3 Jihad members killed in Gaza strike
Ali Waked
Published: 28.09.10, 00:14
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1. Pre-emptive Strikes
Les ,   Aus   (09.28.10)
Kol hakavod israel good to see we are back to the Pre-emptive strikes bombing tunnels after the fact really wasn't working much. Well Done and keep up with the good decisions and the realisation of how things really work in the Middle East!!!
2. bibi reaction
mohson   (09.28.10)
Holocaust taught that israel and jews must be self reliant as UK, USA did not save most of the jews. Not all jews learned this bitter truth, to raise families that are self reliant and where the kids train at least in martial arts, boxing and the like to be able to defend themselves. Unfortunately, the haredi for the most part get the exemption from idf and similar training for stupid reasons. And even today, some of the settlers while bright cannot defend themselves or handle firearms. In that vein, olmert did not react one for one with hamas provocations. He is a weakling. There are a whole list of weaklings like beilin, peres, ben ami, ramon, even livni, even barak who was against the syrian hit. Its not simply about making war or fighting all the time. It is being able to challenge your opponent without being intimidated. So erdogan got he better of peres. Ahmadinejad intimidated larry king instead of say bill o'reilly would have challenged him right to his neck to come clean. its israeli lleaders being able to not make concessions out of fear.olmert, barak made concession s out of fear. Bibi so far held fast and deserves some credit because a lot of people were screaming for his blood. israelis can be united. If circumstances dictate, israel will fight to the last man and for the land and take down the whole bloody area if it is denied a life. Israel's enemies need to know that. When israeli leaders are strong, a deal can be had.
3. Who cares if they were "preparing" to hit Israel
William ,   Israel   (09.28.10)
Just their existence is justification enough to hit them. In a time of war, and they did declare war on Israel with all intents and purposes, they shall remain targets until the war is ended.
4. gaza terrorists
al ,   san diego   (09.28.10)
Simple, you kill them before they kill you. Now we're talking.
5. Don't Forget The Excellent Help From Gazan Collaborators
Seth ,   Washington, DC   (09.28.10)
6. another strike to frame Abbas
observer   (09.28.10)
al-Quds Brigades are Fateh whom Israel blame for the last shooting in the W.B. Who knew that the vehicle carried a pregnant settler and shoot not to kill at her leg? what else other than the Shin Bet.
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