Let’s be responsible adults
Eli Avidar
Published: 22.09.10, 15:00
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31. #12
Happy   (09.24.10)
No, they won't.
32. #15. Sarah B.
Happy   (09.24.10)
Defending the blockade in international waters??? There are other convoys coming from Britain and Germany. I recommend you intercept them in Britain and Germany before they take off. That would be wiser...
33. 27 Tahl
Happy   (09.24.10)
She has learned the facts very well. You are so blind not to see. No one's blinder than a person who doesn't want to see.
34. #20 You obviously don't know about the Maritime Law
Yaniv ,   Israel   (09.24.10)
The Maritime Law says that you can indeed attack a vessel with the mission to break a blockade as soon as the captain has announced his destination and leave shore. Attacking the enemy in international waters was done all throughout WWII. The piracy claim is anti-Semitic propaganda that not even the UN is using against Israel. Go back to school!
35. to 27
sana   (09.24.10)
if they were egyptions turky will never ask apology but the killed are turkish the killer are israili and it is the facts turky is a eriend to israil so there must be conversations in high deplomosy before sailing of the flottilla but now i think israil must apologize that they kill turkish without knowing that they are turkish
36. Happy #30 and stupid
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (09.24.10)
Try reading the rules for Martime Law. The moment that the captain announced that he was going to attempt to break a legal blockade he lost all international safeguards. That is pure international law. When Israel ordered the vessels into port for inspection and they refused that became an act of war by Turkey. Because it was a Turkish flagged vessel. Under those same laws the very moment they refused lawful orders they could be sunk period. That too is international law. The terrorists attacked Israeli military members enforcing a legal blockade. My only regret is that they didn't sink the terrorist ship.
37. I miss the Turkish point of view
Atheist Turk ,   Istanbul, Türkiye   (09.24.10)
The writer did not mention, why it is Turkey´s interest to take part in the ME conflict, while it kept out of it for decades. I consider the development as Neo-Ottomanism, which will or has already lead to a disaster (see the fltotilla thrill). For other talkbackers. The economic growth in Turkey has to say nothing. It is distributed among a small minority. When I stepped out of the airport and saw bicycles on the highway, I was reminded of India. While Istanbul is booming, the rest of the country is in a miserable condition.
38. It's EU's fault Turkey is this way
AlexB ,   Toronto, Canada   (09.24.10)
I remember some years ago the EU put a condition to Turkey - if you want to join the EU, the army in Turkey cannot possess so much control and power. So the Turks weakened the army by EU's request, and now look what happened - the secular guardians of Ataturk's republic have lost their grip and religion - and with it Islamism - have grown very quickly as a result.
39. Mental cases
USA ,   USA   (09.25.10)
Turkey will return Istanbul and Cyprus and Anatolia as soon as USA return California to Mexico and UK return Ireland, Russia return Siberia ~~ Stop smoking that stuff, got no brain left
40. @The Maverick , London UK
greta ,   los angeles/   (09.25.10)
So how do you like living in Britainstan? I suppose you have a case of " if you can't beat them, join them". You obviously don't understand a thing about the Arab mindset. Well let me tell you- they only respect you when you're strong, and with that comes fear. If you show weakness, they feel emboldened. And there it is. Britain has bent over and see where that has gotten you?
41. Guys Guys Guys, Calm down
Mehmet ,   Turkey   (09.25.10)
"So what should we do? The time has come for clear, public statements by leaders of both countries that will remind the Turks of the depth and firmness of the ties, yet in the same breath make it clear to them what is unacceptable for us, and what Turkey may lose in the international theater as result of its crude, provocative conduct ?" What kind of crazy mentality got in to your brains dear Israelis? Please tell me what can we lose in international arena because we dont support Israel :) Do you watch television? Read newspapers? Follow websites, UN, international confrencess ? Do you read newspapers other than Jpost or Ynet? Anyways, I understand the years of being under atack from Europe to Russia having a genocide in the history makes people have a little bit of inferiority complex and as a result of that you gotta shout more, hit harder do better to prove yourself that you are not only equal but better people than others and they are weak this time not you. But you miss 1 point. In this region, this time you hit the wrong rock, and it is not going to be like "lets show them whats they gonna lose" "lets be proud and react, arm kurds etc etc" do what ever you can do what ever you want, you can only "harm" us to a certain extent. And that is all you can do unfortunately. I know it drives you crayyzeey and I know you want to point missiles at us because we broke your untouchable armor in many ways, we not only touched you we also showed the whole world nothing happens except crayyzeyy peoples talk when we did that. So I understand the relations with Turkey is concerning to you but in Turkey no ones gives a damn about Zionist Israel in Turkey anymore. The Jews who only wanted to live freely away from mfcking Nazis and racist Russians, and the rest are still beloved to us. The people who REALLY came with the intention to only have a home are still valuable to us. But not you new generation NUTJOBS who thinks their destiny is to creat the Great Israel etc etc. Go on do what you want. Let the history choose its side. Sorry my country has time to wait to see the results does yours?
42. Eli Avidar doesn't know anything about Turkey or Islam.
sk ,   USA   (09.26.10)
The force that kept Turkey and Israel as allies was the military, which was also the force that kept the imams in check. The military was the bastion of "Kemalism," and if it had the power now to maintain a secular republic, it would have ousted Erdogan years ago. As Erdogan has pointed out, there is no "moderate Islam." But our "strategist" Eli Avidar thinks he knows better. There is only one hope for secular Turkey, and that is if the military once again seizes power. This is only likely to happen if Turkey is under extreme threat and cannot respond appropriately. How Israel could engineer THAT is unclear. However, pretending that the imams are moderating forces is simply ridiculous.
43. To Mehmet (41)
sk ,   USA   (09.26.10)
When I was in Turkey more than a decade ago, I was assured that the political authority could never Islamize Turkey, given the military. You think your country has time to wait and see? Actually, no. Your country is rapidly falling into the abyss of the pre-Ataturk period. The Ottomans became militarily feeble when facing "modern" Western might. It is THIS that you are returning to. Try being a bit less smug. Perhaps you should actually learn more about your country's history.
44. Turkey, get lost, we don't need you.
Eran ,   Singapore   (09.26.10)
Most so-called reformers of Turkey today, and particularly the ruling party remind me of the band on the Titanic, which kept on playing even as the ship was sinking, so as to give the passengers the illusion of normalcy. The underlying problems are not addressed. We love the Turksbut do yourself a favor. Kick this terrorist government of yours out. Otherwise you will join the esteemed leadership of Iran and live happily ever after. That would be swell!
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