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K’s Choice shuns boycott calls, rocks Tel Aviv again
Yigal Walt
Published: 16.09.10, 07:50
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1. Kudos to the band
R ,   Israel   (09.16.10)
I'm off to buy a ticket if there's another show!
2. Yep. Santana and Costello: spineless hypocrites
They'd better NEVER come to Israel because all that'll be waiting for them are empty halls. Great musicians, but of the lowest character.
Aspect. It serves as a reminder to israelis that however hard they try to integrate and be like every other nation ,the G-d of Israel intended us to be seperate "A people who dwells alone " seperate and holy .We can evade the taxman ,but we can not evade our destiny. So let old has -beens like Elvis Costello vegetate in his nothing void but Israel will thrive and prosper .By the way ,there is only one true G-d and there was only one true Elvis .
4. NEVER MIND! just worst band in world .
Salma ,   Palestine   (09.16.10)
Nevertheless, the Belgians remain our friends :)
5. @4, Selma,do not be so sure about Belgium friendship
Trumpeldor ,   brussels,eurabyeh   (09.16.10)
You are only loved by immigrants and leftists Most people either don't care or support Israel.... And the current trend is not a good one for your interest !
The likes of Santana and Costello should decide whether they are entertainers (I am loath to call them musicians) pr social workers .Anyhow ,I do not miss them here .
7. That pic of WhatZizName above . . .
JB ,   SoCal, USA   (09.16.10)
You gotta love the above photo's caption: "Douchebag" Costello -- thank you very much for placing that fitting title below his picture! As for Carlos Santana and his spouting of platitudes, like some of his (cover) song titles: "Love, Devotion and Surrender" and so on . . . What a hypocritical sack o' sh*t he turns out to be. No wonder he's playing and living in Vegas nowadays. Las Vegas = the "Mecca" of Has-Been Entertainers, Jugglers and Clowns.
8. #4
Muslims who are "Belgian" are your friends. Real Belgians aren't.
9. Thank you
Ilana   (09.16.10)
Thank you K's Choice for making the right choice! You are a light that shines bright in the darkness of the world's hypocrisy!
10. I just dowloaded their new album
Keith ,   Texas, USA   (09.16.10)
I just downloaded their new album Echo Mountain via Solid pop-rock sound, quality vocals. Good times! Really liking their song, If This Isn't Right.
11. good choice.
ghostq   (09.16.10)
12. Soon it will be like a badge of honor to perform in Israel.
leo ,   usa   (09.16.10)
Then trend will reverse again, then again, ... So much ado about nothing.
13. K's Choice
Nili   (09.16.10)
I admit I don't know their music, but they win my support for having the spine to stand up and not follow the douche crowd. As for Costello and Santanna, they are washed up has-beens who were never all that in the first place. My guess is that they are hoping to get headlines by jumping on the "Jew-hate" bandwagon. Pfffftt!
14. Santana a "second rate has-been"? Hardly.
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (09.16.10)
It's unfortunately the case that talent doesn't always come with moral rectitude or righteous behavior. Yes, many of these "artists" manifest a gutlessness when succumbing to political pressure, and even hypocrisy. But that shouldn't lead us, Pavlov-like, to demean their talent, to claim they're "not that good anyway". One does wish, however, that they'd recognize that they are artists, with no greater wisdom about political matters than others. They should, in other words, just "shut up and play".
15. Santana
Ron ,   OC, US   (09.16.10)
I won't demean his talent. But he is a hippocrtiical douch bag. His friend and mentor was Michale Bloomfield (Jewish) is rolling in his grave-sad Santana is so gutless.
16. I saw their show and K's Choice is AMAZING ! THANKS to them
Frederic   (09.16.10)
a very talented and courageous band who knows what is right and what is wrong. And Sarah is so SEXY !
17. Well, lets be honest about the matter, Raymond
Cameron ,   USA   (09.16.10)
Santana is good, always has been, but their glory days passed long ago, and they are, like Elvis Costello, a second-line "nostalgia act" in these current times. Yes, bands, like actors, are required to do their bit on stage, and refrain from leaping into political matters that are beyond their intellectual ability and competency to fully grasp.
18. K's choice have made my list for this year...
Tahl ,   Ashdod   (09.16.10)
That is, my list of righteous non-Jews who have greatly contributed to boost Israel's image in these troubled times: 1. K's choice 2. Col. Richard Kemp 3. Jon Voigt 4. Glen Beck 5. Geert Wilders 6. Arnold Schwarzenegger 7. Madonna 8. Jose Maria Aznar 9. Amare Stoudamire 10. Angela Merkel 11. Silvio Berlusconi 12. Mike Huckabee May all of them be blessed!
19. My new favorite band
Maurice ,   Los Angeles   (09.17.10)
I thought Belgium was lost the muslims but there might be some hope after all.
20. To Salma
Eric Grossman ,   St. Louis, USA   (09.17.10)
I am the bass player reffered to in the above article. I respect your opinion, although it's a bit disappointing. I hope, however, that your disgust for us is not based on what you may perceive our politics to be. We are not taking Israel's side in your conflict. We would welcome the opportunity to come to your country, as well. We've just never been asked. To us, this is about music and people. It's very simple. I wish you the best.
21. To #17
Eric Grossman ,   St. Louis, USA   (09.17.10)
I am one of the musicians quoted in the above article. Don't be so quick to judge artists and musicians as vacuous, pseudo-intellectuals. Speaking for my bandmates and I, the intricacies of international politics are well within the capabilities of each of our understandings. We're all well educated, and we've all had the benefit of many years of world travel. We've been exposed to and educated by many diverse cultures, and thusly can see well beyond the noses on our faces.
22. Eric Grossman
NYC Girl   (09.17.10)
It's nice to have the opportunity to thank you personally for not capitulating to the calls to boycott Israel. When people get the chance to actually meet Israelis and learn the realities of the conflict, they often come away with a very different perspective than what frequently appears in the media...especially in Europe. All the best to you and the band, and I know the Israeli fans will not only love your music...but they'll appreciate your open-mindedness as well.
23. #20 Eric Grossman
Salma ,   Palestine   (09.17.10)
"We are not taking Israel's side in your conflict" THANK YOU! but we just want you to know the truth, then you can decide to which side you'll be....even if you're a Jew, a really important thing that you're a HUMAN BEING. me too wish you the best. ;)
24. Salma
Eric Grossman ,   st. Louis, USA   (09.17.10)
Thank you Salma. Governments can sure turn this world into an ugly place, and it is the most unfortunate thing that the human race has to offer. Everywhere I go, i have the privilege and honor of meeting real people. These are citizens of the World, and beautiful human beings. If it were up to them, us, and the rest of the common man, the entire world would live in peace, harmony, and prosperity. That might very well be the best we have to offer. All of the Israeli people that I've met, would gladly open their hearts and arms to you and your countrymen. It's common sense that I'm sure you would all share.
25. # 24 Eric Grossman
Salma ,   Palestine   (09.17.10)
I Hope you're right about the "Israeli people ", I'm not so sure :(
26. #20
Kurt ,   Austria   (09.17.10)
Dear Eric, it's unclear what country you was mention about? There is no Palestine and probably never will be. You maybe visit this website for the first time but Salma is a Jew hater who is working full time as an Arab propagandist. Don't waste your time, just ignore.
27. #21
Cameron ,   USA   (09.18.10)
Well, as dubious as I am of bands and artists who make a point of becoming overtly "political", and striking a political posture, you did not let others determine your venue, and you honored your commitment to take the stage, and that stands to your credit. Performers like Santana & Costello slipped away when the static became too loud, and are guilty of letting themselves be manipulated.
28. Secular culture
Olim hadashim ,   tel aviv/israel   (09.18.10)
Who cares if this and that music band producing some rubbish does want and does not want to come to Israel.
29. #20 Re-read the first part of your post to make sure who is
Salma ,   Palestine   (09.19.10)
THE HATER?!! Kurt ,Who is like you can't stand a civilized dialogue between the different parties, you must know that IN OUR world, there are people who can talk together without an exchange of insults, FOR YOU this is annoying !! P.S : You can't force someone to like you...THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT I'M A JEW HATER ;)
30. indeed
Stijn ,   antwerp, Belgium   (10.20.10)
Hey Salma, as a Belgian I can tell you that K's choice are indeed very close to the worst band in the world. A good example on how to handle in such a case is like another belgian band (dEUS) did: saying"yes, we'd like to come and play", but only if we can play in Palestine as well... Love from Belgium, to all in Palestine ànd Israel, but only to those with a good heart - you know who you are...
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