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50,000 Hasidim mark New Year in Ukraine
Associated Press
Published: 10.09.10, 10:06
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1. sounds rather roman catholic
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (09.10.10)
let's see, a deceased rabbi, faithful making a pilgrimage to his grave to pray, intercession by the deceased on the pilgrim's behalf, blessings received from deceased. is there holy water somewhere because it's not mentioned? shall we can him "saint nachman" of the uman diocese? a-ah-men.
2. shamefull
shomer ha tsair ,   montreal, canada   (09.10.10)
Great... A majority of the Braslav followers from Israel live on state welfare or charities. See how they spend their money, instead of taking care of their children.
3. When are they building a statue?
Serge ,   Brighton, UK   (09.10.10)
When are they going to building statues and market relics for sale?
4. I'd love to go too
Jacob Erickson ,   Holon, Israel   (09.10.10)
But I have a job
5. To #1
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta,   (09.10.10)
I understand what you posted, but I let you in on a little secret as respects holy water: You take ordinary water and simply boil the hell out of it :-)
6. come and spend youre monie
ukrainian girl ,   ukraine   (09.10.10)
The rich jewish mens can come to make party here. They are wild and crazy guys.
7. Fifty thousand nutcases
Sagi   (09.10.10)
all candidates for the funny farm.
8. # 6 That's what they come for dearie
Sagi   (09.10.10)
They come to pay homage to living bodies. The stiff is only an excuse.
9. 1 & 5: Great posts! The Catholic rituals came from
Rivkah   (09.10.10)
Jewish roots, but you would hardly know that from all the purging of Jewish Holy Days and the Jewish Shabbat and the unwed priests of today. Jews make pilgrimages to shrines such as the Tomb of King David and other Patriarchs and notables of ancient Israel. In the Millenial Reign of the Jewish Messiah, the leaders of all nations will have to go to Yerushalayim, Jerusalem, once a year to worship the Messiah and Yahweh or their country will get no rain for the year. So pilgrimages have an important origin and message to convey.
10. 5 - ha
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (09.10.10)
that one is too good for me not to steal.
wael Dardoun ,   Hebron ,Paletine   (09.10.10)
I think this Rabbi Nachman is true because his belief that higher spirituality could be achieved through a combination of prayer, meditation and good deeds but i dont believe in his promise . i believe that his followers to open thier heart and to feel more. To feel , to care more, to give more and to share more deeds. thats the true path to follow his way
12. To #9
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (09.10.10)
I know you mean well and though I don't have a clue where you get some of your ideas, I don't have to go anywhere or pray on any given day to honor God. I try to do that with my behavior and the way I live. For the sins of which I'm guilty, I've been atoning for 2 days, with at least one more to go, I've been eating Noodle Kugel left over from a friend's Wednesday evening's RoshHaShana dinner. She knows I can't stand to see food thrown away, so I'm it for whatever nobody else wants, and this time it was that noodle stuff. She thought it was awful, but compared to my cooking it's a culinary masterpiece. It's all in how you look at things. If you really want to punish those slackers, who won't go to Jerusalem for that rain, make them watch Jimmy Swaggart for 8 hours and you'll never have that problem again :-)
13. To #4 Jacob Erickson
Christian ,   Sweden   (09.10.10)
But surely you have vacations also in Israel?
14. I went last year
talmudic sage ,   TA   (09.10.10)
It was a very spiritual trip. My funding was provided by our government I feel no guilt over this because I and my brothers do the will of Hashem. We prayed for the safety of Israel and so far we have been very sucessful. I would have gone this year but my wife is having our seventh child and her sister from Brooklyn could not come over to mind my other children. Shalom.
15. #13
Jacob Erickson ,   Holon Israel   (09.10.10)
Of course, there are places to vacation here and all over, but it was just a joke because there are a lot of harradim in Israel that don't work and live off the welfare of the government, so it's not like they have to take a leave of absense or vacation times from the jobs they don't have.
16. what a nice way for the ukranians
pal ,   pal   (09.10.10)
to make some money and to feel good about letting you go 20 years ago .
17. to Pilgrim Noah from UK
mo ,   UK   (09.10.10)
if anyone ,i would seek help from Moses to enter heaven .. i thought Jews do not believe in heaven or hell ... the purpose of life according to the Rabbi is to live well and read the torat .. Noah ,you're screwed .
18. But the Amish Are Okay
Dav Lev ,   Burbank. CAUSA   (09.11.10)
I have mixed feelings. Could not these same people spent their hard earned ( in many cases, charity given) shekels in Israel/ To revere the deceased rabbi so much..why not, like the Catholics have saints..saint Moses, Joseph, Isaac, Noah, Nachman, etc., then perhaps I could sympathize with their feelings. Then again,the Haj each year to Mecca, far exceeds the 50,000. I don't know..again, I have mixed feelings about the entire happening ( see: Woodstocks 500,000 MJ smoking, crowd. A co-worker once said: the ultra-Orthodox "hurt" people..the black hats in Penn (Amish) dont.). So maybe, its okay after all.
19. ultra-religious, dead religion...
20. B'slev/attempt to rehab seculardruggies
Fmr/seculardruggies ,   Jerusalem Israel   (09.11.10)
Something you all should remind yourselves of many if not most are former secular druggies and they have found a home in Breslev who reached out to them in the streets.Most of those who didnt are still on the streets in mental institutions or dead victims of the excesses of the secular western life style. Many now are married with children and lead healthy lifestyles much gratitude is owed to the Breslevers plus they are saving you fanatic secularists tons of money for treatment ! By the sound of some of your emails u might think about joining them.
21. Save Their Souls Guys
Dav Lev ,   Burbank. CAUSA   (09.11.10)
One poster refers to the good that has been accomplished for these otherwise dysfunctional people. Hmm. how many were in fact that way..psychiatric, failures, disenfrancised from society, purposeless? If so, perhaps their rebirth (sort of like Christians who see the light), has been a good thing? If they are still charity cases ( on the state),, refuse lefitimate work, spend wasted hours behaving like ordained rabbis...have they just shifted priorities? In parts of NYState, thousands protested Israelis excavations..called anti-Zionist Jews by locals and the news rports. Anti-Zionists, not recognizing Israel's existence, to put it politely. Who benefits from all of this I ask? Local anti-Semites, Russian/Lithuanian goyim who mock these people, the 500m Muslims who Ahmad want to launch the final Jihad? Perhaps there is a better way?
22. Great would the rest of them join them
Avi ,   Israel   (09.11.10)
and stay there!
23. It's inspiring to see the Jewish revival!
Vladimir ,   Jerusalem   (09.11.10)
The number of the pilgrims is quickly growing: 50 000 instead of 25 thousand last year! That's something. The Associated Press presented a very good, objective and sympathetic article on the Jewish faith. I cannot imagine an Israeli secular reporter write a similar article. There is too much hatred and hostility towards Judaism here.
24. #1 reply
observer   (09.11.10)
Appears that you know more about Roman Catholicism than Judaism. Your post doesn't merit furthern explanation.
25. Sooy to tell you Hebron is in Israel
26. 24 - actually, the opposite
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (09.12.10)
it does amuse me to no how two opposing religions, roman catholicism and judaism, which both try so hard to do everything completely opposite from each other, end up doing so many things exactly like each other. you can cut the irony with a knife, it's so thick.
27. 23 , you mmade an error
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (09.12.10)
The number of FOOLS is quickly....
Riva ,   Israel   (09.14.10)
Now i'm not Bresslev, but i can tell you that it's almost Yom Kippur, and it's not a good idea to put down a group of people you really don't know. (hating our fellow Jew is a very big problem that we as Jews do to each other!) Yes, it's acceptable to daven by the Kever of a Holy person to intercede "above" for you. Who can say 100% that these guys are "moochers." Many did serve in the IDF, surprise, suprise and do lots of chessed in Israel. I've seen this with my own eyes. And many groups of people whether Chessidim or not choose to go on "pilgrimiges," seminars, retreats, special times with their Rebbe/teacher- call it what you will. Even women have events. This is a once a year "event." These guys ACTUALLY PRAY FOR LONG PERIODS OF TIME, and want to do this for their families and themselves in a place they consider inspiring (even if you don't!) It's THEIR right. Why do so many of you make fun of them! ...Often these Bresslevers are nice people...who accept all Jews.
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