UN experts: Flotilla raid 'incredibly violent'
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 23.09.10, 07:13
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1. Ouch!! that has to hurt.
Palestinian   (09.22.10)
2. UN Human Rights Inquiry
Harris ,   West Palm Beach, USA   (09.22.10)
I hate to be crude, but anything coming out of the UN Human Rights Committee concerning Israel is total bullshit! Th report should be filed where it belongs, in the garbage.
.............DACON9   (09.22.10)
4. #2 I hate to be rude too..
Peter ,   Vienna-Austria   (09.22.10)
But this means that your reputation has sunk even further through out the world(not that you had any in the first place).
5. what a surprise!!!!!
Robert ,   farmington,usa   (09.22.10)
like I'm sure they was going to say israel was in the right anything coming out of the un has to be taken with a grain of salt.....when was the last time they sided with israel , may the lord forever bless the state of israel.
6. 2 same was said on the goldstone report
sam   (09.22.10)
that was found pretty accurate even by israel later on.
7. UN Panel
David ,   Haifa, Israel   (09.22.10)
the UN is a joke. arab loving joke. why would we care what they say... or the world for that matter? Find a new source for energy and tell the terrorist regime in saudi arabia to jump in the lake... till then the UN is an arab run corrupt obsolete entity. tear it down and build a nice green park in NYC.... before the saudis slam a boeing 747 into it.
8. I don't buy this to much force bullish
Uri   (09.22.10)
9. uh huh
blash ,   Jerusalem   (09.22.10)
Ordering your troops into battle with paintball guns as their primary weapon is "disproportionate" and "brutality". Riiiiight. And stoning people for being gay in Iran is A-OK with International Human Rights Laws. Can I have what these guys are smoking?!
Harry ,   Oslo   (09.22.10)
11. UN committee
marcel   (09.22.10)
The UN committee is a bunch of israel haters who did not look at the facts and took informaiton from the captain of the marmora who was prevented by erdogan and gul from testifying before turkel. So much like ahmadinejad, he spewed lies and they concocted a piece of trash to please turkey. its important to say this outright-erdogan is a cheap liar and gul is not far behind. Turkey is no friend of israel. israel shoudl demand an apology from turkey. Goldstone enable a lot of this and he is burning in hell,a pariah who is despised by jews worldwide.
12. Could we expect anything else from the twisted, corrupt UN?
sdunc ,   US   (09.22.10)
14. Israel should get out of the UN! Its a useless organization
James   (09.22.10)
run by anti-semites and haters of democracy!
15. No. 1, Go colonise Europe.
16. Gilad Shalit is still being held.
noa ,   israel   (09.22.10)
Who is to say what is disportionate or what isn't.
17. Wow
Shocked ,   TX   (09.22.10)
I am just so shocked that the UN came to this conclusion. I mean...never have they been considered anti-Israel in the past. Wow... Sarcasm. A bunch of good for nothings. Why don't they just disband the UN already? Do they do anything useful?
18. :: Was there any doubt?!
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (09.22.10)
This is the only logical finding that any independent post-flotilla investigation can conclude. "Disproportionate" and "Betrayed an unacceptable level of brutality" - where have we heard those phrases before? Gaza? Lebanon? On top of that we can add "theft and pilfering" by the IDF. Of course the Ynuts here will try and mitigate this report by lambasting the UN/the UN Human Rights Council/the UN-appointed experts/the finding/etc with all sorts of nonsense regarding "bias/anti-Semitism/unfairly picking on poor Israel/etc/etc". It is high time that Israel apologizes to Turkey and compensates the 9 families of the civilians that Israel killed in this attack on a flotilla of humanitarian aid.
19. No surprise
Mo ,   US   (09.22.10)
The language is a bit strong but Isreal broke International law. What will Isreal do if as likely the second UN commission comes to the same conclusion. The noose is slowly but surely tightening on Isreal.
20. The UNHRC
Christopher ,   Boston, MASS   (09.22.10)
has chosen to make attacks against Jews and Israel the only agenda they are willing to engage: no wording on the mass executions in Iran; disregard Turkish genocide attempts against Kurds; 250000 massacred in Dharfur not even a blip on their radar. And that mass murderers like the leaders in Libya (Pan Am 103), Sudan (250000 murdered), and Egypt (hundreds of Coptic Christians killed) are on the board of the UNHRC speaks volumes for their goals. More like a mobile Gestapo bandwagon
21. Peter
Harris ,   West Palm Beach, USA   (09.22.10)
Thank you for that message from your country which welcomed Hitler with open arms. You certainly can speak from a position of moral rectitude!
22. i forgot
pini ,   usa   (09.22.10)
do countries actually respect the UN? Back during the tutsis issue massacre the UN troops left and allowed the slaughtering, was that humane UN????
23. UN losing credability
Omri ,   Israel   (09.22.10)
World leaders arn't stupid, they may have interests in supporting the Arabs but remember nothing is only one sided. The UN lost its credability.
24. I note this artical does not mention
Galut ,   Selah   (09.22.10)
That the protesters were laying in Wait to inflict deadly injuries and were the first to swing with viger at the israeli soldiers as they desended to the boat....and from the video the swings were not defence oriented gave every appearance that the the demostraters intended to inflict deadly force on the soldiers... this UN Human Rights Council Bias is blatant if it does not have this in its report....and degrades its own legitimacy
25. Unbelievable!
Can U Believe It! ,   Israel   (09.22.10)
This is an absolute rape of justice! The U.N. Human Rights committee is vile, criminal and corrupt! They won't get away with this for ever! EHEYEH YOM DIN V'HESHBON!
26. who cares ?!
yet another israeli   (09.22.10)
27. #1. Ouch!! Are ALL Palestinians as ignorant as you?
flyingdoc57 ,   Florida, U.S.A.   (09.22.10)
You write "Ouch!! that has to hurt". Why would any UNHRC opinion "hurt" us, unless we expected any other decision from that Islamist-run council? The last 4000 declaration of UNHRC have been Israel-condemning decisions. Why would we have expected any different from the 4001st decision? Fortunately, due to its history of being a single-issue council (the issue being that of Israel condemnation), and being run by terror-supporting Islamist/Jihadist Countries, no one takes UNHRC seriously. You should understand this better than anyone since, as a so called "Palestinian" (no such nationality, of course), no one takes YOU seriously either.
28. UN condemns Israel, in other news Pope Catholic
Danny   (09.22.10)
29. #6, really?
Danny   (09.22.10)
When did that happen? Because to date the number of cases that Goldstone stated that were shown not to be complete BS is a grand total of two and those two only merit further investigation.
30. #18, never ever any doubt
Danny   (09.22.10)
Its the UNHCR. As we speak it is arranging for testimony from Libyan torture victims to be struck from the record because Libya is one of the countries who sits on the council.
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