PM 'troubled' by missiles sold to Syria
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 19.09.10, 17:49
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1. recommended reading
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (09.19.10)
Instead of bowing to Obama and rushing to implementing the Saudi plan, Netanyahu should read the excellent books "A durable peace" and "A place among the nations". The author, one B. Netanyhu, predicts everything that has happened under the "peace delusion", proves the fallacy of establishing a new Arab state and shows how Israel's existence can only be guaranteed by control of all its territory including Judea and Samaria.
2. Not to worry... the highly touted "Iron Dome"
seadog1946 ,   Shooters Island, NJ   (09.19.10)
will shield any and all from "death from above".
3. Russia is indeed pushing it too far...
Jonathan   (09.19.10)
After so many talk, and promises. They help Iran, they help Syria... and then they wonder why the Americans don't trust them. Why should we ?
4. nothing from nothing
alexi   (09.19.10)
barak goes to moscow and gets a no to blocking sale to syria of ship cruise missiles which will be like the styx and sams in 73 which blocked israel seriously for days and caused death. Thank you comrade putin. And barak sells him our drones-what a fool! ashkenazin did not need barak on cast lead because he did well on his own. barak left lebanon and chaos and missiles grew. He botched the chinese farm. He ran away from a trainning accident. he pulled an olmert while 2 idf were being publically hung in ramallah. Finally, the coverup is preventing turkel from naming him as the one who restricted naval commandos to paintball guns. i don't care if he fixes watches. he is almost as bad peretz, olmert and halutz. And the arabs don't take him seriously. Whereas, they are very careful with yaalon. get rid of barak before it is too late.
5. Gog and the north
Shmuel ,   Billings, USA   (09.19.10)
God said He will destroy this nation to the north in the latter days...the russians are the worlds enemy and God's enemy...they can NEVER be trusted so it is puzzling that Barak recently agreed to send israeli drones for use in chechnya...whose side is barak really on...the weasel
6. Never trust the Russians
Zeroing ,   Germany   (09.19.10)
Now develop not only technological counter measures for P-800 but also for S-500 or whatever they would want to field in the future, because it is only a question of time before they will sell such technologies to Moslems and to the enemies of Jews. It is clear that Russia is against peace, but especially gainst the Jewish State.
7. NR 3.
Arn. ,   SWEDEN.   (09.19.10)
8. There is no war
Qird ,   Qeirut, Lebanon   (09.19.10)
The situation is not easy today. Israel would love to erradicate Hizbollah in a war, and they are very well capable of doing so. They can nuke lebanon and its south to pre historic times. But they know the price is going to be high as the gurilla missile damage is going to hurt. So I do not see any Syria/Hizbollah - Israel war anytime soon (*at least* next 12 months) I do not see within this same time period any US/Israel war with Iran for similar cost-to-benefit reasons. However the current situation is so tense and unbearable. The most likely scenario (in 1 to 5 years): - civil strife (shiit-sunni) erupts in Lebanon triggered by the Hariri Tribunal accusing Hizbollah. Time frame: 12-24 months. (similar strifes are likely eg. iraq-iran) The sunni arab camp supports the sunnis, while iran keeps supporting hizbollah. This will weaken hizbollah and distract its efforts. Israel is happy, and the arabs are happy because hizbollah is in a way kept busy and neutralized. The question is: who in lebanon is capable of picking a fight with hizbollah and stay standing for more than a month. - the iran sanctions weaken the country, and the internal opposition is capable of taking power in 3-7 years. If this doesn't work then in 8-12 years a war against iran may become inevitable provided they do not get the bomb. If they get it, then the sanctions will go on until they dry up the last drop of blood there without a war, similar to north korea. The bottom line is the situation looks really ugly and dead-locked right now and the stress may go on for a while until something 'gives' like internal iranian or syrian or lebanese regime collapse.
9. I was born and raised in Russia.
Sergey ,   USA   (09.19.10)
It is a beastly anti-Semitic entity. Don't expect anything good from them now or ever.
10. Israel under quisling Netanyahu less safe place
Marcel ,   Florida   (09.19.10)
Everyone of Israle's enemies and friends knows that the appeaser in chief Netanyahu will do nothing. He does not have permission form his Puppet masters in Washington to do anything more than move his lips and talk empty words. The poodle has allowed Russian Military hardware,APC,s into Judea and Samaria for the FATAH TERRORISTS and only has the green light to go after fellow Jews .
11. Russia selling military products to Syria
DR ,   hebron   (09.19.10)
Amusing,. Bibi picks and chooses. Right now Israeli companes and Israeli government organizations are funding the PLO via the Peres Peace Center, and other Israeli military companies are doing a lot of business with Mother Russia. So what's the problem. We have learned from Bibi that money talks zionism walks.
12. what happen yesterday every body was saying
tea man ,   marjayoun   (09.19.10)
those weapon are not effective what cause you to change now all of the sudden you are scared and about to leave the country
13. pm troubled......? really?
les ,   canada   (09.19.10)
i can't believe that i am smarter than the leaders of israel and US... (because i know i ain't :) ). but i have a really simple answer to our russian friends actions. 1. start building a nuclear reactor in georgia, hinting at a "possible" enriching cabality. 2. deploy similar rockets with the p-800 capalities to all nato allies bordering russia.... and maybe a hint that chechen rebels could use some accurate rockets too. then sit back and wait for the response
14. Let's look on the bright side of the situation.
Chas. ,   Los Angeles   (09.19.10)
Most of the rest of the world will be pleased at the good news.
15. How typical. Israel wants all the toys for itself!!!
Josh ,   UK   (09.19.10)
16. depolying missiles act of belligerency?
Lemmings Hotline ,   sd usa   (09.19.10)
If so, then a country at war has a right to take them out.
17. Iran has faster and better missiles than those
teflon moslem ,   kufa   (09.19.10)
Israeli navy about to offer fish houses soon part of green revolution
18. Iron Dome
Sealift67 ,   Northern California   (09.19.10)
The Iron Dome is a developing anti- rocket system with hover capability which will reduce in cost with with economies of scale. I realize you are sardonic and have issues yet for your edification defense systems are multi-layered and include the anti-missle arrow and newer systems and radar guidance close to deployment.
19. Russia is maintaining military balance in Near East
Atomino ,   Germany   (09.19.10)
This is a clever move. The P-800 is a very formidable weapon which is hard to detect and counter. And Iron Dome can't defeat hypersonic cruise missiles. This weapon was developed to be a carriere killer missile or for precission strikes on land targets. Mach 2.5 speed will mean that for 300km maximum range the missile needs ~5 minutes. The US delivers their toys to Israel like the F-35 fighter. So russia is doing the same with their friends as long they pay enough.
20. Russia's latent agenda
Brod ,   USA   (09.19.10)
Russia's AntiSemite government led by Putin seems hellbent on the path of destruction. Do they think that Israel's deterrence has eroded so as to embolden them to arm the belligerent Islamist-JIhadist states of Syria and Iran and their tentacles with offensive weaponry? Does Putin have a latent agenda of wiping off Israel of the Map? This is a serious threat to Israel's survival and existence. It is time Israel puts more focus on its enemies and their arm suppliers than the PA maggots and the Obama AntiSemite administration. Israel would have to preempt those offensive weaponry intended to destroy Israel. This will enhance Israel's deterrence.
21. #4
HERTZEL ,   TVERIA   (09.19.10)
22. Cancel UAV partnership
Stephen in New York   (09.19.10)
Any technology supplied to Russia will wind up in the hands of Israel's enemies.
23. iron dome is juat a payment plan
Dave   (09.19.10)
by the us to the Barack gang. it wil not shoot doem a mosquito.
24. never trust israel
puzi ,   usa   (09.19.10)
check out history.
25. Never trust Russia about anything...ever.
Zionist ,   US   (09.19.10)
This is surely not the only trick up Russia's sleeve.
26. Always fears of Russian technology RIGHT ???
M. S. ,   mpls america   (09.20.10)
I realize during the Russian ocupation of Afghanistan the world saw no serious technology advances by Russia thus I doubt if the threat is as serious as so many Israeli leasders imply but who knows Russia has had ten 10 years to improve Russian technology to deal with weapons Israel has now in 2010 and so can Hizbulah Syria seriously conpete with Israel the 2006 Lebanon Israel war which cost Israel a surprising 150 casualtys suggests Israel is laging in certain areas that rather than crytng should be what Israel should be working up on have these ineficiencys in ground forces been corrected and so is Israel all about the Israeli air force tank corp and so who cares about the ground forces and so time will may tell us if lives are being given up for American technology weapons placed before Israeli lives RIGHT ??? Thank You... M. S.
27. Russia's "enemies"?
Mark   (09.20.10)
Russia's "enemies" are usually once - and only once - elected officials in states like Ukraine and Georgia, until the voters wise up and elect a russian/trade-friendly leader. The only "real enemies" Russia has, such as Chechen separatist and muslim extremists, would be just as likely to turn the same weapons right back on Israel. It's obvious that NOW is the time for peace, while Israel can get a few of it's terms met, rather than later, when whatever the "peace" turns out to be is called UNCONDITIONAL.
28. What exactly secret weapons does Israel have RIGHT ???
M.S. ,   mpls america   (10.02.10)
I realize that Israel talks big but exactly what secret weapons does Israel have Russia would be devastated by none Israel is bluffing Russia knows it Israel has no secret weapons it may parley to force Russia to not supply Syria luckily for Israel Syria is no Hizbulah Lebanons Hizbulah does better with 3 000 guerila fighters than Syria does with 333 000 regular troops why because guerila tactics work better against Israel Hizbulah showed that in 2006 it would be nice if Hizbulah could show Syria how to fight the Jewish Zionist state RIGHT Lebanon has a trump card dare they play it would Israel nuke Beruit I doubt it RIGHT more likely Israel would blame America for a technicial gap like it always does like in 1973 always the old technicial gap excuse like in 2006 and so interesting October 2010 scenario as we approach the celebration day of October 6 th RIGHT ??? Thank You... M. S.
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