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Ozzy Osbourne arrives in Israel
Or Barnea
Published: 27.09.10, 07:35
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1. Welcome to Israel !
miri ,   israel   (09.27.10)
Good thing he sobered up finally so he could get here ! He's a funny guy. His music however is too raucous for me !
2. americans want your money
read   (09.27.10)
they want your money. dont go there. donate it for israel and its children
3. "Iron Man" in Jerusalem?
Cameron ,   USA   (09.27.10)
LOL and then some! There you go, the true power a rock 'n roll! Weak sisters like Costello & Santana may slip off, but not a hazy veteran like the Oz. Hard to beat some of his old work like "tomorrow's dream" and "supernaut" with Sabbath in the 70s. His wife is Jewish, I think.
4. Ozzie and Sharon, welcome!
R ,   Israel   (09.27.10)
5. Is it Possible...
Eli Freedman ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (09.27.10)
That in his condition of "Mental Absentmindedness" (He can barely speak and when he does, its like trying to decipher a lost language!!) he actually doesn't know he's in Israel... His wife Sharon, winds him up like a robotic doll and points him in the direction of the stage... See it as a warning : DRUGS DO BRAIN DAMAGE!!
6. Kol HaKavod
Asher ,   Israel   (09.27.10)
I'm not a fan of Ozzy's music but in a time when so many "artists" feel the need to preach politics to the world as if they had a clue what the hell they're talking about, I love that here's a singer that wants to stick to singing - and leave the political "statements" as far away from himself as possible. Welcome to Israel!
7. thank you Ozzy for all these mornings..
tom ,   tel aviv   (09.27.10)
after long& smokey nights of "Dark Side of the Moon" we would put a Sabbath record before breakfast (coffe) to "straighten" our heads for a new day of studying& working. The year was 1975 !
8. Ozzy's wife,Sharon, is Jewish
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (09.27.10)
9. Welcome Ozzy and Sharon! Baruch Habah!
M. Duvduvani ,   Yokneam, Israel   (09.27.10)
Welcome Ozzy and Sharon. Enjoy yourselves and come again!
10. Sharon is half Jewish
raz barr ,   haifa israel   (09.27.10)
Sharon Levy daughter or Jet records president Don Levy aka (arden) Go OZZ man cometh
11. to #2
Rickie ,   Porto Alegre, Brazil   (09.27.10)
Ozzy is british, stupid!
12. To #3 - Cameron
Rickie ,   Porto Alegre, Brazil   (09.27.10)
Wow Cameron! I have this LP, Black Sabbath vol 4 (with Tomorrow's Dream" and "Supernaut")! Oy vey!
13. Ozzie is ozsome!
Zvi   (09.27.10)
14. Ozzie is not "American"
Mikael ,   Tel Aviv   (09.27.10)
Ozzie is British!
15. Ozzie is my Hero
Ralph Levy ,   USA   (09.27.10)
Thanks Ozzie and Sharon for coming from one of your biggest fans.
16. The Prince of darkness has Jewish offspring
Shimmon ,   Tzfat   (09.28.10)
How crazy is that Ozzie's kids are Jewish who would have thunk it
17. Sharon
RE ,   Jerusalem Israel   (10.01.10)
Only her father is Jewish which means that she and her children are not. Anyway, thanks for coming here. We appreciate it a lot!!
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