Body of man murdered in Uman to be flown to Israel
Kobi Nahshoni
Published: 26.09.10, 19:52
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LA, LAW LAWRENCE ,   NOT UMAN   (09.26.10)
Bring the bones of Rabbi Nachman to Eretz Israel immediately ,for reburial where he belongs .
2. I don't understand
K ,   Israel   (09.26.10)
Can someone please explain to me - if he was stabbed to death, why the need for an autopsy? The cause is already known - I thought autopsies were to find out cause of death ...
3. #2 Sometimes they can take an impression of the knife
shape from the wound (like a wax cast, I believe) and they can then match that to the murder weapon, if they can find it in someone's possession or with fingerprints on it -- and thereby catch the person who did it.
4. to #3 You must be an old "Quincey" fan
jason white ,   afula,israel   (09.27.10)
or a C.S.I.S. one. The should be a full autopsy on eli yishai to see if he has a brain. For this he has to waste our time and money? There are more important matters he should be concerned about in Israel. Besides that an autopsy never killed anyone.
5. #1 put ur money with where ur mouth is and cough up the...
money! In other words stop giving orders!
6. did they take blood,etc, specimens for a toxology report?
according to original information on this young man he was known to the local police. So if he was known to the local police was it because in addition to being a member of this Breslov cult he was also a boy scout?
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