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Israel's chief tweeting officer
Itamar Eichner
Published: 15.09.10, 14:30
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1. israel promoting...
hans ,   A'dam,,N.L.   (09.15.10)
"kol ha kavod" but it's about time, as we're all doing this for a long time already, on Facebook a.o. "Shana Tovah"
2. To No. 1
Raf ,   Athens   (09.15.10)
How about ending the occupation. It would save you the wasted time and effort. Shalom.
3. I heard one F35 costs $200M. Imagine how much good
leo ,   usa   (09.15.10)
this money can do for Israel if Israel will by one less F35. Just 1. One of the secret of good PR - money, money, money.
4. Israel hasbara commandos
amazona ,   beer sheva   (09.15.10)
Heaven help us - paid liars, whatever next!
5. Raf @ 2, what occupation? Did you mean dispute over land?
leo ,   usa   (09.15.10)
6. amazona @ 4, paid - yes, but why liars?
leo ,   usa   (09.15.10)
BTW, do you really think that other side just sitting doing nothing?
7. The denigration of the word "hasbara"
Tahl ,   Ashdod   (09.15.10)
Arab activists and other Israel-haters have a serious problem with Israel's right to defend itself diplomatically against the deluge of disinformation ("peace activists" flotilla), Pallywood-style photos and movies, and outright lies (they-harvested-our-sons-organs, Jenin Massacre, etc) with which Israel is constantly bombarded with. Thus, these haters do everything in their power to try and discredit Israel's diplomatic self-defense. One of these haters' favorite lines of attack, is focusing on the word "hasbara" and turning it into a catchy code-word, for supposed propaganda to cover up for horrible crimes. By denigrating and delegitimizing this word, what these haters hope to achieve, is that the next time unsuspecting readers would encounter this word, then instead of listening to Israel's explanations, they'd automatically shut off their logic and think negatively of Israel. We often see the hasbara-denigration-tactic used by some of the Israel-haters in this forum, such as "Matty Groves". Other haters do not use this specific word, but attempt to imply the same message, using the popular slogan that "no amount of PR could cover for Israel's crimes". Of course this is a very simplistic and unintelligible argument, but it is quite difficult to counter effectively - precisely because of its simplicity and stupidity and slogan quality. But then again, defening Israel and the truth is always an inviting and intriguing challange, not for the feeble-minded.
8. Where's my check?
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (09.15.10)
I have been doing this for years, for free!
9. Paying for hasbara?
Mikesailor ,   Miami, FL   (09.15.10)
Unfortunately, it seems that Israelis believe that the truth, no matter how unpalatable, can always be spun with a PR campaign. It doesn't matter what we do...only what we say. And the Israelis are amazed when the PR doesn't work because they have lost all credibility. Yet, if it doesn't work, then you must do twice as much.
10. Glad to see this article
Fellow activist ,   Israel   (09.15.10)
I personally like to bring the Israel explanations up in all the forums i go to sense the flotillia raid happened. I suggest to all you pro-Israel posters here to do the same because it does make a difference. Posting here is arguing with the same people over and over again, it brings no fruit. *If you want to start feel free to look up It takes around 1 hour to read everything in there and it even has some funny videos.
11. Need to fight the Nazification of Wikipedia!
yevgenia ,   Tel Aviv   (09.15.10)
Hundreds of entries at Wikipedia are being given anti-Semitic and anti-Israel twists by a team of radical anti-Semitic and communist "editors" there. One of the worst is Roland Rance, a British Stalinist anti-Semite.
12. # 10
Birdi ,   Israel   (09.15.10)
Thanks alot for the link.
13. What about French and German? Also:#9,#7
Solomon ,   Bklyn   (09.15.10)
What about French and German? Also: #9- Your post is an excellent example of what post #7, Tahi, is talking about. Thank you for proof of what she has written.
14. The PR "war" has already been won...
Baruch ,   Marin County, CA   (09.15.10)
I hate to be the one to break the news, however, this is not breaking news at all. Either way you look at it, the "PR war" in favor of Israel has already been won. Just look at how the US mid-term election is shaping up. Basically, anything to do with the Democrats, i.e., those who tried and failed to pressure Israel to make land concessions - is failing miserably. And then what's left of Israel's main ally to choose from in terms of political persuasion is either the mainstay Republican brand or the replacement, new-and-improved Republican brand, the TEA Party, which by the way is basically a PR creation of Andrew Breitbart - a media fascination himself, who by the way goes largely ignored by the mainstream media [MSM] types like Bloomberg, who himself has pushed this Ground Zero mosque deal almost to the breaking point. This issue probably above all others, with the help of course of PR spinmistress Pamela Geller, has catapulted pro-Israel sentiment in this election almost to the breaking point. Well, not that that is a bad thing. If one can convince people to support Israel by utilizing all the available techniques at ones disposal, then what you have going on right now is a fight to the death in the MSM over who can be the most pro-Israel. After all, a lot of that spiffy military equipment Israel is using is coming courtesy of the U.S. of A. IMHO, the PR war in favor of Israel has already been won, and it is unfolding as we speak in the US, not in Israel.
15. Anti-Israel
Pedro ,   Brazil   (09.15.10)
I already realized people writing heavy and methodical anti-Israel messages in Brazilian discussion forums, but in a way as if they were doing a job for somebody.
16. #14 the PR war will be won when one side has 95+% support
Omri ,   Israel   (09.15.10)
The highest is in india were 58% pf the public support Israel. And aside from Muslim countries no country has no public support for Israel. Remember, its not just about USA here but about the world in total, that's why they added non-English languages.
17. Do not...
Ariel ,   São Paulo - Brazil   (09.15.10)
Do not justified yourselfe , friends do not need, and the enemies do not believe
18. Far, far, far more to the hasbara internet wars
Mea   (09.15.10)
But the successful ones are led by Americans who understand media, not Israelis who fail time after time. This particular group may be better but recently Laurent Spires led one that stunk--if you tried to explain stuff that has been around for a while he eliminates you off the listserv A total amateur. The real hasbara is led by Stand With Us, Camera and the many informal teams of professional people who work the forums and social sites in between work.
19. No The PR War For Israel Has Been Lost
World Citizen ,   the world   (09.15.10)
Israel lost it when it had to start paying people to post pro-Israeli hashara on popular web sites. Let me tell you that one picture of a murdered Palestinian child is worth a thousand pro-Israeli posts. Do you think the people of civilised world will believe your hired liars or their own eyes?
20. I read Ynet in depth, of course, and attempt
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (09.15.10)
to counter the Israeli bashers on site when required but, as one Poster indicated, essentially this is a pro-Israeli site. I also go to Maan News where many people who loathe Israel as well as Jews go to publish their ugly comments. I return as often as I can before needing a break from the disgusting trash produced on Maan, a third rate publication at best. I also write letters-to-the-editor of the local newspaper, the Edmonton Journal. I do not feel I do enough but I do it in isolation although I do correspond with a few Posters and journalists. Tonight, here in Edmonton, I plan to attend a meeting at the Fantasyland Hotel in the famous Edmonton Mall sponsored by the Jewish Federation of Edmonton. Colonel Miri Eisen of the IDF, spokesperson and media advisor, will be speaking about presenting Israel's case to the world. I hope to meet other likeminded people here in this city so that my work will become less isolated. With respect to Hasbara, the aspect which I find most debilitating is the part Israel itself plays in perpetuating our negative reputation. While Maan News, for instance, is published out of Ramallah (I think), it has journalists stationed in Jerusalem not to mention its occasional articles by Israelis such as Uri Avnery, always pouncing his country to criticize in an unbalanced and unobjective manner as if it is his mission to destroy Israel. Why do we allow it? If permissable, why do we aid in our own destruction? Worse yet is the publication "Haaretz" whose editorial and journalistic content by such repugnant creatures as Amira Haas and Gideon Levy which is fashioned to make the Reader despise us (Israelis). You can only look at the Talkback section to understand what I am referring to. I actually turned to Ynet at my daughter's suggestion when I realized that my own posts to Haaretz were systematically excluded from publication. Most recently, I tried again (about a dozen times) and the same thing occurred. I imagine if that lousy propagandist "Matty Groves" from Ireland tried to post on Haaretz, he'd be gladly accepted. In addition, we have any number of organizations within Israel such as Peace Now and Women Against The Wall who are free to critique Israel both internally and internationally in the most abomidable ways and much of what they say and write needs to be exposed or at least critiqued. I think Israel's democratic freedoms are way out of line. There must be limits as there are in any nation state. Given the political ramifications and external threats, Israel is too in love with its "anything goes" philosophy and I think, in the end, will serve to destroy us. So sometimes I feel that I, and other Talkbackers, play the part of Sisyphus pushing the rock uphill only to watch it inevitably slide down to the ground, over and over again. Finally, the part played by Israeli academia, especially the social sciences departments in such institutions of higher learning as BGU is extraordinarily disturbing. Many posts have been written to counter their claims yet they are afforded an international audience while being funded (ultimately) by the state and they do make a difference both internally and on the international stage. In one of his typically enlightened pieces, Martin Sherman has partially analyzed the deleterious effects of the academic establishment on Israel and its reputation. The Reader can retrieve it right here on Ynet by placing Martin Sherman's name in the correct blank at the top of this publication. I am grateful, incidentally, for the opportunity to contribute this information and to get some things off my mind.
21. Ministry of Propaganda
ghs   (09.15.10)
22. Thanks, Solomon
Tahl ,   Ashdod   (09.15.10)
I was thinking the same thing and smiling to myself, when reading Mikesailor's rant. But just for the record - my name end with an "L", and I'm not a she but a he... Shana Tova.
23. #20 Robert, #19
Solomon ,   Bklyn   (09.15.10)
Robert: Thank you (and all others like you) for all your efforts. Not only are they appreciated, but you help us see what is important. #19: "a murdered Palestinian child" like the Israeli "murder" of a boy in his father's arms that turned out not to be true? And sadly, yes, people of a civilized world do believe liars, which is why we have to jump in to counter your lies and tell the truth.
24. What occupation?
Johan van den Top ,   the Netherlands   (09.15.10)
Read some historybooks mate.
25. Robert #20
Tahl ,   Ashdod   (09.15.10)
Your efforts to bolster Israel's image abroad are very impressive and admirable. I'm a bit ashamed to admit that I have not yet familiarized and immersed myself to the same extent with the world online media, and gotten down and dirty with it, as impressively as you have. In many of your posts I see a fountain of knowledge and insight, which sadly I cannot find in many of those officials who are supposed to represent us. I completely share your frustration regarding Haaretz, as I experienced the same censorship phenomenon you described. When you mentioned that the posts of "Matty Groves" would receive a warm welcome there, I could not help but nod sadly in agreement. Finally, regarding your view on those destroyers living in our midst - I find your comments brilliant; yet I'm sure Shulamit Aloni would call you a "fascist", as she did for the entire Israeli society in her piece here last week. Lovely woman, don't you think?
26. Robert Haymond @ 20, how popular this
leo ,   usa   (09.15.10)
Maan site is? Is it frequented only by professional Israeli bashers or average folks are regular visitors too? What I mean to say is that if traffic is not high and only haters are there no need to try countering them. You will only waste your time and energy. We all need to focus on highly traveled sites like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc. as well as moderate ME politics related sites. What also is important is the fact that people rarely read past first 2-3 pages. In case of youtube for example it is 10 per entries per page and to keep you message on top you do not need to replay to each but only have your summary one per page and it will still stick out. I see overzelous anti-Semites cancel each other all the time.
27. anti Israel propoganda
lily frank ,   montreal Canada   (09.15.10)
you are without a doubt re:the horrendous antisemitism and anti Israel propaganda which Jews are exposed to daily.around the world. Many of us are involved on various Boards,but in fact we seem to be weak and ineffective most of the time.Your very interesting and important piece also states that the Palestinian lobby is obviously more powerful! Are we outnumbered? Shana Tova ve Hatimah Tova.G-od bless Israel and the Jewish People everywhere! Thank you.
28. #22-TahL
Solomon ,   Bklyn   (09.15.10)
Oops. My apologies. Shana Tova u'Gmar Chatima Tova.
29. Hey, incorrect info!
chaim's kid   (09.16.10)
"Shaham, married with three children," Check your sources! Chaim is married with 6 and a grandson!
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