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Israel: Yemen played politics, not chess
Associated Press
Published: 22.09.10, 23:06
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1. It's a loss, in principle, for Yemen. I'm
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (09.23.10)
thinking of tennis in Dubai. Arabs just don't get it.
2. This is called "The Stick It to Yourself Gambit"
Terry Feld ,   Houston, Texas   (09.23.10)
This gambit is played by those trying to earn 72 virgins after a death by Jews contest. It works for all combats, sports,war, women....etc.
3. Israel: Yemen played politics, not chess
Bert Wikkerink ,   Waterloo, canada   (09.23.10)
"Moamar al-Ariani, dismissed the automatic win awarded Israel as a "Jewish trick that aims to ruin the reputation of Yemen and Yemeni sport." Wow. Tp say this guy is delusional would be an understatement.
4. "Jewish Tricks" and the end result
Sara ,   Baton Rouge, USA   (09.23.10)
So, if Israel and Yemen switched places, would it still be a "Jewish trick"? Not playing is not playing, and there is nothing "Jewish" about that. While I do think that they are correctly stating that they don't play because it's Israel, I think they know deep down that Israel's chess team is far superior than theirs. It would be 4-0 regardless of if they showed up.
5. #1
Joe ,   Toronto Canada   (09.25.10)
...and they never will in our lifetimes.
6. Yemenite Chess #2's Comments
Adam ,   Zichron?London   (10.22.10)
Laughing Loudly At Your Comment #2
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