Official: Flotilla could have had happy ending
Ari Galahar
Published: 15.09.10, 15:25
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1. It is time to move on
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (09.15.10)
Israel did follow all International Laws so really it is all a waste of time. Right after the incident everybody ganged up on Israel, as it turned out all the outrageous accusations made against Israel were wrong. We heard the the blockade was illegal (it was not), that the fact it took place in International waters was illegal (it was not). We heard the terms "piracy" and "disproportional force". At the end of the day what was found? Israel was completely within its rights, to have a blockade, and to enforce the blockade. The funny thing is, Israel gave ample notification of the blockade, and warned the ships not to attempt to run it. Israel offered to unload the the "humanitarian aid" and ship it overland. What was the activists response: "This mission is not about delivering humanitarian supplies, it's about breaking Israel's siege on 1.5 million Palestinians." (AFP, May 27, 2010.) " So they admitted it was NOT about delivering aid at all, it was to engage in a military action. That alone should close this case.
2. It did end well
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (09.15.10)
As far as the Turkish Jihadists and Israel's enemies are concerned, the Flotilla ended well. They did a provocation that against any other country would have been a non-issue. Instead, they out-maneuvered wishy-washy Netanyahu and failure Barak, delegitimizing Israel and forcing Netanyahu to suspend Olmert's blockade. For them, eight dead is a reasonable price.
3. Another whitewashing of criminality
Mikesailor ,   Miami, FL   (09.15.10)
Could have had a 'happy ending' if Israel allowed to deny humanitarian aid to Gaza. Typical Israeli excuse.
4. #3 your interpretation is a whitewash
Ted ,   UK   (09.15.10)
Israel never denied humanitarian aid to Gaza..all it asked is to do it via the right channels.. will you allow mexican drug lords to transfer drugs into the US under the premise that it is humanitarian aid to poor mexican relatives?? even if this will be genuine, I'm sure the US border control will still check it...
5. Mikesailor
Solomon ,   Bklyn   (09.15.10)
Read Mark from Georgia's excellent (and true) Tackback (#1 above). By the way: all the medicine on board the Marmara was seriously outdated; an excuse for "humanitarian aid", not the real thing.
6.  erdogan is evil and solely responsible
john   (09.15.10)
It's clear erdogan together with the IHH terror organisation had planed the provocative flotila not for humanitarian purposes at all, as in the case of the outdated medicine etc. found on board, it is all about his evil intention to de-legitimize the Jewish State period.
7. Mike
CB ,   Port St Lucie   (09.15.10)
You're just south of me - where are you? You need to start saying this in the face of a Zionist. You live in Miami, but it's okay to make money off of the Jewish populace there? Hypocrite, as well as undereducated!
8. If only once it could be -yes we messed up and we're sorry
yakov ,   jer. israel   (09.16.10)
then perhaps there would be some creditably to official statements. But no, it's always the same response- we're perfect everyone else hates us -classical psychotic or criminal response; there can be no new thinking- the brains of the people have inbred and believed 60 years of propaganda that was intended for a different target.
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