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'Jewish dancer' rocks West Bank
Ali Waked
Published: 21.09.10, 07:45
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peace ,   peace   (09.21.10)
2. Jewish Belly Dancer
Sam Sussman ,   London, Canada   (09.21.10)
I sure hope she is not Jewish. She reminds me of the whores of Montreal, Canada on St. Lawrence Street. She is exceptionally ugly.
3. What do u expect when abominations&shiksa=Jewish???
Israeli Jew ,   real world   (09.21.10)
4. SABABA :)
Salma ,   Palestine   (09.21.10)
I have a feeling that the "IDF" soldiers dancing better than this "Jewish dancer" ! no?!
5. RONFLMFAO, arabs r so funny,
ghostq   (09.21.10)
they use excuss of Israelis just when an arab woman wants to wear less then higab, they won't admit it's their own doing, hahahahaha
6. Well, at least they like one Jew!!!!!
Baruch ,   Jerusalem   (09.21.10)
But I wouldn't want my daughter doing this for a living.
7. youtube
mmadeira   (09.21.10)
Please, someone put her video in youtube!!!!!!!!!!!!!:))))))
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