'We used phosphorus fired in Gaza war'
Ali Waked
Published: 16.09.10, 15:13
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31. I think it took the Israelis hours
Danny   (09.16.10)
to realise the relationship between the smoke munitions they were using and the "White phosphorous" bombs described.
32. #1 What Goes Around Comes Around
World Citizen ,   the world   (09.16.10)
Yeah the wheels of kharma are spinning on you Israel. But notice how the Palestinians conducted Their test by firing the mortars into an empty field? That's not how the Israeli military tested their white phosphorus bombs. And Sarah dear, I think you need a long holiday. You're getting a little............ how did Mike Myer's say it? "over klemp". Is that the yiddish word? Anyway you sound like you're about to blow a head gasket. We wouldn't want that now would we? Why don't you make a two month vacation aliyah? Relax on the beach in TA. Hit some of the nightclubs. Down a few Valium while you're at it. Doctor's orders.
33. @ Sarah B
Smith ,   TA, Israel   (09.16.10)
Wow. Not only are you potentially a screw loose and a traitor (see my other posts against Sarah B) but you're also so racist you think the Arabs are incapable of taking apart a phosphorus shell. Why don't you look up Hamas operations during Israeli occupation of the territory? They, unfortunately, successfully executed terrorist attacks against our tanks using high explosives they took from unexploded or partially exploded shells that destroyed the tanks and murdered everybody inside. Did you forget the city of tunnels that they've built through which they've transported not only lions for their zoo but entire cars??? You're so racist and think that the Arabs are so beneath you, you can't even credit them with their own successful terrorist attacks. Like a few other people have stated on this forum. Take your meds next time.
34. #7- Al Mujahid
Uzziel   (09.16.10)
Next time Israel will send something to Gaza the answer will be "Tenants vacated".
35. #22
Tomek ,   Poland   (09.16.10)
you can work with white phosphorus under water - no problem there. No need for any sophisticated lab.
36. To: No. 33
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.16.10)
What are you doing in Israel, anyway? Wouldn't you be much, much happier living among your good friends in Gaza? Traitor? Me? Now, now -- if you don't behave, those nice young men in the white coats are going to put you back in the padded room -- is that what you want?
37. To: Pedro at No. 27
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.16.10)
I wouldn't worry too much. Israel can vaporize Gaza any time it wants.
38. #1 - Sara BS
Mike ,   Mpls, USA   (09.16.10)
Quit your ranting and raving and just take your meds.
39. To: 33 Thank you!
Ray   (09.16.10)
40. To Tomek, you're wrong
The Dude   (09.16.10) You may be right that you can use it underwater, the entire purpose of that is to keep it away from Oxygen exposure. "The form used by the military is highly energetic (active) and ignites once it is exposed to oxygen. White phosphorus is a pyrophoric material, that is, it is spontaneously flammable). " The fact is that Hamas members, would have to actively be sure that they never exposed the white phosphorous to air due it's low energy activation barrier. So unless they did this completely underwater, meaning they moved wet white phosphorous to a mortar, they still would have had to dry it off without activating, i.e. in anoxygenic environment. I don't think Hamas has those facilities on hand. Unless when the mortars landed, Hamas hoped they would dry out and then immediately ignite, but that would give a stall time.
41. Yediot Aharonot.....
Shalom ,   U.S.A.   (09.16.10)
This newspapaper doesn't hesitate to publish any report that hurts the IDF and Israel's reputation.It's not far behind Ha'Aretz.
42. #32 - I think its amusing you believe its deliberate
William ,   Israel   (09.16.10)
Hamas has never targeted empty fields on purpose, nor do they hit civilians by accident. Their aim isn't that good, and they admit this freely, because they must set it up, fire, and run like hell before the IDF responds. There are plenty of empty fields in Gaza, one of them actually being a soccer pitch turned into a Hamas training camp. Fire it there - that's what other military do...unless of course, your claims were false about Hamas being nice guys, then....
43. #33 - we're talking about white phosphorus, not TNT
William ,   Israel   (09.16.10)
Very different materials, very different methods of handling them, which is what Sarah alluded to...and you ignored outright. I don't think the capabilities of Hamas are in question here. They do indeed have the ability to take explosives and create IEDs with them. Just look at how many apartments buildings they brought down when the IDF neutralized Hamas IEDs planted in civilian areas. They do good work...mostly on themselves.
44. They proponents of Hamas here forget one thing
William ,   Israel   (09.17.10)
The article states that Hamas fired white phosphorous munitions DURING Cast Lead already. This isn't the first time we're seeing them use it in a way that breaks Intl Law. So, either Hamas is so good at grabbing white phosphorous and re-packing it (with a 1-2 day turn around time), while dealing with an IDF operation, or your support for Hamas is woefully misplaced. Perhaps Hamas did this work where they hung out during Cast a civilian hospital (another war crime?)
45. IDF has admited to using phosphorus in smoke bomb in Gaza
Bloodyscot ,   Dallas, Texas   (09.17.10)
The reusing of phosphorus is likely true but it seems they just put in it the rockets without setting it up to ignite properly. Refined phosphorus is not that hard to work with if you keep water and sparks away from it, a high school chemistry school could easily do it. If Hamas leadership had many brain cells then they would be truly dangerous but shooting a few rockets at fields is not very smart planing, going for border guards and tanks would be smarter.
46. #45 You forgot they target civillians
Ze'ev ,   Lod   (09.17.10)
Cause they are terrorists. Border guards are much harder.
47. #45
Golan ,   Vineland, USA   (09.17.10)
#45, you are in Texas. You should be careful what you wish for. You too are right on your border and your terrorists are coming for your border too. Terrorists are terrorist no matter where they are with one goal. Like Israel, the rest of the world needs to fight terror 24 X 7. It is pure evil.
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