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Mofaz: Army crushed suicide terrorism in 2nd intifada
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 01.10.10, 19:02
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1. The army should have more autonomy.
Michael ,   Canada   (10.01.10)
2. Madhat Yousef,
pini ,   usa   (10.01.10)
may he rest in peace, he is honored amongst us jewish israelis as he is by his fellow Druzim.
3. Shaul Mofaz is an example of an Israeli
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (10.01.10)
patriot, one of many, who has fought in multiple wars and on several fronts. I regret that he is a high ranking member of Kadima but I still salute him for his sacrifices to our state. We, in Israel, tend to overly critique the character of those politicoes with whom we disagree and forget or deny their contributions.
4. mofaz take on terror
alexi   (10.01.10)
Amost 10 years ago, mofaz asked barak for more money to root out west bank terror. Barak said-what for-we aregoing to camp david so t here will be no terror. This is detachment and arrogance talking.He didn't do syrian nuclear hit because he was afraid. he wanted to rein in cast lead before it got going. he hit empty buildings in response to terror. He is a failed general. Who set up this phony general? He is like olmert in uniform.
5. The fence helped, too.
Zvi   (10.01.10)
6. "call the reserves cause the regular forces don’t know how"
Justin Case ,   Brazil   (10.02.10)
7. It was good yassin was removed
8. Josephs Tomb Was A Preventable Tradegy
Stan ,   Johannesburg RSA   (10.02.10)
Leaving a seriously wounded soldier to be evacuated by the PA is a mistake that Israel should never repeat. Yassir Arafat spoke with a forked tongue and ministers like Barak bought into it hook line and sinker - at the expense of the poor soldier who died of his wounds. Barak might be better experienced than his predesessor (who was useless). Surely Israel can find someone better?
9. Yassin killed in his wheelchair
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (10.02.10)
...brave Jews.
10. #9 It shut his mouth didn't it?
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (10.02.10)
That's the bottom line. And yes it was brave from a political perspective.
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