Deportation of foreign workers' kids to begin after holidays
Ynet reporters
Published: 07.09.10, 08:26
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1. Don't Punish these children further
A Non-issue ,   Israel   (09.07.10)
By allowing them to become part of the national political dialogue. Their parentshave either entered Israel illegally or stayed against expired visas. When you choose to give birth to a child in a foreign land that you are not able to immigrate to that does not make your child a citizen and victim of discrimination, it makes you the parent a crimminal. There is no reason in the world that a country can not deport foreign citizens that have broken the law by overstaying their visas simply because they use their children as shields against the state's law. The media circus that suggests the children don't know their native language and will miss their friends from school are making ridiculous last attempt claims to evoce sympathy. Shame on the parents for lying to their children by telling them they would be able to stay in Israel, and for not teaching them their native language along with Hebrew and whatever other language they'd like at home. The fact that the public suggests there is somthing immoral in removing illegal aliens as well as their families from Israel are simply provecators. These are not political refugees, these are not children that will be slaughtered, abused or discriminated against when returning to their native lands. These are families who milked the system by overstaying their welcome.
2. A MUCH better idea...
Shmuel ,   Jerusalem   (09.07.10)
Let's deport Eli Yishai and keep the kids. Remember, it is NETANYAHU who put and keeps a person like that in such a position. And Lieberman as Foreign Minister. Netanyahu probably appointed a pyromaniac as fire marshal.
3. Deport them arleady!
Tahl ,   Ashdod   (09.07.10)
Illegal aliens and their family members should not be allowed to stay here, no matter if they were born and raised here - otherwise very quickly we'll be flooded by a giant tide of all the world's needy. Are we supposed to be the world's trash bin? All the other Western countries deport illegal aliens without any outcry of bleeding-heart liberals. Why do we have to be different? Those kibbutz members who plan on hiding them are criminals, and should be prosecuted as such.
4. Very Sensitive issue......Let"s" Vote"
Roland Seener ,   London England   (09.07.10)
5. Deport also those who get illegal immigrants pregnant.
Yehuda ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (09.07.10)
This will put a stop to this situation of using their kids to gain entry to our country.
6. Agree completely with #1
Ryan ,   Netanya   (09.07.10)
These kids will go back to their home countries and have plenty of time to learn their native languages. They will also make new friends. I barely remember my friends from being a toddler. Listen kids are precious and its hard not to feel simpathetic, but the fact remains that these kids and their parents are not jewish, nor zionistic. These kids will have a jewish education if they are allowed to stay but they will not celebrate the holidays or hold true the values of judiasm or zionism in which is the basis for this country. We must see these kids not as kids but as future adults, and they will hold to the teachings that their parents will instill in them. If this occurs now, it will surely occur again with another 400 kids and so on. In time these children will gravitate to each other, marry, and give birth to the next generation of children. This is how minorities begin.
7. @3 - Defining people as trash
Dan ,   Tel Aviv   (09.07.10)
"Are we supposed to be the world's trash bin" Your post clearly exposes who should be in the trash bin. Regardless of the children staying or not.
8. I agree w/ 1 & 6
9. Sad - But we are avoiding an even bigger Issue
Ariella ,   Jerusalem   (09.07.10)
While the media continues to bring to the forefront the sad situation of these children they are also aptly ignoring an even bigger problem which could in time evolve to be on par with the Arab/Israeli conflict struggle. Thousands of illegal immigrants are pouring in from the Southern boarders - 10% of Eilat's poplulation is made up solely of these illegal immigrants from hostile Muslim countries (never mind Ashqelon, Beer Sheva and other cities) and they are having children in Israel who wish to stay... aka thechildren mentioned in the article. If we want to preserve Israel from the faschist Muslim lets not invite even more in... these children must go home. They are also bringing in the deadly HIV Virus that is so rampant in Africa... do we really need this?? Especially now? It sounds heartless, and Im sure you will all shoot this comment down, but facts are facts and we are already struggling for survival...
10. If the anchor babies and their parents in America were
Rivkah   (09.07.10)
deported, there would not be an unemployment problem in America.
11. Illegal Migrants and their Kids
Moishe ,   T/A Israel   (09.07.10)
These women are illegal,their kids are illegal and worse still the actions of the Kibbutzim who apparently want to hide them is also illegal. What is our society coming to,when illegal migrants are holding this country to such putrid ransom
12. #3 Right behind you and your comments!
Israel   (09.07.10)
13. #4 you don't live here? why are you interferring?
Alex ,   Israel   (09.07.10)
14. 9#, Ariella, I agree 100% about the Africans
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (09.07.10)
Bibi said that the fence between Israel and Egypt wouls start to be built in August. So far absoultely nothing and every month another 1,200 Africans(mostly Muslims) are illegally entering Israel. They are now coming North and can be found in Tiberius camping out on the shores of the Sea Of Galilee. They hope to be hired by the hotels in Tiberius.
15. what about gush katif??
mosa ,   maale adomim   (09.07.10)
where was all those supporters in the deportation of gush katif, ah?
16. #13... I might not be telling the truth !
Roland Seener ,   London England   (09.07.10)
First and foremost, I am a Jew with a Jewish heart,and won"t let Israel default on points if I can help it. Where I am is immaterial to our subject. How should we react to strangers ? Reminder:We were once slaves in Egypt"...or weren"t you there ?As a Jew I have a duty to interfere if I feel things are going wrong !..."Think it out over Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kipur" !
17. Demographic danger
Worried ,   Israel   (09.07.10)
Right now the number of these children is supposedly small though Eli Yishai there are about 20,000 of them in the country. If we let these people stay they will be a problem in the future as their numbers will only keep growing. Between them, the Arab kids, and the non-Jewish olim kids, how long will we remain a Jewish country? In the near future we Jews may not be the majority here. Oh, if only so many Jews would want to move here.
18. Roland Seener
Moishe ,   T/A Israel   (09.07.10)
We are not talking Moses or hebrew slaves we are talking ILLEGAL MIGRANTS using their Kids as tools to blackmail the state to allow them to stay. We are not talking political refugees facing death, we are talking workers who have deliberately,willfully and knowingly broken the law. We are not talking about sending the kids without the parents,the kids being the tool the mechanism the anchor being used to keep them illegally in Israel. Finally you are in the UK legally I am in Israel legally if this was the otherway round and we were both illegal we would ultimately be sent home - where is your problem?
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