Gaza university makes hijab obligatory
Roee Nahmias
Published: 13.09.10, 20:08
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1. Lack of Vitamin D - I believe nuns, and Hassidic women
Observer   (09.13.10)
will have a similar reaction... How about cutting our hair too? I wonder if the Kaffiyeh causes similar effect to men... Remember, the Middle East is a hot place and men and women cover their head most of the time.
2. according to a report pub published by "Elaph"
samaH ,   Palestine   (09.13.10)
amm. come again? wow. Ynet is now quoting Elaph! what is Elaph!? need I say more
3. Glad to see women's rights activists are fighting for Hamas!
The Dude   (09.13.10)
4. Exercise the New York option ....
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.13.10)
You can't believe the number of women you will see in New York wearing a hijab modestly covering their head and neck. It goes so well with their skin-tight blue jeans ....
5. I love it, the pure brainwashing
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (09.13.10)
As Islam Shema put it...a student of mathematics...""Whoever enters university territory must obey its rules," she said. "Whoever wants to exercise her freedom should do so outside the university's walls", Nice, very nice. She believes "that all female students must be obligated by university statute to wear a hijab." Meanwhile we have the head of acceptance Dr. Musa Maruf, simply lying to the newspaper. By saying it is only an 18 year old custom. When clearly, the students, the faculty, both, discriminate against any women that would defy this "custom". But to make it more palatable to the Western Media, they simply lie about it. Why not just say the truth? It is what I've always said about the Arab media, they simply cannot be trusted to tell the truth. Now in this case the truth came out, But I would hate to be Minas Abdel Be'en, who told us the real story. Lets follow up on her, let us see what the ramifications for telling us the way things really are at the University. Yes it may be a custom. but enforced by social rejection, by other students, as well as the teachers, who can fail you in class. Because as we all know...those of us who went college...a large part of your grade in some classes can be subjective, meaning, if you pissoff the instructor, he/she can fail you, or least give you a low grade.
stude ham   (09.13.10)
7. IF true where is AInternation, HRW etc
John Phee ,   Sydney AUSTRALIA   (09.13.10)
IF (& I emphise IF) this is true this is a clear case of human rights being breached. So now where is the usual complaints (if it were Israel or any other Western country) from Amnesty & Human Rights Watch etc. Sorry I can hear them, not unusual for these "show ponies". They see nothing, they no nothing, they hear nothing, when it suits them.
8. # 6
stude ham, I thought you were a male ?
9. # 1
Birdi ,   Israel   (09.13.10)
"men & women cover their head most of the time" oh please..only if you are observant or an arab, the rest go with uncovered heads.
10. Whoever wants to exercise freedom should do so outside..."
William ,   Israel   (09.13.10)
"Whoever wants to exercise her freedom should do so outside the university's walls" Now THAT is the most honest statement ever made about the education industry, especially the Left-leaning ones that dominate in the Western world.
11. I really don't care
ishay ,   israel   (09.13.10)
12. This Is How It Starts
emanon ,   USA   (09.14.10)
"Just a simple scarf, such a little thing", then you are told, "Your dress needs to cover more, it is just a little thing". After that "Try you food prepared this way, you still need to eat". Before you know it, you are sucked into full dhimi status. It is a slippery slope to give up your personal freedom. DO NOT GIVE IN!
13. #4: whether NY or otherwise...
jerusalem   (09.14.10)
its none of your business how Muslim women dress. its hard enough that they have to deal with backward societal constraints for "the right" hijab. Unless you are a practicing Muslim woman that practices wearing the hijab, then you have ground to talk. Judging a whole other people on the other hand is unnecessary bigotry. Please stop embarrassing yourself for the sake of female intelligence. I, on the other hand, have been wearing the veil for 7 years, the jilbab for 4 straight years until I recently have stepped down the constant jilbab with other alternatives like pants, skirts, and long sleeved blouses, etc. in addition to the jilbab and abaya. Is it a shock to you to see people like me dress in style, sometimes even better than people who dont even wear a veil? Religion comes to one gradually and in slow moderation , not by manipulative force or society's (or even nosy, petty outside parties) mere gossip. ----- On another note, when I used to attend a different Arab university in Jerusalem, an attending female somewhat experiences the similar, but on a lower-to none scale.
14. #12 is right - the next step is banning women
Lisa   (09.14.10)
from the university...
15. Awesome talkback #13
Libneniyyeh ,   Canada   (09.16.10)
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