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Jerusalem's 2nd biggest mall to open in 2011
Ofer Petersburg
Published: 17.09.10, 13:48
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1. another mall?! what 4?
2. mall
darryl ,   israel   (09.17.10)
and the rich get richer
3. Hillary Clinton will condemn this mall for being "illegal"
4. You Ask Why Another Mall?
Winki Don ,   Canada   (09.18.10)
It is not the mall little man and never is the business that rests on the land. Israel is a small country and the wealthy in it have plans of their own for Israel, they feel they are the rightful owners to the land of Israel, and as such do as they please. It is the land under the mall that they want and now own so they build on it and you shop to keep their investment profitable till one day in 20 years the land owners will build high rise luxury apartments there.
5. #2
alsky ,   toronto   (09.18.10)
and many of the poor just just on their ass taking welfare.
6. Boring.
Menachem Ben Yakov ,   Jerusalem Israel   (09.18.10)
The same stores in every mall demonstrates a lack of creativity in retail planning. israelis will soon get bored of the same old stuff in a different location.Sure its legal. It just doesn't make sense.
7. How about more housing instead?
Avi ,   Herzliya, Israel   (09.18.10)
Students and many other people can't afford to live in Jerusalem! How about more affordable housing? This is just another mall to attract tourists. Get your priorities straight!
8. Pakak coming
Avgidor ,   Givat Zeev, Israel   (09.18.10)
Wonderful news.. removing the macsom at the ramot/givat zeev border has cleared the road so that one and live in givat zeev and get to work.. now it will be a new papak.. at the mall.. i do not see anything that i coming to improve the road system to accomodate the new traffic
9. Israel with its young population is a retailers dream
Al   (09.19.10)
Old people need drugs, walkers and depends. Young people need and want everything.
10. Ramot Mall
R. I. Cohen ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.12.11)
1. When will the Mall open? 2. Will there be a Rami Levi Supermarket? 3. How accessible is it to public transportation without walking up lots of stairs?
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