Hamas posts new Shalit video
Ali Waked
Published: 20.09.10, 16:53
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1. meanwhile
tom ,   toronto, canada   (09.20.10)
(the use of prisoners for precisely this sort of propaganda is prohibited by the geneva convention, but this is neither the first nor the most egregious violation by the hamas criminals.) meanwhile, no red cross visits or any other independent confirmation of his condition or that he is even alive. and not even a whisper of protest or righteous condemnation from jerusalem or washington?
3. Gilad Shalit
Christian ,   Sweden   (09.20.10)
The treatment of this soldier is so shameful, not to mention the passivity of US & EU. Until Gilad was treated according to the Geneva convention not one cent should be payed to Hamas and no support what ever should be given to the Gaza entity.
4. Where Are All The Human Rights Groups?
Christy ,   Boston, US   (09.20.10)
How obscene, on Hamas' part, to do something like this. Where are all the groups who protest when they believe Human Rights have been violated?? Does Shalit's treatment by Hamas seem ok to these groups? Shalit protesters in Israel should target Hamas, Red Cross, UN, and other groups in all future protests.
5. How right you are , Christian.
Joan Zia Kahn ,   Metar, Israel   (09.20.10)
But WE are the immoral idiots who pander to the world and don't stand by our soldiers. No water, electricity or a single truck should have gone through the Gaza crossings all these years. To Hell with the hypocritical world. When will we learn that if we are kind to the cruel, we will be cruel to the kind?
6. Meanwhile...
Jonny Gee ,   Brookline, USA   (09.20.10)
What the hell is Israel doing negotiating with terrorists?
7. #3 The passivity of the Entire World
Mark ,   Boston Ma   (09.20.10)
Excellent point- The world is silent-
8. to No 4
peter vojta ,   czech republic   (09.20.10)
Dear Christy, do you also know the names to at least 100 Palestine men, women and childern in Israels prisons?? Possibility to your guestion : All the Human Rights Groups are probably collecting evidence of many Palestiniens, / more than 8000 !!!! in Israeli prisons incl. women and childern!!!!/ . I believe, as soon they finish their findings /201?/ for different restrictions, they will be able concentrate on G.Shalit. So only Israel can speed up release of this young man. I am almost 100% sure, no harm will be done to him...he will return home safely. But I am not so sure, what condition Palestine prisoners will return home/?/in, if ever...peter czech
9. israel should be ashamed
pini ,   usa   (09.20.10)
that they would allow an israeli to be tortured every day for 5 years
10. #8
Jarda ,   Czech Rep.   (09.20.10)
Peter Vojta, you approve the military aggression of Hamas on a member state of UN. You know nothing about the think you wrote about. Wake up and work systematically in your own branch. Human rights are not your cup of tea, obviously.
11. Immoral International Community
Elizabethlynne ,   Dallas, TEXAS!   (09.20.10)
The immoral international community is silent unless they can find some way to condemn Israel, particularly Israelis trying to defend themselves. Where is the RED CROSS? The UN? Amnesty International? Silent, uninvolved, complicit----evil.
12. Reply to Peter Vojta
Elizabethlynne ,   Dallas, TEXAS!   (09.20.10)
Peter, Palestinian prisoners are well-treated. They have visits from their families, from the Red Cross, from other human rights groups, they have medical care. They can take classes. Their dietary needs are respected. On the other hand, Hamas and Hezbollah have a documented history of torturing and murdering their prisoners. There is no comparison in treatment. Anyone who says otherwise is a moron.
13. Disgusting,an Israeli soldier is rotting in Gaza
YSL ,   Israel   (09.21.10)
And the Israeli government does nothing to get him out.Israel should bomb the studios that make those videos.It seems that Israel has abandoned Gilad Shalit,The Mossad can operate in Dubai,but not in Gaza. Shameful.
14. cowardly hamas
matilda ,   israel   (09.21.10)
and if Israel launched a military operation to release gilad the RED X AND CO. would be up in arms about the civilian casualtys that would be inccured because THE COWARDLY HAMAS use civilians(who are too terrified to do anything about it) to protet thier cowardly deeds. In the meantime may G-d keep Gilad safe and give his family strength.
15. Let the Red Cross in to see him!!
Sean ,   Montreal, Quebec   (09.21.10)
And for those of you you thought it is nothing to show Palestinians displayed on the internet while having guns pointed at them...guess again. While it must be painful for his family to see such images, I sincerely wish it gives them hope to know that he is still alive. Let the Red Cross in and if it is out of fear that the Israelis will discover his location then publicly declare so. Frankly I can't imagine that Israel wouldn't know where he is being kept.
16. Shalit Video
Lucille ,   Campton, USA   (09.21.10)
Clearly the Video is not real. It is a green screen. Watch the men on the sides, they are standing in front of a green screen. Israel should be ashamed for tormenting the family of this man by attempting such a stunt. Just goes to show, they have no humanity
17. #9 - no, YOU should be ashamed, & the rest of the world!
Susan ,   DC, USA   (09.26.10)
As if it was Israel's fault that he's still in captivity! After all,what have all those precious anti-Israel "human rights" groups doing to try to secure his release...? Or are they too busy trying to free "Palestinian" criminals?!
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