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Jewish filmmaker tells Palestinian story
Published: 06.09.10, 07:35
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1. meaningful lives
olim hadashim ,   tel aviv/israel   (09.06.10)
If this person wants to put some meaning into his life he shall immigrate to a Yishuv and not spend his time on such kind of rubbish.
2. lol the noval is wrong,
ghostq   (09.06.10)
there wasn'y any radical jews in dir yassin, and at that time the jews of jerusalem were under siege, sound like the idiot never read the hole story, show them how they plundered the synagogue that lokated in east jerusalem and the brother grave mark of jews in the old city. he bought a fiction and he think it's true? oh well lefties never relay on real evidences.
3. Jewish Filmmaker
Nili   (09.06.10)
Too bad he can't tell the truth. He should have started by reading the charter of the people he is so concerned about. Read their school books, watch their TV, but then, truth probably wouldn't sell as well as the plight of the "poor oppressed ones"
4. repy to #2
observer   (09.06.10)
The massacre was not carried out because of the siege. It was a planned and deliberate scare-tactic perpetrated upon a peaceful village to warn other Palestinians of what to expect. A short and quite balanced description of this gruesome act can be seen on This is something that the Zionists may be ashamed of forever. No amount of excuses will ever justify it.
5. There will always be "jews" that will want
jason white ,   afula,israel   (09.06.10)
to help our enemies. Whether it is a goldstone, schabel, falk,finklestein, peres or beilin. They will work hard to make our worst enemies look good to the rest of the world at our expense. Too bad we do not excommunicate such traitors to the Jewish people and Israel. Why didn't schnabel make a movie about the arab maasacres of the Jews, collaboration with the nazis, terror attacks on our children or wars against our survival? Why make a war telling enemy propaganda? Why does the government of Israel permit such movies to be made here?
6. I agree with Jason White, #5
Proud Jew ,   Israel   (09.06.10)
7.  Israeli "artist" Sells His Soul for $
Realitycheck ,   Jerusalem Israel   (09.06.10)
Of all the film this "Jew" could have made "because its important to him " he choose one hell get some money out of from the "left wing pro Palestinian Industry" He saw refugees from Deir Yassin in E Jerusalem but couldnt smell the burnt bodies ofthe nearby massacare a day later of 70 Drs and Nurses from Hadassah why not a film about the untold massacares of Jews in Hebreon Safed ? Sick Sick "Artists"
8. Hind Al-Husseini is AMAZING woman
Salma ,   Palestine   (09.06.10)
My respect and love to humans for their good efforts to promote and spread peace among interested individuals .... Julian Schnabel ,We should admire you and we do. Kudos for Julian Schnabel & Rula Jebreal. hope to see Miral soon in Ramallah :)
9. to #4 wrong, from witnesses the arabs were shooting
ghostq   (09.06.10)
at Israeli forces from the village, the village not far away from jerusalem that actully was under arab siege. and I wouldn't relay on wiki too much, many pro palis who never even examined the facts change it on daily basis. not reliable source. trust me when I tell you, arab gunmen were shooting in the village.
10. #4 note one thing
Omri ,   Israel   (09.06.10)
The Hagana (later named IDF) condamend the act and even sent an apology letter to the king of Jordan. In fact it mostly happened due to a bad commander that failed to scare away the civilians before he lunched the assault. On the other hand all the massacres made by the Arabs where made justified and heroic. When you say "but why not take them all prisoners?" the answer is simple, it was a civil war and no prisoners where taken on both sides (not in large numbers) until about may 15 1948. The reason is mostly because no one could offered it but also because the Arab militias liked to kill and tear up the bodies of prisoners. While on the Jewish side members of "echel" liked to do much the same until that organization was finally broken and its members spread into the "Hagana" under Hagana's policies.
11. to #10 omri, I noticed jews apologize even
ghostq   (09.06.10)
when they don't have to, like on the flotila which someone else send, so in other words just because Israel apologies, doesn't means she was guilty, you have to remember that the war of 1948 started when two civilian busses that were on their way to jerusalem never reached because arabs open fire on busses with children in it, the result 4 Israelies dead and war that started when haganah retaliated. the dir yassin was neer jerusalem and was one area among many that happened in the same time.
12. Dir Yaseen - Kfar Etzion
Df ,   Beer Sheva, Israel   (09.06.10)
It is very interesting that everyone screams Dir Yaseen but none of the Palestinian supporters ever mentions Kfar Etzion. And if you ask them, the vast majority don't even know what happened there. The widespread practice of Confirmational Bias.
13. More Mirals needed
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (09.06.10)
...Hollywood needs to get off the tiresome Holocaust propaganda, and get on with what has happened since. The Zionist movement into Palestine, the Irgun, the Haganah, Menachem Begin, King David Hotel bombing, the Nakba and bulldozing of villages. Arafat, Sadat, Gaza, WB, Apartheid, etc. Lots of film making to do to get the whole picture of what is happening now.
14. Self-effacement and self-flagellation
Serge ,   Montreal, Canada   (09.06.10)
This American, Schabel, is kind of funny. I especially like the part about how, thank goodness, Israeli film personnel agreed not to speak Hebrew while working on this film. O, if only we could erase all traces of Israeli and Jewish culture! How noble it would be for the Schnabels of the world to be Jews then! Pathetic
15. liberal: one who takes his opponent's side in a dispute
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (09.06.10)
Yet another liberal Jew who takes his opponent's side, in this case by telling the Palestinian's alleged story. When will we ever see a Palestinian work to portray Israel's story - and live to tell it?
16. #11
Omri ,   Israel   (09.06.10)
Ofc a massacre was never an intention of the hagana yet misstakes happen and this is an example of one. Misstakes happen all the time in small scale but this time it was on large scale and needed political action so other people know it was a misstake and nothing more then that. Look at the Arab's massacres, they don't apologies but we are not like them and do have some dignity. Don't say "they don't do it so we don't need to either" because the only effect them not apologizing makes is our apology to mean more and show the difference between our 2 groups.
17. #4 Wikipedia is more balanced than your comment
Raphael ,   Netanya   (09.06.10)
I saw an interview of a surviving arab fighter who ascertained that 42 villagers werre killed, mainly by explosives, including 14 fighters who were executed in the quarry. 6 Irgun fighters were killed. This "peaceful" village was locking the only road leading from besieged Jerusalem to the Yishuv, shooting on the supplies. The number of victims was bloated by all parties: Ben Gurion to besmirch Begin, Irgun to terrorize, British and Arab propaganda to stir the rage of revenge of invading arab armies, with fully invented rapes and atrocities. This propaganda backfired, as instead of unlashing their armed wrath, the arab heroes preferred taking shelter in neighboring countries.
18. #17 true
Omri ,   Israel   (09.06.10)
Also they ran away so they wouldn't be considered as collaborators of the Jews and as they expected an Arab victory that will massacre the Jews they didn't want to be massacred along with the Jews. This happened in many places such as the Haifa Arabs who where given the chance to stay and the British called "the Zionists are letting you stay either because they need you're manpower or they need a public image" but yet they left".
19. to #15 Raymond in DC
Cynic #2   (09.06.10)
And who on earth appointed you to say Scnabel, as an American Jew, considers the Palestinians as his opponents? This good person is not Israeli, he is American. And yes he is Jewish. He simply saw the Palestinians' plight in a truly humanistic way, not like you who sees others in a bigoted racist way as goyim.
20. to #17 so you say the brits had intrest to
ghostq   (09.07.10)
make the war going, I know about the troops of jordanian under the queen of England crown bombarded and killed Israelis, but they openly took a stand against Israel? than what was the british intrest, I mean besides weapons selling to jordanians, there must be something more, just hate to jews isn't enough. none risk spporting one side without special intreast.
21. #13
Martin ,   Landskrona,Sweden   (09.07.10)
You and your ilk needs to get off the tiresome antiIsrael propaganda and get on with reality. The arab massacres of jews in Hebron,Tel hai,Safed,jaffa, Haj amin al hussieni,aref el aref, arab and nazi collaboration, expulsion of jews from Judea and samaria that took place in the 1920's way before there was a Irgun. Massacres and expulsions of jews from the surrrounding arab countries, Suicidebombings,terrorist attacks, Rocket launching on civilian population . So i agree there is lots of filmaking to be done by brave arabs on these subjects
22. At the end of the day
Ron ,   OC, USA   (09.07.10)
This director will be trotted up as yet another Jew for the Pals. At the end of the day he will get no thanks from the Pals, no respect from them either and self respect is something the good director never had in the first place.
23. #12 Israeli Ldrs did little to inform world
Criminalnegligence ,   Jerusalem Israel   (09.07.10)
Why is most of the world totally ignorant of the murderous acts of the Arabs here before "48 Only the Jewish community know & not all of them either.There needs to be yet another Israeli "Investigation" as to why these "leaders" chose to remain silent rather than remind the world that the Palestinian leader Haj Amin Al Husseini lived with Hitler and worked together with Eichmann to exterminate the Jews the ethnic cleansing of the Jews of Arab Countries the ethnic cleansing of the Jews of the Old City & the total destruction of its synagogues and cemeteries Why did they remain silent when this could have caused the world to be more balanced was it "ghetto mentality" or by design ? Either way the Jewish people suffered and paid and continue to pay for this criminal silence by our "leaders' Name names and create an investigative committee.
24. No. 23
NYC Girl   (09.08.10)
Excellent points! The Israeli government has been an accessory by its reluctance (or refusal) to tell the world the truth about all the things you've enumerated. And it continues to this day with the sanitizing of Mahmoud Abbas, who's not only on record as a Holocaust denier, but who was also responsible for putting together the financing for the terrorist attack on the Israeli Olympic athletes in Munich.
25. miral
levy ,   miami u s   (09.16.10)
don't go and see this movie . it's not interesting,dull and does not portray reality. he shows palestine as it is not.. waste of time
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