Gaza attacks: Phosphorus bombs hit Israel
Ilana Curiel
Published: 15.09.10, 19:15
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1. This is a gift from . . .
AlbertoGA ,   St. George, USA   (09.15.10)
Iran, the question is what next. As you all know they work full time to produce the A Bomb. Now, do you think it is reasonable to talk Peace with this gang. If the name is Fatah or Hamas. They want first to kill Israelis now and to take all of Israel ASAP. Hillary Please go Home.
2. Where Is World's Outrage?
emanon ,   USA   (09.15.10)
Israel is vilified when it was ALLEGED they used phosphorus. Now it is proved the arabs ARE using phosphorus and the world is silent.
3. My patience is over..
Moishe Pupik ,   Baltimore   (09.15.10)
Lets give them what they are looking for. Send them back into the stone age.
4. What a minute. I thought phosphorus bombs were immoral
William ,   Israel   (09.15.10)
Time and again, Leftists and Arabs claim the IDF committed war crimes by using phosphorous and cited its lack of morality. Yet, they seem fine with phosphorous bombs used by Arab terrorists and shot ONLY at civilian areas. It will be amusing to see how the Mikesailor, Salma, Mahmood, Observer, and Matty Groves bunch try to spin this one. Perhaps it was to light up the...daylit sky, or that it was self-defense (though laws contrives it used that way). Even better - what will the UN, UNWRA, ICRC, and AI say? I know what I would say (to the IDF)...BOMBS AWAY!
5. Keep IDF drones in the air above Gaza
William ,   Israel   (09.15.10)
and fire at the exact spot of a rocket or RPG launch within seconds.
6. They were only being used for illumination
Jeff ,   USA   (09.15.10)
Clearly Hamas was simply using them for illumination like Israel, so what is the big deal? What is good for the goose and all.
7. You Say They Were Phosphorus
World Citizen ,   the world   (09.15.10)
Where is the photographic proof? When Israeli was caught using white phosphorus bombs there were photographs that proved it. The Israeli military lies a lot. They have lied so much that thinking men and women want to see the proof. By the way, where are the dead Israelis? Every time the so-called terrorists send a mortar or home made rocket your way it always hits a desert field. Maybe your military is firing those mortar rounds. We all know how bad their aim is. Two days ago they were firing at terrorists and managed to kill a 91 year old farmer and his 14 year old grandson as they worked their crops in a field.
8. Never Again ?
Marcel ,   Florida   (09.15.10)
No surprise how peace talks are met with missiles of war by the jihad clan and yet the worthless media and world governments only apply pressure on Israel. How is that possible unless Hitlers agenda has re-emerged on a global scale ? The weak reactions to strikes on Ashkelon and Ashdod encourage terrorism. Can't for once ,just once, have Israel react with worth while effect such as total close down of traffic, fuel, energy,and communications in Gaza? Can't Bibi make believe Israel is a real country? Make believe he is a real PM? Ray S
9. Phosphorus incoming...
DT ,   TA Israel   (09.15.10)
And you know why ? Because the UN, the US, "Human Rots Watch," the World will do absolutely NOTHING because it is being done against Israel not BY Israel.
10. #7, World Citizen, give it up already!
DR ,   Florida, USA   (09.15.10)
It amazes me to this day to find people who will believe the Palestinains even after all the proof we have that they are professinal liars. Israel, as we all know is a much more open society and always investigates its military. No one is perfect WC, but the palestinian propoganda machine is the farthest thing from perfect and becuse you would ratyer believe them, you are very flawed as well!
11. maybe,when the next bomb is nuclear
chaim schonbrun ,   brooklyn ny   (09.15.10)
our criminaly insane leftist coward Ehud Barak will wake up,but i wouldn't bet my farm on it. citizens of Israel WAKE UP, and smell the coffee,this insane leftist government will not lift a finger to defend you,
12. Oh, where are all the ones ....
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.15.10)
.... who love to castigate Israel and accuse Israel of war crimes for using phosphorus bombs? Come out, come out, wherever you are!
13. To: Moishe at No. 3
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.15.10)
They're already there. They walk on their knuckles -- haven't you noticed? Shana tova; gmar hatima tova.
14. To: No. 7
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.15.10)
"they were firing at terrorists and managed to kill a 91 year old farmer and his 14 year old grandson as they worked their crops in a field." Where is the photographic proof? All we have to go by is Hamas' statement and, why, they would never lie, now would they? They are particularly fond of alleged ancient grandfathers and their alleged fourteen year old grandsons. By the way, dear, just so you know -- there are no crops or fields in no-man's land along the Israel/Gaza border. Sorry to burst your bubble, but there you have it.
15. IDF: Dont have the courage and decency to bomb Hamas Leaders
Dr. Honey ,   Gaza   (09.15.10)
it is pure stupidity to keep killing the the wrong people. please reconsider.
16. Israel is burning while the PM plays putz
Al   (09.15.10)
He is a putz...with no backbone worth a damn...Send Clinton home three days before Yom Kippur
17. #7
Barry ,   Boston, USA   (09.15.10)
Just an FYI that innocent 91 year old man just happened to be standing beside a man holding an RPG. Perhaps the old man was tied to the guy with the RPG, what do you think, since you are so good with theories???
18. To 6 These were mortars, you can't use them for illumination
The Dude   (09.15.10)
Epic fail on your part!
19. To Jeff, Illumination during the middle of the day?
The Dude   (09.15.10)
Nice try being clever...
20. Naughty, naughty children !
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (09.15.10)
21. Phosphorus bombs
jeremy ,   hula valley kibbutz   (09.15.10)
Phosphorus bombs so where is Gladstone now??
22. Hamas cowards
R ,   Israel   (09.15.10)
Hamas are a bunch of cowards, firing at civilians.
23. Bravo to the IDF for bombing some empty tunnels, try not to
EM ,   USA   (09.15.10)
hurt Palestinians. Very effective message.
24. # 7, right on the money,
Ray   (09.15.10)
love the part about the "IDF" aim. priceless
25. Afwan world citizen/arab
Brazen   (09.15.10)
You'll get your proof, trust me. However the poor farmer and his grandson were rightly KILLED by hamas as usual, if hamas ceased to exsist they the pali's would be in far better place in the world, and would improve their quality of life as well. hamas HURTS ALL pali's !!!
26. Bomb Iran!
Beach Boy   (09.15.10)
and Gaza' s hoodlums 2!
27. To # 7 World Citizen
The IDF has found two unexploded phosphorus bombs. Shall we try just one of them out on you ? Then we will know for sure and you won't.
28. Sky
John ,   Herzliya, Israel   (09.15.10)
And what the report on Sky News looks like: Israel attacked smuggling tunnels in Gaza. And that's it. No explanation, no details, not mentioning that this was retaliation for Qassams and mortar from Gaza. Non biased reporting at its best..
29. Phosphorus bombs hit southern Israel Wednesday
David H. Stern ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (09.15.10)
Your article said that the police say that this was not the first time a phosphorus bomb has hit southern Israel. During Operation Cast Lead, when my wife and I were staying with someone on Moshav Brosh near Netivot, a phosphorus bomb landed about 500 meters away, causing a huge fire for several hours, but no damage.
30. To: No. 14 - Here's the photographic proof
Gazan   (09.15.10) I'm afraid the denial of either event doesn't lead anywhere productive. And by the way, Sarah, it didn't happen in "no-man's land" along the border; it happened 700 metres inside.
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