Bill Clinton: Russian immigrants 'obstacle to peace'
Roni Sofer
Published: 22.09.10, 21:36
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1. Clinton is redefining war as peace
Frank ,   Canada   (09.22.10)
Creating a terror state at war with Israel is not peace.
2. Not true Mr Clinton
anon ,   Johannesburg   (09.22.10)
The main obstacles to reaching a peace agreement with the Palestinians... Is the Palestinians themselves. They do not want peace... well they do (the average Jo's), but their leaders, on the gravey train do not want peace cause as long as there is war, donations will pour in to the accounts of both Hamas and the PA. Israeli's would love peace, not the Palestinians!
3. blame
colin   (09.22.10)
Bill clinton tries to help his wife with some bullshit stories. Mlame the russian immigrants-WHO IS THIS IGNORAMOUS. He is remembered as a useless president and continues being a damn fool Now say something against Israel mIt is the modern trend. Maybe he wants to visit Russia.
4. As a Russian Jew in Israel, I must say...
Alexander ,   Israel   (09.22.10)
... that the biggest obstacle to peace is one William Jefferson Clinton, who created the biggest mess in the history of the Middle East with his reckless peacemaking antics- and who now dares to maliciously stereotype the Israeli population on the basis of sub-ethnic origin.
5. clinton
av ,   (09.22.10)
its not your problem ok,
6. Disgusting
John ,   T-A   (09.22.10)
Are we are a colony of USA that their former President is deciding our fate? How dares he call immirgants from anywhere an obstacle to peace? Does he remember how many Israelis died because of the "peace process" that he initiated and supported? Does he mean - Russian immigrants don't want to die for my Nobel Peace Prize? This is just outrageous.
7. Russians?
Bennie ,   Galil   (09.22.10)
For the record, I'm, a longtime immigrant from the U.S. and came as a liberal. Today, I support Israel Baytanu which, ultimately has the only realistic understanding of our future relations with our Arab neighbors. Clinton's swipe at "the Russians" reveals his lack of understanding.
8. the RADICAL ATHEIST LEFTISTS in the "democratic" party and
James   (09.22.10)
the RADICAL ATHEIST LEFTISTS in Israel are the obstacle to peace!
9. Clinton has developed Cold War syndrom
Igor ,   Israel   (09.22.10)
Russians are guilty of every US faultier. Clinton obviously missed the fact that "peace" in the middle east does not exists for 100 years - much more then last 2 decades, after the large "russian aliyah". Why would he forget those facts? Racism maybe?
10. He's a pretty sleezy guy.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (09.22.10)
I think he's best known for being a big liar & quite a weasel. That's why they call him Slick Willie. Lot's of people fell for this con man's BS but he's still just a self-serving low-life scumbag opportunist. He likes to pretend that he's some kind of ''wise elder statesman'' but nothing he says doesn't have an ulterior motive, in this case, his wife's career, she's as under-handed & nasty as he is but he hides it better. These people are real creeps unworthy of any respect.
11. Would some one in Israeli political establishment,
leo ,   usa   (09.22.10)
please, dress this BS master down.
12. Israeli born in former USSR
Eitan Raimov ,   Israel T-A   (09.22.10)
Mr. Clinton u'r right! olims from former Soviet Union don't jump to "peace agrements" like u do! but not because we don't want peace in our country! we are not afraid to stand for our future like you do! we don't give in to threads like you! we do see pal. arabs live in their own country (what ever it is) side by side with us, but we don't see it as a one way street like you do! now how dare you try and devide our people more than it is?! you are looking for someone to blame? look in the mirror first, than at the politicians like yourself! show me someone who is honest and ready to make peace, and i will do it! but i guess you will never understand it! yes! we will never surrender! we are not afraid to stand up! because we truly want peace! not only for ourselvs, but for all those, who are ready to make peace with us! Israeli jew, born in former USSR
13. and Blacks are the only Obama supporters left in the USA
David P. ,   Capitola, CA   (09.22.10)
it's easy to generalize, anyone can do it
14. Divide et impera
Serg   (09.22.10)
15. #12, Bravo Eitan, couldn't say it better!
Ted ,   UK   (09.22.10)
16. talk about politically incorrect!
Randi ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (09.22.10)
can you imagine the uproar if clinton stereotyped american citizens in such a manner? why is it that you can do to Jews in Israel what you could never do to americans (stereotype, discriminate against in building and buying home in jerusalem, etc)?
17. Clinton's Goal: Weaken Israel
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (09.22.10)
Clinton's tactic: make believe he is our friend.
18. Bil Clinton
hebrew prophet ,   israel   (09.22.10)
Bill Clinton should spend less time on John Kerry,s super luxury yacht down in Miami Florida smoking fancy Cuban cigars and drinking fine Tennessee Bourbon and more time at the Shabbas table with his new Yiddisher son in law ,amen?
19. Sad but true
David ,   Haifa   (09.22.10)
20. What a shame Clinton is not informed
tanya ,   tel aviv israel   (09.22.10)
about Israel"s latest demographic trends!
21. #7 and #12 are perfect examples
Edan ,   Tel Aviv   (09.22.10)
Of Mr. Clinton's point. He is absolutely correct in his assumption, and while not all of Israels russian(and former USSR) immigrants hold these views, the vast majority of them do. I have often wondered if it was perhaps because of the authoritarian regimes that these people lived under, that they are so overwhelmingly nationalistic and militaristic. No offense, Russian immigrants, but you know its true. How else could an ex-thug, racist nut like Lieberman get so powerful. (actually Bibi has done a very good job keeping him more or less powerless and harmless)
22. The Russians Are Getting Free Land
World Citizen ,   the world   (09.22.10)
Land that is being stolen from the Palestinian people. The developers are getting rich. They get free land and the government subsidizes their industry. All of this is illegal by the rules set in the Geneva Convention of 1949 regarding occupied territories. I keep hearing posters on this site tell us that Israel has international law on its side. Israel doesn't. Repeating a lie over and over again doesn't make it true.
23. Clinton is a Make Believe
Rosie   (09.22.10)
Clinton wanted and will sell Israel down the river. he is full of BS. It wasd not the Russian Jewish immigrants that rejected Clinton's "peacemaking" plan. Clinton loves attention and uses unrealistic tactics to look good.
stude ham   (09.22.10)
25. #21 Edan
Eitan Raimov ,   Israel T-A   (09.22.10)
too bad for you not able to see the diferebce between what Ms. Clinton said, and my respond i don't support Lieberman at all. but MORE i don't support "peace" at all cost. and it is not nationalism or militarism. it is simply common sence and little patriotism, something many see as a bad thing some how... i'm more than ready to make peace with the whole world, but don't expect me to put my and my countries faith in the hands of someone, who openly and repeatedly is calling for my destruction. again! show me true partner in peace process, and than we will talk. with no preconditions, with mutual respect and will to live in peace. u call it nationalism? good luck than P.S. Lieberman? u'll be surprised to know hom many non-russians support him. as for USSR olims.. maybe, if there was less devision like you just showed here, less fingers pointing at tham and more will to finaly stop this ridiculous us ("true Israelis") vs. tham (russian gois), more will to accept tham, more will to finaly stand together, than maybe, maybe they will not have to choose from only one option they are given
26. Judging from the riots in Silwan ...
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.22.10)
... it would appear that Palestinian Arabs are the biggest obstacle to peace.
27. Divisive sleaze coming from a $10 million Saudi "consultant"
Dr. L. Brnd ,   San Diego, USA   (09.22.10)
Clinton's amnesia concerning the fact that it was the PLO's Arafat, not "Russian Jews" who torpedoed his 2000 peace deal (despise unprecedented Israeli concessions) is completely understandable. Bill "Slick Willy" Clinton earned his nickname, and it wasn't only from the "I did not have sex that woman" incident that made him the only US president to be nearly impeached and ousted for moral turpitude. Clinton has an unacceptable conflict of interest - he is a $10 million consultant for the Saudi government. His wife Hilary, in her confirmation hearings as Secretary of State, was grilled over this by Congress, and had to agree that because of this conflict, she would not involve Bill in Mideast diplomacy. But, not surprisingly, she lied. Here he is. Of course, it does depend on what the meaning of "is" is! The Clintons are doing exactly what the Saudis pay them to do - undermine and destabilize and divide the Israelis. NOte that neither of them seem to think that Abbas rejection of the Obama "2 states for 2 peoples" is a problem - Hilary dismissed Abbas' repeated rejection of recognizing Israel as the "Jewish State" next to his "Arab State" as "mere posturing", while she orchestrated a major blow-up with Netanyaho over a planning meeting for an apartment that won't be built for 3 years. Its what the Saudis want.. If the "2000 Clinton deal" had gone ahead, Kassams would today be raining down on Tel Aviv from Hamas-ruled "Palestine".
28. Come on, Mr. President!
Mladen Andrijasevic ,   Be'er Sheva, Israel   (09.22.10)
Come on, Mr. President, why don’t you just read the 177 page report titled ‘Shariah: The Threat to America’ that was presented to Congress a week ago. It will become quite clear who is the obstacle to peace.
29. Even seeing the picture makes me want to puke!
KATE ,   ISRAEL   (09.22.10)
How dare Billy boy Clinton accuse the Russian immigrants who have become the backbone of Israel. Who the hell does he think Israel is? The 51st state of america? did you say outrageous? it is beyond chutzpach and worse,. Had enough of americans meddling in our affairs.Bad enough with wify HIlarious Cloneton or should I call HER BILLARY.Damn audacity and nerve! The sooner we rid ourselves from our s0-called friends the better and free-er we will be.
30. Bill is in DIRE need of Monicas special
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (09.22.10)
treatment, as he gets a bit confused sometimes... (We can understand you Bill..don't worry.)
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