A trip to outpost land
Yoel Meltzer
Published: 04.10.10, 00:49
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1. The truth
olim hadashim ,   tel aviv/israel   (10.04.10)
The truth so clearly and eloquently described.Kudos to the author.
2. Very well-stated.
yehuda ,   israel   (10.04.10)
3. all very nice said
david   (10.04.10)
but that all not the issue. eventually it is a about one think: di you want a jewish state (ie a state with a jewish majority)? if so than you need an arab palestinian state. either the palestinians get their state or they are included into israel. the last is what the leftists want. destroy the zionist enterprise by including the arabs into israel.
4. Outposts and settlements = one state solution
avi ,   haifa   (10.04.10)
If you continue to build these places and support your ''right'' to build on land legally owned by others, Israel will become one state for Arabs and Jews. Demographically it wont survive as a jewish state. If you love Israel so much, wake up!
5. Integrate Arabs, or leave Palestine
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (10.04.10)
...those are the only two choices the Jews have.
6. AMEN!
Roscio ,   Rome, Italy   (10.04.10)
Chazak - and this brilliant, heartfelt article is even more important, because it is addressing many anti-settler readers of Ynet, and not preaching to the choir in a more right-wing site.
7. There is a need for immediate action
Marcella   (10.04.10)
Yoel writes: "if we harbor doubts about our right to the land and the fact that it was given to us by God, or if we have feelings of guilt that perhaps we did something wrong, then the world will act accordingly." Those doubts come mostly from decades of relentless leftist indoctrination. EDUCATION is at the center of this issue - both formal and informal education. . Right now it's not only schools and universities that are controlled by the left. They also have an almost monopoly of the news media and the arts - both of them powerful in shaping public opinion. Arutz Sheva radio - a lone voice of dissent - was silenced by the government in 1994. (Now it's only on the internet.) What has taken place in Israel is nothing less than a leftist cultural and institutional takeover. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ However - although the left has been a perpetrator - there have been bystanders. For example: - In spite of inaccurate characterization of settlers as occupiers, there is reluctance by well-informed Israelis to assert the country's legal right to the land as per international law. (Details at Office of Israeli Constitutional Law website.) - While the religious fiercely protect their children's education, there has not been enough concern for the minds of secular students. The left has been given free rein to indoctrinate several generations of kids. Religious Jews do not seem to realize the inherent danger of this for the country and their own future. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Settlers and their sympathizers must set out strategies to fight back - using both traditional outreach means and modern social media. Israeli tours of the settlements could be organized on a regular basis. Let other Israelis see them and feel proud of their achievements. I'm sure that there are lots of projects going on right now, but there needs to be much more done to reach out to non-settlers. Settlers need to dispel the notion that they do not have enough concern for less observant Jews. The idea to be communicated is: WE'RE IN THIS TOGETHER. We're a few million Jews in a sea of hostile nations. Our need to protect Israel must override all other ideological differences. The immediate goal must be to unite as many Jews as possible under one Anti-Partition organization to save the heartland. Securing the land for Israel is only the beginning. Then will come the struggle to save the Jewish soul of Israel after years of leftist indoctrination. Yoel has previously written about this need for Israel to become a Light Unto Nations.
8. This reminds me of a radio interview with a soldier
Marcella   (10.04.10)
The general lack of knowledge by Israelis of the settlements and their significance can be illustrated by the words of a female soldier three years after she participated in the expulsion of Jews from Gush Katif. Speaking during a radio interview she said: "We entered Kfar Darom. This was the first time I was in Gush Katif. I saw that it looked just like a Kibbutz - large lawns, very nice one-floor houses. I had always thought that 'settlers' meant caravans and poverty, but suddenly I saw how beautiful the place was." "(The expulsion) is something that no one wants to talk about. No one who was there is proud of it. It was something very difficult for everyone... I hope the families and residents will forgive me, first of all as a private individual who did this terrible thing, and also as a citizen of this country. I hope they forgive me as a soldier, because I carried out a mission in the name of the country and its legislative branch, because of my belief in the country's values. But I feel that that as a country, I betrayed them. I betrayed them as an individual and as a country, and I hope that they forgive me." She also wrote an open letter of apology to the residents of Gush Katif, noting, "How could I, a little girl who never built a thing in her life, have dared to come and destory with my own hands entire lives of people who built up so much with such hard work?" From "Female Soldier Asks Forgiveness of Gush Katif Expellees" - Israel National News.
9. Really?
Jonathan Levi   (10.04.10)
I could have sworn that if we removed all the settlements we'd have peace on earth... You mean removing the settlements won't really solve a whole lot? They'll just bring the war one step closer to the majority of Israel? You mean removing the settlements won't normalize relations with 22 Arab states instantly? Here's a better solution to making us liked in the region and finally accomplishing peace once and for all. 1. Burn our own flags 2. Throw ourselves into the sea (put some weights on for those of us who know how to swim) 3. Loot our homes and hand the loot to the "refugees" 4. Now we have peace with our neighbours.
10. GREAT JOB! But this is elementary.
Israeli 2   (10.04.10)
11. W. Jordan is land given to Jews so it needs to be recovered
Bloodyscot ,   Dallas, Texas   (10.04.10)
next. Both sides of Jordan river are a part of Israel which still needs to be reclaimed. The Temple needs to be rebuild soon, it been in other hands far too long.
12. Those Outposts
Shandy ,   Tel Aviv   (10.04.10)
Wonderful! You could not have said it any better!!!
13. Israel is an Illegal Jewish outpost
Yehudi ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (10.04.10)
Yoel Meltzer is absolutely correct. Jews have a God-given right to settle anywhere in the Land of Israel. In the eyes of the entire Arab world the State of Israel is an illegal Jewish outpost. The Arabs hate having a non-Islamic state in their midst. They want the entire Middle East to be Islamic as a prelude to taking over the whole world.
14. "illegal Jewish outposts" is an oxymoron
Shalom   (10.04.10)
created by Leftists morons. If these morons believe that Israel belongs to the Jews because it is clearly stated so in the Torah, why forbade them from building anywhere in the country? What a sick people the Left have become. Yehuda and Shomron is as part of Israel as Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. If the Left, the minority in Israel, do not believe that Israel belongs to the Jews, they should please leave our country as soon as possible. And guess what? There will finally be peace and unity among Israel.
15. simple and clear
leyla ,   jerusalem, israel   (10.04.10)
Truth-simple and clear. Thanks for a great article. The outpost settlers are people with ideals-who love their fellow Jews just as they love the land. They are vilified in the media, when in truth they are hardworking, family-oriented, honest, and gentle people. They have my vote.
16. Well written
Jeffrey ,   NYC/USA   (10.04.10)
I was skeptical of this piece when first reading it but by the time I got to then end, I though, "wow, this author really gets it." Israel really needs a PR outfit sitting here in the galus. The Arabs/Iranians have the leftist media on their side worldwide. We need more of this viewpoint.
17. I finally realized that these illegal outposts...
Mikesailor ,   Miami, FL   (10.04.10)
are nothing more than RV parks created when Israelis and their caravans ran out of gas. And then stayed upon someone else's land without paying for the privilege, and stealing from the landlord. And they say Jews have no sense of humor.
18. Pragmatic view, finally!
Nelly Cooper ,   NY, USA   (10.04.10)
Good objective article!
19. #4 Avi - I share your concern, but answer this honestly
Mike ,   USA   (10.04.10)
The increased number of Arabs in a One State is certainly a problem. Now, if the left is concerned about that, could you explain why does it support the admission of tens of thousands of African migrants? And why does it support residency and citizenship for foreign workers? There is a contradiction there, don't you think?
20. "RV Park" Mikesailor?
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (10.04.10)
Your usual ignorance is once again exemplified. Did you read the article? Did you even comprehend the most elementary facts? The settlements are dynamic villages, Mike, with their own cottage industries and populated by sturdy, sometimes exceptional, Israelis. Is it your stupidity which prevents understanding or is it your longterm crystallized perspective which prevents new information from flowing into that astonishing brain of yours?
21. It would also be of interest were a journalist
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (10.04.10)
to report on the everyday actual relationships between Israeli and Arab villagers. My own information indicates that there is an exchange re labour, trade and business and, in some instances, a level of sociability. I'd like to know more.
22. Israel needs equivalent of America's patriotic Fox News.
Chaim ,   Israel   (10.04.10)
Yoel Meltzer's personal visits to Israel's outposts proved that the Israeli media lies about them. Israel's so-called outposts are, in many cases, well established towns populated by hard working, Israeli patriots. Not the wild eyed zealots of leftist media fiction.The leftist media lies about everything. Big surprise. The real issue is: How do we solve the problem of the lying leftist media? To start with, we should invest in an Israeli equivalent of America's patriotic Fox News Network.
23. Are there any "virtual tours" of the settlements?
Marcella   (10.04.10)
Can anyone provide with links to a website that has online virtual tours of the settlements?
24. To # 1, 2, 6, 10, 12, 13, 15, 16, 18
Yoel Meltzer ,   Israel   (10.04.10)
Thanks for your kind words.
25. To # 3, 4
Yoel Meltzer ,   Israel   (10.04.10)
Thanks for your comments. You’re both saying that in the event of the “one-state solution” Israel will not survive as a Jewish state because of the demographic problem. This is certainly a problem but it’s not so clear. At the moment, the Jews comprise roughly 80% of Israel. However, if there was one state including the Arabs in Judea & Samaria, the Jews would still have a majority. Some say it would be 70% while others say it would be closer to 60%. Either way, it would still be a majority but obviously less than today. If the “two-state solution” is implemented and there is a new Arab state west of the Jordan River, it’s true that Israel would not be threatened by the demographic problem. However, do you really believe that a shrunken and vulnerable Israel will have a serious chance of surviving? Do you really believe that “peace will break out” and the Arabs will finally stop trying to eradicate Israel? I for one am certain that they won’t stop and in fact the opposite will happen. Just look at what happened after we left Lebanon and Gaza. Thus for me it’s clear that the two-state solution is national suicide. This being the case, I’d rather annex all of Judea and Samaria even if it complicates the demographic problem since problems can always be addressed/dealt with/solved. Being eradicated, however, is simply not much fun.
26. To # 7
Yoel Meltzer ,   Israel   (10.04.10)
Like usual Marcella, your comments are right on target.
27. To # 9
Yoel Meltzer ,   Israel   (10.04.10)
You’re talkback confused me. I’m not sure if you agree with me or disagree.
28. To # 22
Yoel Meltzer ,   Israel   (10.04.10)
I fully agree with the idea of having an Israeli equivalent of fox news. I tried floating a similar idea several months ago but it didn’t get anywhere. If you have any ideas, connections, etc, please let me know. Thanks.
29. #28 Yoel. We need investors for an Israeli Fox News Network.
Chaim ,   Israel   (10.05.10)
#28 Yoel. The first thing we must do, to create an Israeli version of America's Fox News, is a business proposal. Than we line up investors. From all indications, there are many Jew and friends of Israel, in Israel and the Diaspora, who understand the need to create a patriotic news network in Israel and would be willing to invest in one. Myself included. We need a good corporate lawyer to do the business proposal and a good venture capitalist to raise the capital. Than we're in business. It's certainly worth the effort and investment.
30. Jewish neighborhoods.....
Jan ,   Houston, Texas   (10.05.10)
Kol Ha Kavod Yoel! Great article, will forward it to my long list! I'm tempted to live in one of those "outposts" myself!!
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