French magazine exposes largest 'eavesdropping' base in Israel
Published: 05.09.10, 09:24
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1. The French are responsible for all....
Warren ,   Israel   (09.05.10)
....thes $#!@ in Israel. They never gave the arabs the furtherest mosque in Syria. Leading to arab aggression against israel after WWI, King Louis the XIV, dreyfus case, WWII, the list goes on. And now this, as much as I may love the sound of French as a language. As a government they are left wanting in many departments. Just goes to show they level of appeasment that they are willing to do to satisfy their 10% muslim population.
2. The issue is not the French, it's the revealing Sectret info
Sammy ,   Netanya, Israel   (09.05.10)
What is going on here? Looks like someone who volunteers for the army from abroad and feels their signing of secrecy no longer applies. This is disgusting, they should not come to volunteer in the first place. We have enough blood on our own civilians hands from the revelation of secrecy. Volunteers from abroad should not be serving in places so open to secrecy as they cannot be trusted.
3. So what? If it's true, there's nothing
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (09.05.10)
they can do about it anyway.
4. I knew we were good.........
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (09.05.10)
...but not THAT good. This former soldier needs her head examined.
5. Protexia is going international?
Josh   (09.05.10)
How will the government keep the shadow government of protexia away from putting their hands on our (good Israeli citizen's) stuff? Time to worry? Protexia needs to be squashed by the formal government.
6. Perfect device for squashing Protexia?
Josh   (09.05.10)
7. #2 AND #4
I suspect Israel leaked this information intentionally to let potential enemies know some of Israels' capabilities.
8. Hope they are not secretly monitoring what I post here.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (09.05.10)
9. no. 3
hebrew prophet ,   israel   (09.05.10)
No wonder the Blackberry and it,s numerous encrypted facilities are being banned in the Gulf states and elsewhere around the globe ,Big Brother is listening and waiting ,watch out Haniyeh/Mashaal/al Zahar and others especially in East Beirut ,Tehran,Qom ,Lahore,Islama bad,Karachi,Kabul etc?
10. :: Robert - #3 - Oh don’t be so sure
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (09.05.10)
I’m sure that this facility is now on Iran’s target list (if it wasn’t already) should Israel be foolish enough to attack Iran.
11. UK has one too. Every major country has one.
12. Media can deligimise Israel but Western Intelligence on our
side   (09.05.10)
13. inteligence? where? oh there.
ghostq   (09.05.10)
got it.
14. the only democracy in midleast
ivan ,   haifa   (09.05.10)
and they spy our conversations,emails,etc...
15. Big scoop my buttocks...
Yerushalmi ,   Jerusalem   (09.05.10)
Wow, French journalists seem to have learned how to use wikipedia and google translate. There is more info on 8200 wiki in Hebrew then there is in the article...
16. Some secret...
Andrew M ,   Leeds, UK   (09.05.10)
This was only ever secret from the public. Every spy agency in the world knows about all these places - e.g. NSA's very similar base at Menwith Hill in North Yorkshire. They then try and counter each others moves and so the game goes on, regardless of where its played.
17. Disdain and contempt has replaced patriotism
Xena   (09.05.10)
There will always be people, who for whatever reason, be it spite, idealism, ideology or money, will be prepared to betray their country. Spying and leaking information is an old game; every country has had their fair share of traitors, whistle-blowers and self-righteous individuals, including journalists and ex-army soldiers, who will tell you that for the sake of 'truth' they feel compelled to reveal state secrets, regardless of whether their revelations will compromise national security. These people are so convinced that they are right, they are neither willing, or able, to consider the damage they cause. This latest story, which does not identify by name the person who leaked the information (I am sure the secret service knows already who she is), is not the first nor will it be the last time we hear about about people who have no qualms selling their country.
18. Some people just talk too much.
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (09.05.10)
Once upon a time, Israelis knew how to keep a secret. Discretion seems today a rather quaint notion. It wasn't just the base's existence that is no longer secret, but also its capabilities. In 1984 I was on a tour through part of the Golan when I spied a large listening post. Our guide asked me not to photograph it, and declined to discuss the facility or its function. Today, IDF soldiers post information about their activities on Facebook, and former soldiers have no qualms about revealing sensitive information to which they were once privy. They're going to get people killed.
19. #1 Wrong.Israel was actually betrayed by the Israeli soldier
French Jew ,   Paris   (09.05.10)
in this instance who is mentioned in the article - trust you didnt read it. I really dont think the french administration here demand they report news stories like this to keep a bunch of muslims happy. It's just a good scoop of a story in the world of news stories
20. #8, Bunnie, They should put your post on
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (09.05.10)
"Le Mondes" frontpage...this would be a reason for reading it once again...
21. Extrem left
John ,   Paris, France   (09.05.10)
Hi, This magazine, "Le Monde DIplomatique", is an extension of the newspepper Le Monde... But especially the magazine is managed my extreme leftist and anti-zionist Alain Greish. He's well known to give lectures to pro-palestinians people. He's a friend of Syrian Regim... So guy's, if he got this information... It's because it came from somewhere else !
stude ham   (09.05.10)
this was anonymously disclosed by a starbucks trained barista and former member of the idf who served its coffees to high ranking diplomats and government officials. next anonymous tip... israel's communications satellites used by high ranking officials to watch pornos over specially designed satellite tv's. boy is it ever fun to fabricate anonymously tipped newspaper articles.
23. Interesting Dynamics Here...from a NonJew
Ed ,   Calgary   (09.05.10)
I find it interesting that these types of facilities have been around for years and years in the West and probably longer for prototypes in the Soviet Union. In Saudi Arabia the technology has even been extended to monitoring the websites being visited by individuals and any that are deemed unsuitable for political, religious, or moral reasons are summarily blocked by the censors. (I was even blocked when searching for the word "Drilling"!) The Gulf States say they need to monitor telephone conversations to prevent people from speaking badly of government officials. Yet, all these decades, very few have complained: no mention of undemocratic governmental activity in England or America. Then, someone discovers that Israel monitors communications in an attempt to save Jewish lives. Oh No! That is simply not allowed. See, the Jews really are evil!
24. when will the arabs tell obama its not good for peace proces
zionist forever   (09.05.10)
I am just waiting for the speech from Ahmadinejad, Assad or Gaddafi condemning the fact that Israel has this place and demanding the international community do something to stop Israel listening in on them. It wouldn't surprise me if the arabs went to Obama and said Israel spying on us this is not good for peace and so America must force Israel to close this place. The arabs are all a bunch of oportunists and they know if they mention the word peace process in a sentence Obama takes notice and says its a good idea and he will do what they want him to do.
25. 14
zionist forever   (09.05.10)
Ivan are you naive? What do you think the American NSA does or the British GCHQ? Nobody likes the idea of their phone calls or emails being intercepted but sadly in todays world whilst you can send an email to a friend with a recipe to make a cake somebody else could be sending a recipe on how to make a bomb. All countries democracy or dictatorship have these places and they listen in on their own citizens as well as enemy nations. Israel is not unique.
26. So thats why cell phone communication is so EXPENSIVE
MO ,   israel   (09.05.10)
27. Oh for heaven sake, next they will say the Pope is Mossad!!
Mo ,   Israel   (09.05.10)
28. Is the Pope Mossad??
Joe   (09.05.10)
29. French Report
Commander ,   Canada   (09.05.10)
I would prefer thst the French show no preference in which countries that they report on. Let's start with France's spy centres, and move on to the EU countries (statelets) and then Russia, USA, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and so on. As for the soldier who "reported" the info, the Vannunu case should indicate which direction should be taken!
30. Israil eavesdropping on peacefull neighbours ?
It's criminal, where is judge Goldstone!!
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