Iranian woman on death row gets 99 lashes for 'immodesty'
Dudi Cohen
Published: 05.09.10, 00:10
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1. where is the outcry of the moderate muslins
galut ,   selah   (09.05.10)
This is unadulterated Abuse Period.... Moderate Moslems Speak up or forever hold your piece on how peaceful and compassionate you are....
2. Barbarians
Avi ,   Israel   (09.05.10)
These people do not deserve the title "human beings" as usual "religion" is the exscuse to justify such an act.
3. You would think...
Gnarlodious ,   Santa Fe   (09.05.10)
... that feminists worldwide would notice that fundamentalist Islam is a brutal patriarchy, but instead they are all beating up on Israel. What's wrong with this picture?
4. I don't care
Steve from Raleigh   (09.05.10)
Let the savages sort it out on their own. If that means they kill each other with rocks to the last man standing, fine.
5. #1They've held their peace for too long. Now the whole world
is turning against ,   Islam,&it should.   (09.05.10)
6. This "country" NEEDS to be bombed back to the stone age.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (09.05.10)
7. For Man To Flog A Women
Brazen   (09.05.10)
is one of the MOST COWARDIS actions besides being inhuman, archiac, empathetic. Whats even MORE cowardis is the mullah who gave the order. You can take an iranian to civilization but you never meet a CIVILIZED persian in the government !!!!!!!!!!!!
8. Here I am!
Faisal Abdul Rauf ,   Ground Zero   (09.05.10)
This is a political matter in which I cannot favor one side over another. I state this as a moderate Imam who doesn't want to bother anybody. This is why we are building the future Cordoba 9/11 Victory Mosque property 600 feet from Ground Zero and not on Ground Zero.
9. Wrong Iranian woman gets 99 lashes
joego ,   Albion, USA   (09.05.10)
It's unfortunate that we have to live in the middle ages anymore. Can you imaging what these people will do with an Atomic bomb?
10. We can learn modesty from the Arabs
Larry ,   Los Angelesl   (09.05.10)
Israel is great, but the seculars think that free sex is great, it aint, it ruins society.
11. Poor woman, it's unthinkable.
Bat Zion ,   Centre, Israel   (09.05.10)
If there was an Iranian embassy here I would go to demonstrate for her release. I wish they'd exempt her of the lashes though - it wasn't even her in the photo, right?
12. No picture-no crime:Muslim Justice doesn't require evidence?
Josh   (09.05.10)
Muslims around the world should be rallying to he aid since the picture is not her, she did not commit a crime. If Muslims don't there will be a back lash greater than 99. In the Levitical teachings 60 lashes is the max. (going off memory correct me if I am wrong) 99 can kill.
13. #8
zznhl   (09.05.10)
Faisal who doesn't want to bother anyone! Equal guilt is owned by those who do not prevent a crime by staying quite(not bothering anyone) as those who commit the same crime. Stoning an flogging is barbaric by any measure of civilization.
14. larry from la and others...
eporue ,   europe   (09.05.10)
if iran has death sentence for adultery, then its ok. everyone there knows the consequences. but this case lacks clearly the evidence for the crimes, the women was convicted of. if she had committed adultery or murder, then she has to die according to irans law. however, iran chose a poor women as a scapegoat for a crime, to cover up for the real killers... in fact, its the wife of the murdered victim. how disgusting... there is no valid proof, that the women committed the crimes.
15. #10 Larry, free sex in Israel was great.....
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (09.05.10)
...some of us are married now. As for the non-seculars they usually have to pay.... Ever strolled around the environs of the Tel Aviv Diamond Exchange?
16. Scary
Marty ,   Toronto, Canada   (09.05.10)
The parallels between Iran today and Nazi Germany of the 1930's are scary. Just as the whole world stood by and did nothing while Hitler's Brownshirts engaged in activities tormenting their populace - the whole world is standing by while the Iranians do the same thing. We all know the outcome of the 1930's in Germany. As others have said, an Iran emboldened by lack of world opposition and nuclear weapon posession = WW3
17. Another Fake Story
Alice ,   South Pacific   (09.05.10)
No one seems to have noticed that this story is most improbable, and is not confirmed. There is not any official statement from anyone in the Iranian govt - either about the picture, or about the fantasy that she will be sentenced to be flogged. If you check up, the original source for this story was a French blog.
18. #17 government is fake too in Iran
they have fake elections for president, have a fake unelected supreme leader, chief of morality enforcement police caught red handed in a brothel in Tehran, $billions in fake government business given to religious figures for obvious bigoted and anti women rights reasons you choose to believe the fake government
19. 99 lashes
Brian ,   NY, NY   (09.06.10)
Why even be surprised? These people are still living in the dark ages. Don't think for a minute this is about god or's only about stupid men controlling even dumber women! We have redneck cousin bangers here that try to do the same thing: "Sally Jean, if you leave the double wide today, I will whip yo ass and let your brother bang it again".
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