Gaza attacks: Phosphorus bombs hit Israel
Ilana Curiel
Published: 15.09.10, 19:15
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61. Photographs
Gazan   (09.16.10)
Sarah, the photographs were not taken by members of Hamas. Not everyone in Gaza is Hamas, lol. You truly have a vivid imagination. The photos were taken by photographer Tilde De Wandel, who went into the morgue to "bear witness". Here's her contact info if you wish to ask her what happened, but surely, that won't be enough for you because you're one of those people who resorts to calling someone a liar when you're out of arguments. Even when the truth is right in front of you, when it's so obvious, but hurts too much to admit.
62. Gazan no 61
JUDAH THE LION   (09.16.10)
The Muslim World hurts them too much to admit that the land of ISRAEL,including JERUSALEM HEVRON,SCHEM,and all the WEST BANK including JORDAN,is the land of the JEWS PROMISED& GIVEN TO THEM BY G D.,Their koran is our witness.SHAME ON YOU MUSLIMS. DONT BELIEVE IN YOUR KORAN.
63. 32
If it was ISRAEL who are sending rockets,etc,. to the Gaza, the antisimites EU,including RUSSIA,UNITED NAZIS, UN,ISLAMIC WORLD,HUMAN RIGHT, THE LEFTIES, CNN,,ALJAZEERA,BBC, press,etc,.will condemn Israel without stoppage.It seems MUSLIMS violence works well,and the world follows them. WHERE IS THE JUSTICE EUROPE & THE WORLD.
64. To: No. 61
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.16.10)
I am so sorry, but you didn't provide contact information .... can't think why ILOL) ... Try harder next time, Gazan. You're dealing with Jews here .... forget about pulling the wool, okay? I don't think we REALLY want to embarrass you ... but we can. Quit while you are only a little bit behind .... or do you like being REALLY humiliated?
65. To: No. 49
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.16.10)
Correct. You have absolutely no credibility. Crawl off the world stage and say good-night. We have nothing to discuss (which leaves you in a great big hole, because Israel has won all the wars). Tee hee. Got any more lies you wish to propagate? Have you checked out the results of the United States primary elections on Tuesday? LOL. 49 red states (Republican and very pro-Israel) as distinct from Texas and Tennessee? Life is good. Too bad yours is coming to such a quick and unhappy end. Ciao, baby. As salaam aleikum, asshole.
John ,   Tokyo   (09.16.10)
There is no god. There is only one human race. We are all descended from the same little creatures that cowered at the feet of dinosaurs. The rage and hatred and inhuman violence between Palestine and Israel is heartbreaking.
67. To: No. 66
Cowered at the feet of dinosaurs? You're only about 220 million years off the mark. Come back when you catch up.
68. Rabbis for Human Rights-NA comment
Joshua Bloom, RHR-NA ,   New York, NY   (09.16.10)
The use of white phosphorus in weaponry by any state or non-state actors during conflict is a violation of the Geneva Convention. The intentional targeting of civilian populations by any state or non-state actors during conflict is a violation of the Geneva Convention. Joshua Bloom Director of Online Communications Rabbis for Human Rights-North America
69. always when needed
Paul ,   Cairns Australia   (09.16.10)
Funny how this kind of thing always happens at politically opportune times for Israel.
70. inside job
me ,   uk   (09.16.10)
seems like a false flag to me, where the hell could Hamas get white phosphorus from, and b4 you scream Iran Gaza has been under israels blockade since 2005.
71. Israeli desperation
Dr. Pepper ,   Portugal   (09.17.10)
Eheh, another false flag attack from Israel, trying to justify the crimes of war they comited when they attacked civilian populations with these phosphorus bombs. There's no way palestinians could have had access to them, Israel clearly has them. Maybe next time instead of using Phosphorus bombs on their population they should use some nukes.
72. Willy Peter
Stephen Goy. ,   Manchester England.   (09.18.10)
Moishe. No. 3.............................. "send them back to the stone age." They're already there!
73. jeez...
Avi   (10.02.10)
what is it with people thinking they fight with stones against tanks and all that BS!? they get WP from the same place they get guns, RPGs, explosives etc etc why is it even surprise you?? LOL
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