US 'disappointed' by end of settlement freeze
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Published: 27.09.10, 20:27
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1. Irony
Dan ,   Titusville, FL   (09.27.10)
How ironic as we are disappointed in Obama who betrays Jews and Madame Clinton who wants Israel to disappear.
2. Imagine how disappointed we are with the US.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (09.27.10)
But then we share that diasappointment with all of America's friends & allies. As a matter of fact, we share that disappointment with the majority of Americans, to judge by all recent polls, this administration is a disaster, a total failure. Disappointment is a two-way street.
3. Be my guest!
Israeli 2   (09.27.10)
Be disappointed as much as you like. Be upset, just do not say: Settlement construction is illegal"...because it is NOT. It belongs to Israel all that territory and beyond. Does not any nitwit ever get it?
4. Build 120 towns
Steven ,   San Francisco   (09.27.10)
Build, build, build, build, build, build, build, build!!!!!!!!!
5. obumma, clinton and ban meeting Tuesday to suck thumbs & cry
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (09.27.10)
"Boo Hoo, they didn't do what we told them to do."
6. 'US Disappointed'
Marcel ,   Florida   (09.27.10)
So is the Devil.
FO ,   Belgium   (09.27.10)
The 24th of July 1922, the LEAGUE of NATIONS gave the Jews the IRREVOCABLE RIGHT to settle anywhere between the Mediterranean sea and the Jordan River, including the whole of Jerusalem and the Golan Heights, a right unaltered in INTERNATIONAL LAW and valid to this day, due to Article 80 of the CHARTER of the UNITED NATIONS. The same 24th of Juy 1922 the LEAGUE of NATIONS, under pressure of Great Britain, split Palestine and gave the Palestinian Arabs a country (80% of total Palestiine) called Jordan today. As General Secretary of the UN you should know the above facts !!! So do us a favor, Mr. Ban, cease to repeat again and again that Jewish settlements in Judea and Samaria are illegal under international law!!!
8. message to US, EU, UN, and arabs
Marcelo ,   Berlin / DE   (09.27.10)
in the simplicity of the words, when you are so blind to see that pals have used the 9 month-time to put the guilty on israeli side, I can only say to all of you "leck mich"...Pali-State = Jordan
9. Disappointing...
Reuven ,   Israel   (09.27.10)
that Obama and others didn't put pressure on the Palis during that ten month freeze to get on with the talks. After all, there was plenty of pressure on the govt to unfreeze.
10. A ban in construction in the US, well
AlbertoGA ,   St. George, USA   (09.27.10)
Of course not. The local Indians are in reservations. Now let us do the same with the Pals. Actualy we did, the place is called Gaza. The result is a Major catastrophy. The Arabs must live in any of the 30 plus countries in the world. Out and stay there.
11. Disappointed
Jerry ,   Sugar Land, Texas   (09.27.10)
No one was disappointed when the Arabs fired new rockets into Israel. No one was disappointed that the Arabs are throwing rocks from on top of the wall. Why should we care what they think. BUILD.
12. they should be dissapointed
pini ,   usa   (09.27.10)
that the arabs are leaving negotiations
13. disapoited
colin   (09.27.10)
As if anybody in Israel gives a damn. Let the islamic president of USA mr Ban of UN cry to-gether. They do have the courtesen clinton, messenger boy mitchell and foolish biden to wipe thier tears .Israel will supply the tissues.The pioneers will build and make Israel great again.Build Build and build for all that need houses including the new russians. BAH BAH BAAH
14. return texas to the mexicans!!
lazer ,   jerusalem   (09.27.10)
15. Disappointed, then what?
Dovy ,   Toronto   (09.27.10)
So what, pray tell, is the US administration going to do about the "disappointment"? The answer is NOTHING. They have enough of a headache going into the November elections not to alienate the Israel-First constituency in the Democratic party and independents. Every American administration is dependent on a relative handful of Congressmen and Senators whose primary loyalty is not to the US constitution but to the State of Israel. In order to ensure their support on a domestic or foreign agenda, the administration needs every single vote in Congress, including theirs. You will see NOTHING happening until after the elections, and if Obama becomes a lame duck with a Republican controlled Congress, he will do only what he needs to to get REELECTED. And that includes pandering to the Israel-First constituencies.
16. Dissapointment
shrinkDave ,   Miami   (09.27.10)
I'm very dissapointed that the USA attacked a counrty by mistake and killed a couple of hundred thousand and injured a million. Don't get me started.
17. good but not enough
observer   (09.27.10)
why American taxpayers are supporting indirectly, through the tax-exempt contributions, a process that the government condemns. why the Americans' tax money is used to feed the settlers and shelter them? Every dollar that goes to settlements makes Middle East peace that much harder to reach.
18. #15 then what
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (09.27.10)
Obama could sell advanced weapons to Israel's enemies like Saudi Arabia, he could try to force Israel out of its nuclear ambiguity, he could support the Hezbolla-controlled Lebanese army and he could arm and train a Fatah army minutes away from Israel's population centers. Oh wait! Like Caroline Glick wrote, he's already done all that during the building freeze!
19. US disappointed
Birdi ,   Israel   (09.27.10)
20. what are they "dissapointed about?
tiki ,   belgium   (09.27.10)
They said 10 month....they got 10 month. This whole "peace proces is NOT about PEACE, but about building a few houses here or there. IF you 'want peace, you 'make peace and NOT excuses!
21. Tactical Mistake
Harvey ,   London   (09.27.10)
Best call would have been to extend freeze by 6 months . By then ,the Palestinians would have scuppered the talks by refusing to climb down from the demand for ROR ,the status of Jerusalem , and recognition of Israel as a Jewish state . Hamas would never countenance any accord in any event. The Palestinian leadership would have imploded . and Israel would have come up smelling of Rosies . The coalition just dont seem to get the bigger picture . If its going to fall apart anyway let the Palis be the cause of it .Its all about realpolitik and Hasbra and Israel just misses each time .
22. US gives Israel 90+ billion tax dollars per year
observer   (09.27.10)
Israel is NOT getting 4 billion of our tax dollars per year. Go look it up, you will have to search very hard. They are only reporting US Tax dollars given as military aid to Israel that is written down on paper, and even that is a lie. Israel just got 15 billion last year, so the media is lieing even about the actual amount of money that is written down on paper. The fact is that when you consider all the Military, economic, Housing, Infrastructure, and all other aids given to Israel, and adding to it the additional money and resources that are given to Israel "under the table", you will notice that Israel is getting at least more than 90 billion dollars of US tax dollars per year. Now add to it the Holocaust extortion money that they get from Germany and other European countries. Also consider that the US went to war with Iraq and has spent more than one trillion dollars in that war, which was all done for the benefit of Israel.
We know that Israel is on the right track .
24. So disappointed...
peter vojta ,   czech republic   (09.27.10)
Lower House of Israeli Knesset - "US Knesset" can be only disappointed...But they may try negotiations over Israeli settlements in the future. Nothing will change....peter czech
25. 09.27.10
observer   (09.27.10)
remember this day!, for it will be celebrated as the real day of independence of Israel. Israel wasn't occupied to be liberated in 1948.
26. Disappointed
orwell ,   farmville usa   (09.27.10)
Obumma and Clinton have failed America,the stupidity of their conduct toward Israel is a prime example of their failure. November elections are coming and they are still talking stupid. Hang in there Israel we are going to make them squeal.
27. 8 message to US,EU,UN,and arabs
US,EU,UN,UNITED NAZIS,Arabs,BANG KI MOON,deep inside their heart knows very well that the JEWS are the real owner of the HOLY LAND including all west bank,Jerusalem,Jordan,and other parts of ancient Israel,but because of OIL<> OIL<> OIL<> and their interest they have to agree with the Arabs,at the expence of ISRAEL and the JEWISH NATION. SHAME ON YOU ALL.
28. Disappointed?I am disappointed with USA for not representing
Observer   (09.27.10)
the views of the American people. I am disappointed in the UN for allowing poverty and genocide, not to mention effectively supporting terrorism and antisemitism. The UK ofcourse has no independence and has to follow the bandwagon. These governments do not have the right to tell Israel not to build in Judea and Samaria, they should pay more attention on repairing their own problem ridden countries which have a lot more to answer for that Israel.
Fair weather friends ,who in reality seek the eventual demise of the Jewish State are "Disappointed." Well they can go to hell .
30. Why hasn't Pollard been freed? USA disappoints me
Russ Harris ,   Jlm   (09.27.10)
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