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Ready, aim, seek legal counsel
Ariella Ringel Hoffman
Published: 09.09.10, 09:59
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1. PR is not everything
Yaron ,   Spain   (09.09.10)
They always believe that PR is the problem. PR is not always the problem. Sometimes the number of deaths is a problem that you cannot rationalize with PR. Beside the assymetricity mentioned in the article you have this one: 1400 dead palestinians, 14 Israelis (7 of them through friendly fire). I don't think you get to this number if you count all israeli victims of the last 10 years, all conflicts included.
2. I don't think so...
withlove ,   Israel   (09.09.10)
Quote: "And if the dilemma is whether to let a Grad rocket fall on Ashkelon or hit the Grad, even if it entails damage in the Strip or, unfortunately, harm to civilians, I'm telling you – there's no dilemma here." I don't believe this is correct, the same way they allow for a little damage to the wall. So if a few rockets fall through, that's what is considered a reasonable price to pay instead of the media damage when hitting also civilians.
3. IDF
colin   (09.09.10)
All these orders,committees PR advisers is the cover up for one word COWARDICE. Aneye for an eye. They fire a rocket -send ten rockets without aiming Whoever is killed SO WHAT that is the arabs way of war. Dead is dead no fighting back, Cowrads are plenty. Where are the times when cowards were shot
4. Time to make these people learn
Danny   (09.09.10)
Tzhal stands for - Army for the Defence of ***ISRAEL***. Their sole job is to protect the security of the state of Israel. The UNHRC is going to condemn Israel whatever they do. The newspapers are going to print any lie. Simple way to handle this - use the libel courts.
5. The best way to end the conflict and to
jason white ,   afula,israel   (09.09.10)
protect the citizens of Israel is to hit the enemy and his civilian population till they stop firing rockets and mortars. The best way to stop another goldstone report is to stop goldstone now.
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