'Palestinians plan to fire rockets from Sinai'
Published: 19.09.10, 18:17
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1. Israel falls for this every time
Marcel ,   Florida   (09.19.10)
The Egyptians warn Israel as cover for their failure to find the missiles they allowed into their borders. Now Israel will let the masterminds off the hook as Egypt plays cat and mouse kabuki theater with Hamas. How did the sabra get so stupid. Egypt plays good cop and their Muslim partners in crime play the bad terrorists. As we saw with the last attempt on Elait from Sinai the Egyptians denied the missiles came from Sinai long enough to give Hamas time to get away. How could large trucks with large missiles like this disappear without Egyptian assistance. It's impossible. Only Israel under the illusion of false peace could fall for this set up.
2. Trust a terrorist to be a terrorist
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (09.19.10)
So here they go again, running around like Rats, looking for good place to fire some rockets at civilian targets. Big Deal. Nothing new here. Maybe this time they won't use somebody house as a human shield. They love to launch from a residential area, hoping that any retaliatory attack kills civilians. These are some sick puppies. But I must say, sometimes I wonder, are the civilians being used against their will, or are they willing accomplices. I always hear or read stories how civilians were killed, But as many attacks as there have been, you would think somebody would come forward and say the terrorists forced them at gunpoint (to use their land as a launching pad for rockets). Yet I don't remember ever reading any stories like that. Just a thought. After all, if your a willing accomplice, then are a civilian or combatant? Is it collateral damage, if the people were complicit, by willingly allowing the use of their land to attack Israel? Or are the locals just so intimidated, that if they said that there would be repercussions from the terrorists?
3. If the fools are kidnapped, forget about them, their choice.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (09.19.10)
4. Gaza be a part of Egypt
and leave us alone forever
5. good joke
marko ,   tel aviv   (09.19.10)
good joke ,most likely created by Israeli inteligence to scare the populance that will be no talks with the palistinians
6. Nobody here is falling for it
But thanks for your concern, friend.
7. #1 Marcel
Mike ,   USA   (09.20.10)
You are a pessimist of the worst kind. Why don't you leave the USA and go somewhere else?
8. #5 - Hamas isn't part of talks, remember?
William ,   Israel   (09.20.10)
Marko has "missed the mark" again! Hamas has already admitted to firing rockets and RPGs over the past 10 days to disrupt talks, not to mention murdering civilians in cold-blood. I say this story is a bit late if the intention was to "scare against talks with palestinians". ah, alas...another useless talking head from Tel Aviv.
9. Fair enough
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.20.10)
... as long as the Egyptians understand that Israel holds them responsible for all activities within Egypt's borders. If any terrorists launch against Israel from the Sinai, Israel will hold Egypt responsible. If the Egyptians cannot police the Sinai and ensure that no terrorist attacks are launched against Israel from Egyptian territory, Israel may have to consider taking it back.
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