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Boy to receive religious education after legal battle
Zvi Singer
Published: 08.09.10, 08:17
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1. Sins of the father are the sins of the son.
Josh   (09.08.10)
One more generation in delusion. Its not Torah what they are learning.
2. Excellent compromise
Daniel Breslauer ,   Jerusalem   (09.08.10)
Why couldn't they think of this themselves? It sounds like an excellent solution.
3. religious education
thinkagain ,   jerusalem   (09.08.10)
Kol Hakavod to the judge.Giving the boy a religious education,gives him later in life free choice.If the mother loves him,which i think she does,she does everything at home so that the boy does not live at home,in contradiction,with what he learns at school.I don t think religion was the only reason,why she left her husband.It doesn t seem to me a good enough reason,if there is love..
4. really, no one reacting to the grandfather's theat
Israeli   (09.08.10)
It is ok for the grandfather to stop seeing his grandson because it will be shameful? that is acceptable behavior for relgious Jews?
5. poor kid
Besalel ,   Great Neck, NY   (09.08.10)
father will be chareidi, at home with his mom secular and in school some kind of mixed breed. kid is not really given a real shot at normalcy.
6. #4 - that is exactly what I was thinking!
Chaya ,   Tel Aviv   (09.08.10)
A grandfather would be "disgraced" because his little grandson would be in a secular school???? What's that all about???? THAT is disgraceful!!
7. # absolutely!
Elijah ,   Israel   (09.08.10)
That is right. How comes grandparents love religion more than their grandson? It they really threatened the court with such a nonsense, I can't seem to comprehend why judges surrendered. Their decision should had been vice verse, which is to send the poor child to secular school because his grandparents are fanatics and don't deserve custody. As well as his father.
8. 4 Isreali: Bad company corrupts good morals.
Rivkah   (09.09.10)
There are people who are set-apart ones who must remain separate which means holy or lose their set-apart status with the Lord. Read the first few chapters of Isaiah and find out why so many terrible things are going to happen to Israel in the end times before the Messiah comes and it is not because people try to be set-apart ones. It is the flaunting of sodomy, women with wanton eyes, and cheating the poor that upset the Lord the most. In California schools under Governor Schwarzenegger, kindergardeners or five year olds are taught about homosexual couples instead of traditional man-woman marriages. How can you put children into such schools and expect the nation to escape judgment? The courts in America are not so wise as the courts in Israel are in this ruling for this child.
9. grandparents would be disgraced? what kind of grandparents
rachel ,   usa   (09.09.10)
are these? so disgusting.....
10. 1 & 8 : two goyim : Not your business
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (09.09.10)
Stay in your churches .
11. To # 1 and 8 . Not your business
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (09.09.10)
it's a Jewish problem , not for churchgoers and cross adorers
12. #10 It is your business?
Eliyahu Konn   (09.10.10)
One who is mixed up remains mixed up.
13. 10 Charles: I do not belong to a church. I am a Saturday Sha
Rivkah   (09.10.10)
Shabbat keeper and belong to a Congregation. You, however, have no God and are atheist. So things pertaining to God are none of your business. You rejected God, remember? The Bible says a fool says in his heart there is no God. You must be a fool to think there is no God when the State of Israel was born by a miracle from the suffering of the holocaust, just as the nation of Israel long ago was born from the suffering of the Hebrews and the slaughter of their newborn sons long ago in Egypt. Wake up, stupid. Wake up and see the greatness of God who keeps His promises to His people, the Jews and those who are grafted onto the Jewish religion of Rabbi Yeshua with Jewish roots. You are not a son of Abraham if you don't believe in Yahweh.
14. mr konn , i'm a 100 % Jew , not a fake convert
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (09.10.10)
and you , are you a member of the SPA ?
15. One victim , the boy , one honest person ; the mother
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (09.10.10)
What kind of religion are those grandparents following ? To reject a grandchild because he's not a extyreme religious boy ? What kind of father is this , not to look at his child first of all , but only to harm his ex wife . Wife whit whom he lived also this "double life" , but nowe that she wants to live FREELY , he suddenly changed . Disgusting father and grandfather .
16. to # 13 rivka TRY # 2
Charles ,   Petyach Tikva   (09.10.10)
The State of Israel was already in march before the Shoa , and no miracle was there in 1948 . Only backwards people as you are can believe in your BS . Stay in your dark ages beliefs , we know how your "lord" has blessed you . I prefer my secular life than sitting in a "blessed" wheelchair
17. 16 Charles: It is true I have a wheelchair in the garage
Rivkah   (09.10.10)
that is folded up since the Lord healed me. He did not change the cranio-vertebral-joint misalignment (Lhermitte's Sign) birth defect, but He did stop the pain from the base of my skull to my feet so I can walk normally. So the partial M.S. syndrome is in remission. But you don't think God is great. Maybe that's because you haven't been healed by Him or supernaturally kept alive in accidents. You are so foolish and so blind that you cannot see Yahweh when you look at a tree. How could a tree create itself? The Balfour Declaration was the beginning of the renewed State of Israel but was delayed until 1948. It is all supernatural, considering how hated Jews are in the world because of jealousy of Yahweh's favor to them.
18. To # 3 Thinklagain
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (09.11.10)
Did the father show some love for his child ? Not at all , only hate towards his wife . You see , not only have people to succeed their marriage , but in case of , also their divorce . And the prime objective is not to harm , or the less possible , their children . I hope that you have "ausgebeeten" a fine year for you and your loved , and that your prayers will be responded favorabely . G'mar Chatima Tova .
19. to 17 , the "blessed"
Charles ,   Petach Tiklva   (09.12.10)
and you know about what i'm talking , those many "blessings" you received ......then i prefer to be secular , i prefer MY SANE life , without superstitons nor bigotry , above your , what sane people call "life" , not relevant in your case . I prefer to be surrounded by my children and grandchildren , not to be rejercted and lonely .
20. To#18charles
thinkagain ,   jerusalem   (09.12.10)
I agree with you,in a divorce the prime objective is not to harm the child.But people are not black or white.In most cases, both parents have some responsability.The father,which is from a renowned Haredi family,is in my eyes , like a diabetic who knows that sugar is bad for him,cann t resist temptations.This i presume,as he could not bear braking completely his Haredi lifestyle, .Concerning the mother, who wanted a secular way of life, should have married a secular man.Maybe she could have lead this life,if it was not imposed on her,by the in-laws.This,more than the Shabat rules ,got more and more unbearable,also because her husband ,most probably,instead of taking her side,took his parents side.This is how i imagine what happened.Now what follows is a dream,i hope deeply that will come true.The mother,what she could not do under pressure will do ,in order to have a balanced child.She will do the necessary,sothat her son can live at home what he learns at school.Her husband ,in this case "alevai"would come and live with her.Father ,mother and son will live a long and happy life together. Your wishes coming from a great soul,Charles,feel good.Thanks.
21. To 20 Thinkagain . Should have married a secular ?
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (09.12.10)
Maybe they were BOTH very orthodox , but changed , They lived BOTH a double life , more secular at home , charidi outside . This is what this article stated . So , by this judgement , she has again to live a way contrary to her ideas .
22. To#21Charles
thinkagain ,   jerusalem   (09.12.10)
As we both agree,what counts is what is the best for the child .This child has a Haredi father and grandfather,which he will have to visit regularly.Put yourself in the place of this child who would not have any religious education.Shabat,he would have to go to the synagogue,he would feel uneasy like stranger in a strange place.When eating together with his Haredi family,everybody would say Berahot,he would feel ashamed that he is the only one that doesn t say.He would may be turn on the light on Shabat automatically,forgetting that it is forbidden,in this society,and he would have all the eyes staring at him as if he came from another planete.Can you imagine what a sweet little boy suffers in such situation.A trauma.It is not the little boy s fault what happened; the mother which i think is a good mother will do everything to avoid this kind of situations to her son.The father by not asking the custady of his son ,also did an enormous sacrifice.Many fathers in this society would have done that,as it is costume that a boy goes to the father,and a girl to the mother.
23. To 22 , Thinkagain . Let the father and
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (09.12.10)
grandparents adapt themselve to this boy . Why should it always be the seculars who have to give ? I know a grandfather who does'nt see his grandchildren anymore , because his son left the religious life . This grandfather , nor his other very religious sons , were'nt even there when his grandson , and their nephew , had an Alyah Latora for his Barmitzwa . And if a grandson makes an error , with some nice words they can arrange it , without shame for the boy . But they need to love the boy more than they hate the mother . If the boy was given to the custody of his mother , there must be some reasons . It's not a law to give boys to fathers and girls to mothers .
24. To 22 Thinkagain . The father NOT charidi
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (09.12.10)
In the past, the child's parents – who lived in Bnei Brak – displayed a modest haredi lifestyle in public, but acted in a completely secular manner within their home. Recently, the woman decided to stop living a double life, and the couple filed for divorce. "completely secular manner within their home" : this is not the charidi way i think . But because of the hate following the divorce , the influence of , what you call , grandparents [ not worth this name ] he wants to "educate" his boy religiously.
25. To#24Charles
thinkagain ,   jerusalem   (09.12.10)
It is true,many divorces are hate stories.But if my version has the slightest possibility to be true,than this story can only have a happy end, if the mother decides to believe in the good intentions of her ex. Nice dreams, sometimes come true, only if we really believe in them.
26. 19 Charles: The only person one should be concerned about
Rivkah   (09.14.10)
being rejected by is Yahweh. You should have that concern, since you are an atheist. I am not rejected by Yahweh, so I am in the best company there could ever be.
27. to 26 , you are not rejected by Ya.
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (09.14.10)
but "blessed" with GREAT blessings i don't want to mention , too long this list . I prefer to live as i do , instead of vegetating as you do .
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