Rabbi asks businessmen to invest in Israel
Reuven Weiss
Published: 05.09.10, 08:10
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1. That's well done Rabbi .
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (09.05.10)
Now let's hope that those businessmen will follow you . Maybe they will , because they can make much money here by investing in Start-ups .
2. People dont want to invest in Isreal for very simple reasons
Al   (09.05.10)
1) Contract Law is a suggestion..The Israeli court system along with its 50K 'Lawyers' and small population is imobile and inefficient save for political agendas. 2) A high level of corruption at all levels. 3) A sense of entitlement amongst most people coupled with envy and jealousy.. 4) Poor work ethic...Poor quality of work, respect for an employers time, effort and materials. 5) Predatory and monopolistic practices in business by those businesses that are already on the scene. (no real openings for others). 6) Small regional market..13th avenue in Boro Park does more business than Ramat Gan, Bnai Brak combined. 7) Everyone wants a piece of your action.. Investing in Israel is like selling crack in Detroit..Too much competition, with competitors ready to gun you down. Finally, if you dont live in a place you dont invest in the place...simple common sense.
3. Not really in response to #2
Naftush ,   Israel   (09.05.10)
But in case anyone takes him/her seriously: from independence to OECD membership in 62 years, ranked #22 in the world in quality of life, second only to Canada in non-US listings on NASDAQ, home to multinationals' R&D centers, skirted the worst of the 2008-2009 economic crisis due to fiscal/monetary discipline, renowed for innovation and entrepreneurship, prime destination of direct foreign investment. Want more?
4. Israel is not for faint of hearth, but is worth it
Yerushalmi ,   Jerusalem   (09.05.10)
Investments in Israel give a huge return. But are not for faint of heart. Israelis try to go from founding of a company to exit in few years, are not interested in running the business long term. Most of them prefer the action of a startup to security (false) of a large company.
5. Unclear
David ,   Israel   (09.05.10)
Why does a rabbi talk business? If he were talking religion or begging for money I would understand. Can somebody explain the relationship between rabbis and businesses, such as Victoria's Secret?
6. To # 3 , Right !
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (09.05.10)
And production goes on , in every circumstances . Intel in Jerusalem did'nt stop producing during the first gulf war . [ start-up Nation , by Dan Senor and Saul Singer ] And to # 2 : you don't know about what you talk . Investors look for a return , a big one . And this they can find here with the many innovations our Start-ups provide .
7. #2 My gosh, I was about to write a similar post, then I read
Made Aliya, now left ,   England   (09.05.10)
yours. Absolutely spot on. I would sum up Israeli business and politics with a single word: dishonesty. Various creative accounting measures are taken to ultimately cheat investors out of their investments. Companies are created purely to give the directors on a nice salary with no intention of even remaining solvent, let alone making a profit (which would been distributed in the form of bonuses to the directors, rather than dividends to the investors, anyhow) And when the banks and investors finally pull the plug it will either be sold off as a going concern to some large foreign corporation, or it's assets will be liquidated and sold at a knock-down price to a 'consortium' lead - invariably - by the former directors. In Israel, this has become the norm. Never trust an Israeli in a business suit. Tally-ho!
8. Invest in Israel- for simple reasons
Mae White ,   Tel Aviv   (09.05.10)
I would take issue with several of your points. There is for one a VERY good work ethic, surpassing the States by many many times. Israel is a hugely successful entrepenaurial makret. We in Israel do NOT envy or feel entitled; you lead us to believe that you have had a bitter experience trying to do business in Israel, and your resentment and disappointment color your views. And yes, many broadminded people, Jews and non Jews alike actually do invest outside their immediate geographic location. Open your eyes.
9. I spend the day working so I couldnt respond to all the BSAs
Al   (09.06.10)
Tell yourself what you want....I work for a living ...I am not in the business of BSing people with pie in the sky notions about nothing. Israels are all about the pizazz..They cant deliver squat. I deal with many people around the world. I am ashamed to say the Israelis I have met I wouldnt trust them as far as I could throw them. As much as I wanted to cut them some slack they couldnt deliver. Why? I dont know..I guess to them doing a proper job is akin to being a frier. Go figure.
10. To 2 & 7 . You don't know about what you talk
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (09.06.10)
Plenty investments are made here . Look only at Warren Buffet , who for the first time invested outside the USA , and spend 4.5 billion US$ to buy Iscar . That during the second Lebanon war continued to produce while rockets fell in the region they are situated . Israel is now a OECD member , this says more than enough . Both of you , one a yored , are thinking that you need to reeceive everything on a silver plate .
11. To Al , look at this article here above
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (09.06.10)
Siemens looks to invest in IsraeL . You have always such anti Israeli position that i begin to have doubds about you being Jewish or Israeli .
12. Al , Siemens also wants to invest here
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (09.06.10)
And NO investor throws his money away . I begin to think that you are not Jewish , nor Israeli . Always barking your anti Israeli smear .
13. #9 You swollowed the bitter pill
Ron ,   US   (09.06.10)
From your posts it appears you left Israel and your Israeli children behind some 20 years ago because you couldn't cut it in Israel. Nothing to do with Israeli work ethic or practices. Your daily negative rants on this site are personal.
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