that disarming the settlers was the solution to the violence. It was such a bizarre, outrageous call that I'm guessing that Matty didn't think his talkback through very well before clicking "submit". From the two incidents, it is clear that Palestinian militants want to kill as many Israeli civilians as they can. I'm astounded that Groves thinks that disarming the Jews, and not the Palestinian terrorists, is the solution.
6. # 2
Hakim ,   Palestine   (09.02.10)
You dont need to move checkpoints you need to move the @#$% out of our land...
7. cowards, they go to attack innocent civilians
top   (09.02.10)
Natan ,   Raanana, Israel   (09.02.10)
DEAR LEFTISTS: it's sad that still the world doesn't give a rat's ass. These attacks in the west bank shows what Hammas thinks about peace. Hammas is only getting more armed; now they have Fajad-5 rockets that can reach Tel Aviv and anywhere within 80 km from Gaza, including Egypt and Jordan and still people think it was a "peace flotilla"... so dear leftists: it's all your fault.
9. #8
Hakim ,   Palestine   (09.02.10)
Its not Fajad-5 Its FAJAR-5...Remember that!!
10. Netanyahu is wined and dined..Jews die
Al   (09.02.10)
Words cannot convey my contempt towards Netanyahu. This man has no morals, scruples or even a scintila of self respect. He runs to Washington ready to give up parts of Israel and turn the rest into a Ghetto with insecure borders. Nothing but his ego, and self are important to this little nothing man. The enemy no matter how they call themselves (PLO HAMAS) all have the same objective, namely to kill all the Jews in Israel. I shudder to think that my two boys, Canadian born kids with a father in Canada, would risk their lives trying to protect a society that doesnt even have an minimum of self respect. I want to puke....Israel society that elects such leadership doesnt deserve better.
11. Scorched earth
Ossie ,   Israel   (09.02.10)
What are we waiting for ? The peace process! These Gazan barbarians glorified the murders of four innocent individuals leaving behind seven orphans. They voted for these Hamas extreme Islamist savages. Gaza landscape and its leaders should be obliterated with a scorched earth action.
12. :: Brian - #5
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (09.02.10)
I said this *and* more. My exact words were: “If Israel was interested in peace it would be disarming these violent settlers *and relocating them back to Israel*” I also suggest that the illegal settlements be placed under curfew for a few days. Had a curfew been put in place these illegal settlers would not have been out driving in military occupied land and they would not have been attacked by Palestinian militants. My stance remains the same. Remove these illegal settlers back to Israel where they actually belong and will be much safer. Do not relax the gun control laws based on a knee-jerk reaction, disarm the existing gun-holders before relocating them back to Israel (obviously you don’t want armed religious extremists living beside secular Israeli) and place the illegal settlements under curfew until this is done. Palestinian militants/‘terrorists’ should also be disarmed whoever this is something only the PA can do not the IDF. Let the Israeli Gov/IDF busy themselves with relocating the illegal settlers back to Israel, after all that is where they will end up after any agreed peace treaty.
13. Lie exposed: there is no "separate road" system for settlers
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (09.02.10)
I'm sick of the Palestinian propagandists who try to make the world believe that there is a separate road system for Israelis. There isn't. The Palestinians use the exact same roads. Sure there may be an isolated area here or there where Palestinian traffic is banned exactly because of these kinds of attacks. This is the Palestinian response to peace talks - attacks against civilians. No, we won't ban Palestinian traffic from the roads, but the Palestinians are certainly telling the world that Israeli army roadblocks and checkpoints are justified.
14. #5: why, silly! For the same reason
jerusalem   (09.02.10)
that the Palestinian terrorists should be disarmed! In your comment, I am assuming that you are referring ENTIRELY TO ISRAELI SETTLERS, this includes that last statement when you mention "Jews", the word for a whole people. The settlers are no more peace-loving people than Palestinian militants. Im astounded that you are using this as a justification that the settlers only should be armed and the Palestinians should not be. In that case, thank goodness that your opinion on who should be armed & disarmed isnt a reality.
15. I agree with Terry #2
Scott ,   Haifa   (09.02.10)
16. Stupid government let us buy guns!
Golan ,   Modiin   (09.02.10)
For heavens sake I have three rifles in Texas where I can buy more and open cary them. But here in Israel where I need them it is illegal for me to own anything but a hand gun, and even then the laws are so strict that I at the end of the day if I apply for a gun license I would be denied. Why? I have to live here 3 years in a row, and "have a good reason to need one." Crime and terror attacks is not good enough. to be fair it is illegal in Israel to shoot in self defense. First you get sent to prison and then you get a trial and G-d help you
17. #6 Fookim
Voice of Reason ,   Here & Now   (09.02.10)
Ain't your land. Never was. Never will be.
18. to #9 who cares with hamas aim the rockets
ghostq   (09.02.10)
can end up in the WB. they allready killed 2 jordanians. and we all know they couldn't done it without Iran help.
19. bringing terror to israel's door
Paco ,   Canada   (09.02.10)
well it had to happen at the end... you terrorize and massacre innocent palestinians, iraqis, lebanese for decades now in there own countries.. NOW it is coming to your cities
20. #6 we did
There are no Jews in your land Saudi Arabia. As for Israel, the Koran says that Israel was given to the Jews. Be careful if you are even thinking of disputing this fact.
21. to N. 9
Natan ,   Raanana, Israel   (09.02.10)
Dear Hakim, I don't care it it's called fajad, fajar or fajlula... main thing is it will be used by cowards to attack the ONLY democracy in the middle east.
22. #19 Paco
jo moor   (09.02.10)
Paco: please take a deep breath of fresh Canadian air to restore vitality to your saagging mental function - right now you are talking Caco
23. Hamas is short-sighted
M Carr ,   Baltimore   (09.02.10)
Hamas is being very short-sighted. At this very moment the UN is investigating the Mavi Marmara incident. So what does Hamas do? They give credibility to the Israeli argument that the blockade is critical to their security by committing blatant acts of terror. Hamas is so brazen that they proudly claim credit for the terror acts. Hamas and other terrorists are going to find out that the support they enjoy from the civilized world will slip away from them completely if they continue to act like inhuman butchers. I understand that they have a dispute with Israel over the land, but, do they really believe that the cold-blooded murder of civilians is the best answer? So what’s next? As the terrorism escalates, Israel will be forced to tighten up their security. Of course the Pals will complain bitterly about oppression, apartheid, occupation and so on. Their complaints will fall on a growing number of deaf ears, however, if the slaughter continues.
24. At 23
pini ,   usa   (09.02.10)
No they dont have a dispute over land with Israel, they want the total destruction of jews in israel and to push us to the sea. they repeat it everyday, if it was land they would join the peace talks since the peace talks will discuss land. Doi
25. Claiming repo
Yaakov ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (09.03.10)
26. Claiming Repsonsiblity
Yaakov ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (09.03.10)
Why hasn't YNET reported that Al Namir a terror cell of Abbas' FATAH claimed responsibility jointly with Hamas (I don't remember but I think Islamic Jihad did too). The PIECE PROCESS is a charade.
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