LA: Israeli charged with human-trafficking
AP and Ynet
Published: 04.09.10, 08:30
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1. If he is found guilty, then let him do his
jason white ,   afula,israel   (09.04.10)
time in a U.S. prison. No need to bring him back to Israel. Too bad Israel does not enforce it's labor laws and have prison time for those that violate them. Why is stealing from workers any different than stealing from a bank?
2. Israeli charged with human trafficking
Eli Minoff ,   Safed, israel   (09.04.10)
Wherever there is shit you will always find an Israeli
3. Israel allows human trafficking in Israel
Ivan ,   Haifa   (09.04.10)
For example,if israeli police caught trafficked women forced to work as prostitutes, the state send them back ti their countries,exposing them to be trafficked again.
4. Eli Minoff
Ehud   (09.04.10)
Whenever there is "shit" (as you say) involving an Israeli, it will be reported by an Israeli newspaper - as it should be in a democracy. This is actually something to be proud of, not whine about. The company is American by the way.
5. Whenever there is idiotic comment it's Eli Minoff 's
leo ,   usa   (09.04.10)
6. Traffic only happens when its busy
roman ,   usa   (09.04.10)
shame on us for consonantly being caught with things we should;t like human and human organ trafficking. Need to work under thr radar. The world is not ready to bow to our ways yet, specially in the US
7. "Israeli charged with human-traffick"
David ,   Denver, U.S.   (09.04.10)
Isn't this blood libel?
8. Another classy Israeli.
Scott Smith ,   Weakbeer, Utah, USA   (09.05.10)
God's chosen indeed.
9. The Thais are the ones at fault
MoisheJacoby   (07.23.12)
Who asked them to pay to be smuggled?? It's them that the anti-semitic Americans should be going after.
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