Gul can't find time to meet Peres
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 20.09.10, 18:52
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1. Turkey turned its back on the West
CJ   (09.20.10)
And chose Iran and the axis of evil. Atatürk is turning in his grave.
2. good!
Ilana   (09.20.10)
Remember-the majority of Israelis will never forgive Turkey. ALWAYS REMEMBER Turkey and her friends "CON THE WORLD"
3. why?
martine ,   ashdod   (09.20.10)
why have our leaders to act like carpets in front of the turkish leaders? Do they have a power over us? Do they have a way to threat us except their partnership with iran? Where is the True Israel? Gone with the courageous soldiers and leaders we had? Shimon Peres shouldn't even think about a meeting with the turkish leader. They wait for us to apologize? Well I just hope that they'll freeze in hell to get that!!
4. who cares
David ,   Haifa, Israel   (09.20.10)
who cares what this new islamist regime called turkey cares.... whent its people are subjugated to sharia law they will beg for help to overthrow a corrupt and evil government... you all better beg real hard for our help
5. For goodness sake ."Boycott "once and for all.
Roland Seener ,   London England   (09.20.10)
6. serves him right,hope he learned his lesson
chaim schonbrun ,   brooklyn ny   (09.20.10)
this criminaly insane self hating leftist fool,who all his life has been crawling on all fours,and groveling to every jew and Israel hater,and kissing their feet and begging them,please,please love us. doesn't this old fool realize by now,that the arab and muslim worls will never ever make peace with the idea of a jewish state in the middle east,and the first chance they get,they would slit the throats of every man woman and child in Israel
7. he's an enemy in disquize. meeting him is a waste of time
sami   (09.20.10)
8. With hope that Guy Bechor has enough time to read this :)
Salma ,   Palestine   (09.20.10)
9. For millenia........
Ram ,   London   (09.20.10)
the Jews put in their best efforts and trusted in G-d. The formula hasn't changed but the Israeli leadership has. The entire planet knows that Turkey was in the wrong in the flotilla case. Yet, it asks for apologies and now states that even an apology will no longer heal the rift. Meanwhile all the western anti-semites are bringing to light their true colours in order to secure oil and petrodollars from the moslems. Not only do they not care about Israel, whether its actions are morally justifiable or not, but they also fear the Islam that is slowly securing its footing on their lands. The Israeli leaders are behaving like fools. They are trying to appease their deadly enemies and sucking up to the West while slowly eroding the advantage in firepower they enjoy, in comparison to their enemies. It is time for Israel to stand firm for its rights. It is time for it to play the game by the rules set over millenia. i.e. If an enemy refuses the hand of peace stop begging for him to do so especially when you know you are more powerful! If an enemy seeks your destruction, destroy him first! Sream at the West who want you to capitulate to the enemy! Act like you know you are right! Stop endangering the future of the state for the sake of handouts and appeasement! The deligitimization of Israel will carry on unless the Israelis do something drastic; like standing up to the world no matter what the cost. My guess is that by acting tough Israel will polarise the world. There will be those who will stand by it and those who will not. It may just end up with a different set of friends.
10. :: All Israel has to do is apologize...
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (09.20.10)
...and pay compensation to the families of the civilians it killed. The longer Israel refuses to make amends the harder the Turkish stance will become. You really have nobody else except yourselves to blame for being snubbed.
11. groveling
colin   (09.20.10)
Again the man inserted by the corrupt criminal olmert as he could not get Israelis to vote for him grovels and whimpers to the turks. Does this peres not know or does NOT want to know that the Israelis do Not want anything to do with the turkey. Where will he pull down his pants next and for who--another islamic ididot.
12. Israel should change her attitude
Andrew Brehm   (09.20.10)
and make it clear that we will not forgive the Turkish regime's attack on our soldiers. What has the world come to that countries like Turkey think they can bomb Kurds and attack the Israeli coastguard and then announce that they won't forgive that one of the attacks failed???
13. 9 people killed?
awe struck ,   istanbul   (09.20.10)
It seems very comforting, ideologically, for all you commenters here to accuse Turkey of being a crazy islamist, rogue and characterless anti semite state. So now Turkey is the new"evil" and its turning its back on the West huh? (are we talking about the same West who is not doing Israel any favors too? ) I cordially remind you that 9 Turkish people were killed that day and for whatever reason you claim to have for this, it will remain as the brutal fact.
14. And the Armenians are still waiting...
Eli ,   Jerusalem   (09.20.10)
for their apology from the ruthless murderous genocide denying Turks. What incredible arrogance and deceit from these disqusting Turkeys....they have simply alligned themselves with the radical Islamists. We can deal with it.
15. Gul snubbing Peres and Co
DT ,   TA Israel   (09.20.10)
If this government and President Peres are as stupid as the US administration in thinking that Gul and Turkey will be any different than Syria or that there is a chance of normalizing relatons with either them then they deserve the title of Moron of the decade.
16. sounds like an a hole
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (09.20.10)
Turkey won't forgive Israel even if they apologize. Holy shit, who cares about a half wit like this except he is the pres of a country. Hmmm.... it does say something about the inhabitants.
17. gul, erdogan and islam
alexi   (09.20.10)
islamic erdogan and gul change lies for truth routinely as they prevent the captain of the flotilla from testifying before turkel. Talking about lies, olmert, a chronic liar who is expert at it that he is able to deceive the court with a straight face can finally render a public service-finally get rid of barak, one of israel's worst land generals only slightly better than peretz and olmert. And olmert will slice and dice barak in his memoirs till it sticks, that barak was against the syrian nuclear hit. When it is revealed clearly, and turkel points at barak for being the one who restricted the idf to paintball guns, barak will have to resign even though bibi is reluctant to let him go. So Olmert, do your thing and you and barak can now destroy each other with charge and countercharge. When the new state of palestine is born, olmert will be in charge of finance, and barak will be in charge of security. Palestine can have both of them.
18. Abdullah Gul ! who is he kidding?
john   (09.20.10)
Israel will never forgive nor forget turkey's uncivilised behaviour for sending IHH terrorists thugs on the terror boat. Those who were killed are TERRORISTS not peace activists. Israel will not be intimidated by Turkey.
19. #13, were they on the love boat? They were jihadists
Myme ,   LA   (09.20.10)
They were jihadists on terror cruise with a mission to aid terrorists. Funny how Turkey fights the PKK terrorists on one side but supports the Hamas terrorists on the other side. You've probably seen how they stabbed the soldiers and abducted them, they were on a terror mission. 9 jihadists died, Turkey supports terror.
20. Goodbye Attaturk, hello Green Flag!
21. Gul will never forgive Israel?
Miro ,   Italy   (09.20.10)
Wake up guys,It's time to boycott Turkish assembled cars,merchandise and any goods coming from Turkey. Its real goal in being accepted as a EU member is to facilitate the entrance of muslims and take millions of European jobs.
22. @19
awe struck ,   istanbul   (09.20.10)
We too are not crazy about radicals who sometimes disguise as civilian, uber democratic freedom fighters to use our beliefs against us. We know their mentality and what the same notions we cherish mean for them. But there is a limit to how to deal with such people and i believe it is to keep our humanitarian composure even in the worst situations or else we will be no better then them. Neither, attacking the soldiers nor sending a ship so controversially was correct. This does not make them terrorists though deserved to be killed. The outcome of the Israeli response was indeed brutal in every sense possible. Turkey does not support terror, I would advice you to look into real facts on everything and not get carried away with the ideological, interest oriented and sometimes very racist, often untrue "realities" relentlessly fed to people like us all around the world. The same is being done to Israel and I oppose that with all my heart as well. I would expect people like you, who are interested enough and brave enough hopefully, to have a more balanced approach to things happening in our world before it is too late of course. thanks.
23. #13 west isnt anti-Israel (well not all of it)
Omri ,   Israel   (09.20.10)
USA isnt, Duchland isnt, Germany isnt, australia isnt, etc. And no don't say "the commenters think turkey is new evil" only the hot blooded people say that now but if you look more carefully many people don't believe that and only acuse Erdogan, not the Turkish public. Israel and turkey have a good military relation for many years now while both of us have terrorist enemies. That too is a "brutal fact" (also we both have bad history with Arabs). Overall remember were just worried about turkey getting closer to Iran and it takes a short memory to say turkey is anti-Semitic while turkey has a relatively good history with Jews.
24. awe struck, #13 i cordially state
john   (09.20.10)
The 9 turkish people killed on the terror boat are NOT peace activists but TERRORISTS sent by your government.Israel will NOT be intimidated.
25. Peres is a Leftist defeatist and loser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
James   (09.20.10)
He is constantly spit on and thinks its raining like all Leftists!!
26. We Israelis should also not have time
jason white ,   afula,israel   (09.20.10)
for peres the brown noser and his oslo death accords. Too bad the gul is a bird brain, but all turkeys are. Visiting turkey is the lowest thing an Israeli can do. Show some dignity and vacation at home.
DAVID ,   JUDEA   (09.20.10)
At least they show some character and spine. Peres who has been groveling and bowing down to every jerk on the block deserves to be turned down. Israelis have become the eternal whining losers who lack any principle or moral. This weakness translates in a ever increasing isolation, which based on the failing and dying Zionist entity, is to be expected. In some ways one can not blame Gul and the little monkey of Teheran for their hatred towards Zionism, which acts against the Torah and Judaism in many ways. The Zionists always wanted to be like all the the other nations, now they getting their arsess kicked, to show them they will never be accepted by any of them.
28. Turkey needs to apologise for the Armenian Genocide.
DR ,   UK   (09.20.10)
Turkey needs to apologise for the Armenian Genocide and it's illegal occupation of Cyprus since 1974. Erdogan and co are hand in hand with the terrorists of the IHH behind the flotilla and are a screen for Ahmadinejad, Syria and their own strategic agenda in the region which uses the Palestinians as pawns against the Jewish state.. Israel needs to see them all for what they are and keep it's distance.
29. to #22 How many innocent Kurds did
jason white ,   afula,israel   (09.20.10)
you blood thirsty terrorist turkeys kill today? How many Kurdish villages were destroyed by the turkey "army"? Just like the old days when you killed a million and a half Armenians.
chris ,   uk   (09.20.10)
Last week Barak made a fool of himself by Visiting Moscow,I'm sure Peres would love to Apologize to Turkey,the left in Israel do not see the dangers of the islamic world or maybe they are part of the Globalists Agenda or maybe they blindly Trust the nations of the World? they need to recognize that God brought Israel back to life in 1948Iisaiah 11:11 The left wingers are dangerous and are a liability to Isarel's Future! as forTurkey,they should Apologize to Israel for sending terrorists and Agitators to provoke Israel. according to my Understanding,Turkey will eventually be Allied with Russia. here are the alliance of ezekiel 38: The nations cited by Ezekiel are each referenced here by the names of their Old Testament predecessors, yet they all represent nations which exist today. Centuries before Russia became a power on the world stage, biblical scholars identified Magog as the nation of Russia and Gog as the ruler of Russia. The other nations referenced in Ezekiel 38 are identified below, with the original Hebrew translation listed first, followed by its modern day equivalent: Magog, Meshech, and Tubal = Russia Persia = Iran (Could include Iraq Afghanistan,Pakistan and others as the bible tells us there are other nations also involved) Cush = Ethiopia (Probably will include all Black African states such as Somalia and Sudan there will probably be some form of Super state of Africa with Lybia taking the lead) Put = Libya Gomer = Turkey Beth-togarmah = Turkey, Armenia, and the Turkish-speaking people of Asia Minor which could also include the Ex Soviet States Many Scholars agree that germany is also Included and could also include all of Europe under Gomer? the prophet Indicated that this Ruler from the Uttermost north will be the main leader of this confederacy Ezek 38:9"You and all your troops and the many nations with you will advance like a storm; you will be like a cloud covering the land."
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