Russia says may sell more arms to Syria
Published: 22.09.10, 12:29
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1. Russian Safeguards ?
Stan ,   Johannesburg RSA   (09.22.10)
There is no such thing as a Russian Safeguard. The first thing Moscow is concerned about are terrorists taking over schools and cinimas and these large missiles cannot be concealed by such terrorists. The second is about making a big profit. Any study done by Moscow will find that there is no problem building Atomic reactors for rougue states or handing over missiles (anti-tank, anti-air) to nations that supply groups like Hizbolla etc. Without Russia's negative influence there could be a better chance for peace.
2. Persian cash at the bottom of it?
Cameron ,   USA   (09.22.10)
The Russians insist on real payment for their goods these days so it sounds like the Persians are lavishing no shortage of cash on their Syrian allies.
3. im starting to like russia on whole new level
morbid ,   usa   (09.22.10)
good for them!
4. Russian Arms to rougue states
john   (09.22.10)
Russia in general is run by the Mafia, and not by upstanding politicians they will do anything to line their individual pockets.
5. Russian arms
hebrew prophet ,   israel   (09.22.10)
If the ex -communists in Moscow can thumb their noses at sanctions against Iran and sell arms to all and sundry ,then so can the Americans,Isreal,France,Britain ,Italy and anybody else ,but there,s no time for crocodile tears when a dirty bomb explodes in a Moscow underground train station,that,s the reality of the situation ?
6. you can't make guarantees
zionist forever   (09.22.10)
Syria buys the weapons Syria transfers weapons to Hizbollah. Assad either says it was my right to give them those weapons as I paid for them or he will just say I can't think how they got hold of them and just play the fool. The thing about the arms trade is you never know who those weapons will be used against. The US gave military aid to Lebanoon & they bought M16s those US weapons were used to kill an Israeli soldier trimming a tree. Lebanon later said its not for the US to decide how it used its weapons and if they are going to dictate terms like that then the US could stuff its military aid and Lebanon would get its weapons elsewhere If Syria is getting all these new toys from Russia more than ever we cannot afford to give up the Golan. Peace treaties can take years to make and minutes to break. The fact that we may give the Golan in exchange for a peace treaty doesn't mean Assad is never going to start a war again and we can't say return the Golan because you broke the terms of the treaty. Once its gone its gone no matter what happens in future. So Israel needs the Golan and the IDF need stop being treated as some anti terror force that doesn't need all the expensive equipment an army that fights real wars does. Next time there is a flare up with Hizbollah we need to go after Syria teach Assad he can't fight his wars using Hizbollah fighting from Lebanon and not pay the price. It also gives us a chance to destroy the new weapons before Syria is in a position to totally modernize their military.
7. Russia weapon deliveries to Syria
Hans   (09.22.10)
Can you see that the powers to be want the Middle East to explode in war??? The USA and Russia both are bringing such an amount of weapons there it must happen soon..........Evil reigns the world now............
8. Syrain Arms
Golani ,   Vineland, USA   (09.22.10)
To # 3 from the USA. You do know and understand that Russian Arms sold to Syra will also end up being used against the US don't you? Not only to you appear to be anti Israel, a democratic and force of stability in the Middle East, but you also are speaking anti USA. How sad that you benefit from the taxes that the good people from the US pay.
9. Not sure what the back-story is?
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (09.22.10)
Frankly, Russia doesn't do things without a purpose. I'm just not sure what going on here? Russia needs money but a $300 million deal, just doesn't seem that big of a deal. There is something going on behind the scene, that we are not privy to. It may be as simple as they are sending a message to the U.S., Britain, France etc., that they are still players in the Middle East. With this deal, it clearly proves they are.
10. Because we don"t buy arms from them ?
Roland Seener ,   London England   (09.22.10)
11. These weapons are useless for Syria and for Hezbollah, but
for Iran against US carriers they are invaluable. I fear they will eventually end up in Ahmadinejad's hands. The only hope is that Iranians do not have sophisticated enough target detection system.
12. Mark @ 9, Russia may need money
(who doesn't), but Russians recently forgave $10B loan they gave to Syrians long time ago. So, I wouldn't consider money a main reason for this transaction.
13. Russian weapons for Syria
One day the Muslims will use these weapons on Russia.
14. criminal Russia
15. Zionist forever..ceding Golan should never be given ever.
Stephen ,   Albany NY   (02.27.11)
Or it would be the death knell for quiet,before sharpshooting on the cities in the north daily. Not that it is on the cards at present kowing how BB tends to shift his agenda,but thanks to his FM (much as you disapprove of him)it will never happen. As far as Russia is concerned..It is not only a "mafia" Type of Goverment,but remember Putin who has put Medvedev as the prestigious President,while Putin pulls the strings using his president as useful puppet.. Never underestimate Putin..once a KGB man alwayshe is just a Prime Minister need to think again. It is pertinent that Lieberman knows the character of the Russians having lived under the jackboot of mother Russia.. That appart,the Russians need the profits it brings to their coffers. They'd sell their souls for IT As far as the IDF and its use...According to you.i.e The IDF needs to stop being treated as an anti terror force? Well,they have to follow the Israeli leaders,or its high echelons in the IDF command. Of course I agree with you in some respects,but the soldiers have duties on many fronts. .Have you ever written to them,complaining their modus operandi .I mean you live there right... No criticism on you,just wondered. I totally agree on your last paragraph..Yess indeed...We'll see if Netanyahu (now without Barak) Will progress taking note especially now that Iran is cozying even further with Syria & ..Hezballah with all it implies...We'll see ..............
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