Iranian cleric: Holocaust is 'superstition'
Dudi Cohen
Published: 04.09.10, 18:55
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1. superstition- he should know
Lisa   (09.04.10)
the grand ayatullah should know all about superstition- he believes in 72 virgins ( or the 72 year old virgin???). he is an authority on humanity- stoning of women, he knows about democracy- he kills people who want freedom- why is anybody listening to senile old men with beards who have no morality, no intelligence- ? This fruitcake does not know about history, about decency- so who really cares what he vomits?
2. We are prisoned all right...
Jens ,   Germany   (09.04.10)
Just because we want to discuss the matter and hear different voices,we are sent to prison. Enough already!!!!
3. Rabbis and Haredi Lisa?
Resistor   (09.04.10)
"why is anybody listening to senile old men with beards who have no morality, no intelligence- ? "
4. # 1 -Superstition - He should know
Harold ,   USA   (09.04.10)
Every single person has his/her opinion about an event. I know a European lady who told me that there were no Six Million Jews in Europe during Worl Wa II. I was not there and I don't know who is right and who is wrong.
5. It's the over way round:
Fluffi ,   Germany   (09.04.10)
The denial of the holocaust is a superstition of the Ayatollahs to manipulate the Iranian people.
6. yeah, and iranians are paranoid conspiracy nut-jobs
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (09.04.10)
none of these pseudo-intellectuals get out of their islamic cocoon world long enough to evaluate the mountains of source material, and they want anyone to believe them that they know what they are talking about??? i guess that's what obsessive hatred will do to what would have otherwise been a good mind. sad.
7. shirazi is a real shiite head!
jason white ,   afula,israel   (09.04.10)
8. ayatollah regime
iraj   (09.04.10)
Iranian pedophile regime of shirazi, ahmadinejad, and kameinei must be dispatched asap as they are hitlerian cancer.Cut off the bloody head of this sick regime.. Obama will not do it, barak for sure will not do it as he has stage fright, and bibi is uncertain.Haber and beilin, poodes of rabin and peres for sure would not do it as they do not have the strength. Step aside and let landau, lieberman and yaalon take the controls. The rest are a bunch of wimps.
9. this is just about making headline news
zionist forever   (09.04.10)
They don't believe it was a superstition but it makes the headline news thats the only reason they are saying it. Its also only a superstition that Ahmadinejad looks like a monkey.
10. #Harold in the USA - check what your Generals had to say
rebecca ,   Modiin   (09.04.10)
When they liberated the concentration camps. It's all documented, by your, as in US Generals and leaders. They, the US Generals and soldiers, photographed it and documented it. And they said " document it now as someone is going to deny this." A little old European lady denies the Holocaust.. Surprise surprise. She knows that she too is to blame. There is none so blind as those who do not want to see. People around Auschwitz claimed to know nothing, but their homes and cloths were covered with human ash. Any one who has the "Opinion" that this did not happen has reasons other than history to deny it.
11. #4 its no geuss its all in documents
Omri ,   Israel   (09.04.10)
And the exact number of "missing" is very much known (and don't say they where killed in war there are plenty of proof of the death camps/work camps). There are still live survivors its a petty to deny that.
12. Dead should rest in peace..
peter vojta ,   czech republic   (09.04.10)
Let us respect all over 50 milions of people dead during WW2. Respect slotered Russians, Poles, Amarican Japanise, Arabs, Gypsys, other christians, muslims, jews, slavs etc rest in peace. Let God make jugment wkat kind of dead is more humane - is it napalm, bullets, machete, white pfosfor, gas, nuclear explosion.?..No living human has the right to make any mesure... and let us not use memory of dead people to any political gains or other benefits. Dead people deserve rest in peace...peter czech
13. Superstition?
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (09.04.10)
Although my anti-Zionism is well established, I also emphatically do not subscribe to Holocaust denial. There simply is too much evidence that it occurred, not only in post-war photos (ordered by Gen. Eisenhower, by the way), but in the Nazi regime's own meticulously kept records. There is enough justification for doing away with the Zionist state without resorting to such blatant lies, which only do the Zionist cause undeserved good.
14. They seek to CHANGE History. They Love Lies & Hate Truth
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (09.04.10)
Therefore, TRUTH becomes superstition.
15. Another Warped Iranian Maggot
Bill Foonman ,   Jacksonville USA   (09.04.10)
Shirazi may be considered "one of the great Shiite rulers in Iran" however, he is just another sick rabid dog. There really is no hope for these misfits.
16. #12 Its called a genoside for a reason
Omri ,   Israel   (09.04.10)
Do you think everyone who liked the holocaust just went away? That they are part of the past? DEAD WRONG This danger is still upon us and the Nazi anti-semetists are still out there and will take a lot more then 70 years to pass away. This is the largest reason for out country to exist, its the only way we can be sure it will not happen again. Recent studies have proven that 60% of the people would have acted like the Nazis, as in kill by order and act like a machine. If you cant tell a difference between normal killing and an ethnic cleansing one.
17. #4 Harold- history lesson
Lisa   (09.04.10)
when Eisenhower liberated the camps he wanted everything documented with photos etc, he said "years from now people will not believe this could happen"- he was right- . Sadly, it is still happening, people are deported, maimed, tortured, killed just for being people- the Ayatullah is just as guilty as Hitler and the Nazis were- . He does not believe in truth, in history -however well documented- he is a religious fanatic, blind, biased. So don't blame a little old lady- blame the big guys who should know better- the so-called leaders.
18. #12, this is NOT the issue !
Ted ,   UK   (09.04.10)
You are right about respecting the dead, BUT what is quite clear , and documented by the Nazis themselves, is that a planned genoside was conducted deliberately gainst the jewish people, and I detest your attempt to brush everything including events in recent days with the same brush... don't patronize us please...
19. Superstition
Mikael ,   Tel Aviv   (09.04.10)
Superstition? the 12th Imam (Little Mahdi) is a fine example of "Superstition".
20. Shirazi author of pet fatwa
Cynthia ,   USA   (09.04.10)
Other major accomplishments; Fatwa against women attending soccer matches Fatwa offering alternate replacement punishment to death by stoning for adultery
21. Ahmadinejad and Iranian clerics
Tomek ,   Poland   (09.04.10)
do not claim that Jews were not victims of WWII. In his interview with NBC journalist Brian Williams (hope I got his name right) Ahmadinejad stated his position in this respect clearly. His problems with the Holocaust and its prominence in media is that the death of 6 million Jews overshadows the death of the remaining 50+ million other victims (most of them civilians). Moreover, he does not understand why the Holocaust is off limits as far as critical research is concerned. These are valid points. I live near Majdanek (a former Nazi concentration camp) and when I was a child the number of victims of this camp was put at around 250000. They were not only Jews, but also Christian Poles and Soviet POWs. A few years ago the number was downgraded to ~70 thousand. The truth matters both ways, right? Although I understand how propaganda for the American masses works, those who claim that 'Ahmadinejad denies Holocaust' are simply putting words into his mouth for their own agenda. After all, the masses need to support an eventual attack on Iran. That is what it is all about.
22. Speaking of superstitions.....
mssavion ,   houston   (09.04.10)
The Koran is a superstition!!!
23. Why condemn him?
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (09.04.10)
He is just quoting from Mahmoud Abbas' PhD thesis. This is the same Mahmoud Abbas that is loved by the Israeli Left and was the first person Obama called after he became president. Condemn Abbas before you condemn Ahmadinejad
24. Iranian cleric: Holocaust is 'superstition'
HaSoferet ,   New York,NY   (09.04.10)
I think you should stop reporting this nonsense. It's certainly NOT news anymore, and it only encourages these Iranians and others who realize too well that they're going to cause a stir with their rants. Stop giving them what they want and eventually they will shut up.
25. #2
Jane   (09.05.10)
Different voices? Discuss the matter? What exactly did you or your father do in the war, Jens? What part did you play in the attempted destruction of my people? How sorry are you that we still live and have a country in which we can defend ourselves?
26. In my 1961 8th grade class room
R Galut ,   Selah   (09.05.10)
Long before any attemp was made to rewrite History ...My teachers showed us raw footage of the death camps ...watching the black and white footage of imaciated Jewish prisoners being liberated and watching bulldozers pushing the dead into mass graves...... the statement that ..."Holocaust is 'superstition" is hog wash
27. Holocaust
T.Tan ,   Perth,Australia   (09.05.10)
To admit that Holocaust is a myth by Ahmedinejad is just like saying that Ahmedinejad himself is a myth and that such a person didn't exist. A country such as Iran is also a myth. It is as simple as that.Ask him the same question and see what he says.It is just ludicrous.The world is not safe with him and his nukes around..
28. dummyjad is his own fantasy reality show. He eats dog food.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (09.05.10)
29. iran Its (illigitimate) president And The
Brazen   (09.05.10)
their IGNORANT and Backward leaders are SOOOO scared right know they have to bolster their people by SPEWING lie after LIE to make themselves feel as if they are in power. People who talk the MOST whether it truth or falicy are SMALL in reality. People that are confident and are enpowered have NO NEED to speak hurtful lyes and deny HISTORY. I'm sure in hundred years from now the islamic republic will NOT only be distant memory But will be a BLACK STAIN on WHOLE persian history and in fact I will help them out and NAME this period THE YEARS OF ? on second thought I'll leave that up to the HISTORIAN's
30. Superstition: NOT
havanabrownsam ,   Tyngsboro, MA   (09.05.10)
Where are all the world news organizations refuting outright lies as this? Where is the UN in denouncing these lies spewed over & over by stone age instigators such as Iran?? Where are all the stories-behind-the-stories??? The world sits by quietly enabling history to become muddled for the millions of citizens of these Neanderthal 'civilizations!!! They are being taught 'fictional' history. If the peoples of these totalitarian mis-truths they could read actual history instead of being indoctrinated into Muslim ideology... This propaganda war with the world must be silenced & NOT entertained by 'learned' organizations. Until they are slapped down by the world, Iran's re-education efforts are successful I have dozens of history books about WW2 & the national socialist dogma that led to millions of people exterminated, most of them Jews. World citizens must educate themselves, if able, to combat this despicable war of words that harm those that cannot find the truth fot themselves.
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