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MK wants Neturei Karta classified as terrorists
Ari Galahar
Published: 03.10.10, 07:27
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1. Neturei Karta is the light of the land
Jaacov   (10.03.10)
2. it's about time; what took so long?
dante ,   uk   (10.03.10)
force the decent hareidi community to separate itself from those who support the enemies of the Jews. all organisations that provide a haven for these traitors should lose state funding.
3. Finally!
Yaakov ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (10.03.10)
Finally, something active and positive being done about these yellow-bellied, terrorist-supporting and terrorist-funded supporters.
4. great idea
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (10.03.10)
Let's pass bills to make illeagal all those who piss us off. Hat's off to MK Katz, but perhaps we should pass a bill making those people in his party criminals for passing bills to make religious people terrorists. Or maybe pass a bill that everyone who thinks different from me is a traitor to the state. Crap, let's bring back public executions, those were also fun.
5. At last someone with a brain recognizes they are TERRORISTS!
Talula ,   Israel   (10.03.10)
And now, they should be treated as such.
6. Its about time
Jay3 ,   Israel   (10.03.10)
Why do they even live here, if they hate Israel so much?
7. Well, let's hope this group of MKs actually
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (10.03.10)
carries out a much needed response against Neturei Karta. The rest of us Israelis, at least the Jewish ones, are not only offended but disgusted by them.
9. Jews cannot be expelled from synagogues in Isr
Yehuda ,   Ashdod, ISRAEL   (10.03.10)
"to prove that Jews cannot be expelled from synagogues in Israel" - unless the government itself is expelling them. Look at what happened to the synagogues in Gush Katif! I don't agree with the NK at all, but it sure looks like payback to me!
10. Katzl
observer   (10.03.10)
Whilst not one of the 'Sikrikin', if anyone called me a nazi, I'd beat the poop out of them as well. He got what he deserved. He has left meah Shearim. What does he now want? To provoke the people he rejected? He 'intends to return to prove' - as an MK he should be busy doing things for the benefit of the public, not using his position to further his personal vendettas. It appears that to his warped way of thinking, anyone who opposes him, his ideology and his lifestyle is a terrorist. That would account for a goodly portion of the orthodox community.
11. Take into consideration that...
Ricardo Macher ,   Karnei Shomrom - IL   (10.03.10)
Most of Naturei Karta may contribute to advance peace by opposing the State. It is not that bad. When they meet Ahmedinejad or joing anti-Israel organizations they are our true ambassadors. Kol ha-kavod, achim!!
12. what took so long
chaim schonbrun ,   brooklyn ny   (10.03.10)
these ignorant savages should be deported to their friends in teheran and gaza, and while at it,all the criminaly insane traitorous leftist parties,shoul be declared enemies of the state,and put on trial for high treason
13. Neturei Karta
JUDAH THE LION   (10.03.10)
they should be sent to Gaza or Iran to find virgin bride or a virgin broom
14. Katz went to Mea Shearim to provoke a confrontation.
Rich ,   Toronto, Canada   (10.03.10)
He knew he would not be welcomed, but this was just the excuse he needed to present this bill to the Knesset.
15. #6 NKs are not any worse than many "professors"
in Israeli universities and leftists who hate the state equally as much if not more.
16. they should be deported to Tehran where they belong
Avi   (10.03.10)
17. #11 I'm afraid your logic is lost on me.
Tahl ,   Ashdod   (10.03.10)
18. #Ricardo
Israeli grandma   (10.03.10)
I know Karnei Shomron well, and I cant understand how you, living where you do, can speak for a sect which makes friends of Jew-haters like Ahminedjad who will wipe Karnei and all its surrounding Jewish villages off the map if he gets the chance!
19. wrongheaded
tom ,   toronto, canada   (10.03.10)
it would be wrong to declare all naturei karta terrorists because they aren't. they may be misguided and anti-zionist, but simply being opposed to the state doesn't make them a terrorist organization. a far better solution would be to arrest and convict each and every criminal who lifts a hand against their neighbour or against the community. violent crime is already outlawed, and there is no need for a new law, but rather to enforce existing laws, forcefully. "dina de malkhuta dina"
20. They are Pro terrorists!!!!!!!!!!!
Phoenix ,   Israel   (10.03.10)
They are friends of the enemies of Israel. Friends of Ahmedinjad, Hizballah and Hamas. Friends of the most antisemite organizations of the world. They are terrorist as well. They should be all be trown out the Land of Israel. At least we shouln't be giving them free money while they hate the state. They are also the enemie.
21. They are a bunch of nutbags
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (10.03.10)
But terrorists? Who have they killed? They are like the Phelps cult, annoying little shits but not life threatening.
22. Kol Hakavod MK Katz
Ellie   (10.03.10)
These Jews are crazy, it's about time something like this is done. They can't even let an Israeli Jew go to a synagogue... they are the worst kind of Jewish terrorists.
23. 4# how about releasing Jonathan Pollard ...
ygalg ,   israel   (10.03.10)
who was jailed for his opinion?
24. Another bit of Israeli insanity
Mikesailor ,   Miami, FL   (10.03.10)
As far as the article states, no violence was ever committed against the MK. Yet, because the group is anti-zionist, according to this MK and his followers, they are automatically 'terrorists'. And most Israelis seem to have no problem with this labeling and the threat to bring the state 'security' apparatus down on them. How much more garbage can Israelis witness before realizing they have become a religiously and ideologically fascist state? I have never heard of Neturei Karta planting bombs, shooting Palestinians, or being responsible for other violent activities. I have, however, read about other Israelis, particularly right-wing supporters, regularly committing such acts with impunity. Yet these perpetrators are applauded by the zionists. Why? Why aren't Jews who perpetuate violence against both other Jews and non-Jews labeled as 'terrorist'?
25. Mr. Yaakov Katz!
Vladimir ,   Jerusalem   (10.03.10)
You were elected to Knesset fo fight the Arabs and not the Jews. Shame on you!
26. Silver Lining
Adam Neira ,   Melb, Australia   (10.04.10)
There is a silver lining to this story. The fact that a Nationalist Religious Zionist and a Neturei Karta member were even close in proximity to each other in the Holy City is a good thing. The various philosophical points of difference between all the Jewish sects can be resolved in a peaceful manner. A wise counsellor is required. Intransigence always comes before a fall...
27. Out of control
nr ,   los angeles, usa   (10.04.10)
I agree the NK are a bunch of idiot thugs, but they aren't any more terrorists than the lefties who demonstrate against Israel, call for boycotts, and attack soldiers on behalf of our avowed enemies. NK are just lefties who dress different. As for #24, not sure where you get your information, like"right wing" violent acts going unpunished. Please share.
28. N. karta, an ahmadinejad devotee.
jo   (10.04.10)
fits you like a T; in appearance, behavior, thoughts. Yes Jaacob, the eternel light from the devil's laird flames is your and your gang's domain, to keep forever.
29. Classifying Haredi groups
Mirqa ,   Tsfat, Israel   (10.04.10)
Prime Minister Netanyahu defines terrorism as the "deliberate and systematic murder, maiming and menacing of the innocent to inspire fear for political ends." If Sikirim NK members meet this definition, why not classify Haredi groups that violently attack women with tasers to keep them off the sidewalk, or with punches on buses to force them off or to the rear, as "terrorists" too?
30. #29, you have a point
Rachel ,   Beit Shemesh, israel   (10.04.10)
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