Turks approve constitutional amendments
Published: 12.09.10, 20:19
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AMERICAN ,   Los Angeles,USA   (09.12.10)
The road to a permanent islamo-fascists regime in turkey is clear.Iran has a powerful jihadist regime behind it's back.
2. referndum implications
distant observer ,   Peru   (09.12.10)
one thing is for sure: Turkey lost their chance at becoming EU members, but perhaps they prefer to be Iranian Union members...
3. #1 not exactly facist
Omri ,   Israel   (09.12.10)
The turkish public is still less radical then the iranian public despite the anti-Israel propaganda. But this move was mostly to make the EU happy about turkey being more democratic (for example now Turks can finally leave their country without the army being able to arrest them for it with no reason). If turkey joins the EU it would make Iran go cry that's for sure.
4. #2 and #3
EU and the US always passionately support Erdogan because they aim to weaken Turkish military, Turkish nationalism and Ataturk's principles. Erdogan's Islamism is an ideal tool to do that. #3 I'm a Turk and your claim that Turks can't leave the country without Turkish military's permission is ridicuolusly wrong. How do you make up these things? Also, explain this, how can a country become more democratic if the government party is appointing judges and controlling the judiciary? If a government party owns and controls the media? Also, government appoints president? Isn't democracy a separation of powers? But Erdogan is controlling all powers in Turkiye with the passionate support of EU and US.
5. Alhamdulillah
Al Mujahid   (09.13.10)
I like this good news. Congratulations Erdogan. Go on with your programmes.
6. Shocking, you could see the skin on his wife's hand.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (09.13.10)
7. Omri - how does this make Turkey more democratic?
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (09.13.10)
I don't know if you read the amendments proposed. One article increases the number of Justices in the supreme court and they are all appointed by the government or the president (4 by the president). This makes the judiciary subservient to the ruling government. Since the legislative and executive branches are already totally tied to each other there is no more separation of powers in Turkey. This is not democracy, it is called dictatorship and when a similar move was presented in Pakistan the lawyers revolted toppling the government. Turkey unfortunately could not even do that much. And finally; If this makes Turkey more democratic will the many Journalists be free of government harassment (there are currently over 700 Turkish Journalists under investigation for their opinions, among them Tuncay Ozkan and Mustafa Balbay who are in Silivri jail for over 1 year). Will teh thousands of political prisoners in Silivri be freed?
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