Lieberman explains: Abbas on shaky ground
Published: 06.09.10, 12:58
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1. A true and sensible response from Lieberman
Matt ,   Israel   (09.06.10)
2. The only one who speaks the truth
Carl   (09.06.10)
He is the only one speaking the truth, what all of us are thinking.
3. Why do we only hear the truth from Lieberman?
Shalom   (09.06.10)
Is Lieberman the only sane one in this government? Where are the rest of the Likud Ministers and the coalition? Were they all bribed to stay quiet?
4. hamass kills 6, settlers build, talks OVER, OVER, OVER.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (09.06.10)
5. Lieberman
Ricardo Macher ,   Karnei Shomron IL   (09.06.10)
Bibi is making a BIG mistake following Barak's ways! Lieberman is growing and growing, many people like me, didn't vote him and don't love him, but for sure he is a much better option that Likud, with people like Meridor, and Bibi being shaded by Barak!
6. Calling it the way it is
Realistic ,   Ramat Gan   (09.06.10)
Here is someone who has enough guts to look at reality and call it the way it is-even if its unpopular.
7. A true peace between the sides can be achieved only when...
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (09.06.10)
...both sides accept the other RIGHT to be, to exist in its own nation-state. Israel has been on record of accepting the other side since 1947. The Muslim-Arabs refuse to this day to accept Israel's RIGHT to be, to exist as the Jewish people's nation-state. Thus, whether one likes or dislike Mr. Avigdor Lieberman's views, reality is that there is little we can expect from the Muslim-Arab side, both local and regional.
8. Can't stand the man, but he is actually correct
Talula ,   Israel   (09.06.10)
Abbas is living on borrowed time - the entire situation there is a very shakey one. Who can guarantee us that the next elections or even a brutal and forceful takeover of the west bank will recognise any peace with us. First the Palestinians need to get themselves organized and find some sort of direction before entering into any peace talks with us. Right now they are not in a position to hold any peace talks - they are a complete and utter shamble!
9. "Shakey Ground?Not with the Masses
Realitycheck ,   Jerusalem Israel   (09.06.10)
10. Camp David talks led to the most bloody intifada
tanya ,   tel aviv israel   (09.06.10)
Want another war with "peace " victims? Happy New Year to everybody, especially Liberman.
11. Truth and Facts !!
Yosi   (09.06.10)
What Lieberman says maybe true, but the fact remains; unless Israel makes peace with Fatah, there will be no concrete backing against Hezbollah, Hamas and Iran.
12. An underlying fact of life
Paul ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (09.06.10)
There is a simple historical fact, which modern thinking has deep trouble integrating into their 'secular progressive view' of reality. All the recorded prophets were murdered, one way or another, by foreign rulers or by the Jews themselves. Why? They didn't like the message. Today it's very easy to see who is playing what role and even easier determining the outcome. There will always be a state of war. If it isn't religious differences, it is economic greed and jealously and just plain old historical enmity. The imperfect solutions that are devised are bound to recoil. Not unlike an arrow shot just a little bit crooked will fall further and further away as it approaches its target. Jews need to concentrate on their own issues and stop thinking they can fix the issues of Arabs. The term Palestinian needed to be stricken from the Hebrew language.
13. Well, at least someone is sane.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (09.06.10)
Of course, being sane in our political system immediately invites criticism. We're so used to being buried in BS by politicians & the media, it's refreshing listening to Lieberman.
14. Lieberman explain
FM Lieberman makes sense. Tomorrow another terrorist organisation will say they did not sign peace treaty,so the terror will continue.
15. Bad Leadership
Yakov ,   Tel Aviv   (09.06.10)
Why is this bad leadership? For sure, the chances of success are low. The chance for peace, remote. But, here is where good leadership can change the outcome. Leaders are to motivate, to change opinion, to LEAD. So, what has Lieberman done? Lead us, the Palestinians and the world to produce nothing. More than expect nothing, produce nothing. Even if he believes what he says, doesn't he wish to improve the chances for peace? He has chosen not to lead, not to motivate, not to inspire. He has shown the world that Israel lacks the commitment needed to make progress. Progress begins with small steps, and these statements are a step backwards. We deserve better, Israel deserves more and the world needs to see our commitment.
16. anyone else sees the similarity between hamas and lieberman?
handala ,   jerusalem/palestine   (09.06.10)
extremists on both sides are trying to work against the negotiations! maybe there is a great improvement in peace negotiations that have frightened both extremists?! or maybe both are rebuilding their base for the next round of violence that most probably will happen if the negotiations fail.
17. Please go online UK Daily Mail World News
a reader   (09.06.10)
to article 'Hamas warns of more attacks' etc Please read the talkbacks too. Better than reading in Hebrew ynet about a few desperate 'hungry for headlines' Hollywood fluff heads latest anti Israel publicity stunt.
Marco Antonio ,   Rio de Janeiro   (09.06.10)
What do you expect? He is a settler, one oleh hadash more that left his poor impoverished country to build a nice house with a garden in robbed land... like many Brazilians oleh hadash that lived in slums in Brazil and now occupies lands of Palestinians. This indecent people taint Zionism. They are worhless. Né bichona?
19. Lieberman speaks the truth
M Carr ,   Baltimore   (09.06.10)
"The US forced him into this meeting in Washington. Who does Abbas represent?” This statement by Lieberman is the main point of the article. The peace negotiations are not occurring because of a mutual desire for peace, but for the desire of the Obama administration to be able to claim credit for a peace deal. This desire is not unique to Obama; others before him have tried with little evidence of success. Lieberman is absolutely correct to tamp down the enthusiasm and remind people of the many failures following unrealistic attempts at peacemaking. To my mind, the two-state solution would be the worse possible outcome of these negotiations.
20. #18! Get out,naive idiot!
tanya ,   tel aviv israel   (09.06.10)
21. israeli population is 7.6 million
sweeter than honey ,   far away   (09.06.10)
which is ten times (1000%) increase in the area encompassed by the cease fire lines of 1949, (the oft quoted 1967 lines, or the auchwitz lines). it actually surprises me that israel does not have a greater appetite for war and expansion than it does. true it is very experienced in war, which is a cautionary experience, however the population will get to ten million soon, and could rise to 15 million by 2050, and that's without aggressive conversion which i personally advocate. then there's all the overseas israelis who might return. all in all, i am surprised, and a little worried, that israel has not a greater appetite for war, struggle, domination etc., if it is to survive as anything more than a population of 600,000 jews in the auchwitz lines. let them scream about, its lebensraum all over again (on their mobiles in their mercedes-benz), and or the rights of others. those ignorant of war delight in it, look at all those blockade busters taunting israel forces, highly ignorant people, however, going foward, the war is not won yet.
22. Lieberman as FM is a shame for Israel and Jews!
Michael ,   sao paulo   (09.06.10)
23. Lieberman is NOT pessimistic! hes a realist!
Jean ,   Paris   (09.06.10)
Peres is NOT an optimist hes a DREAMER!
24. Lierermann
Dan ,   South Africa   (09.06.10)
This libermann guy looks evil. Reminds me of the apartheid regime in South Africa.
25. #16, did Lieberman send suicide bombers?
Danny   (09.06.10)
or machine gun pregnant women?
26. Whole world on shaky ground!!!
peter vojta ,   czech republic   (09.06.10)
Whole world on shaky ground, if individuuals like Lieberman, Yosef and other fanatics enjoy positions in Israels politics...peter czech
27. good article
avital ,   ramat gan   (10.13.10)
good article
28. good article
tal ,   ramat gan   (10.13.10)
good article
29. this isn't so interesting
loli ,   australia   (10.20.10)
this isn't so interesting
30. nothing to say
anonimous ,   ramat gan   (05.25.11)
nothing to say
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