Gilad Shalit asked to renew driver's license
Ahiya Raved
Published: 03.10.10, 23:38
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Eran ,   Singapore   (10.04.10)
What kind of country would do this.
2. Now this is a legal case
Adi ,   Sydney   (10.04.10)
Go to BAGATS, use this letter in order to sermonize the Israeli government to bring him to the driving licence court. Send Traffic Police officers to Gaza to bring him and file the speed report - please use 100MPH car.
3. A Microcosm
Adam Neira ,   Melbourne, Australia   (10.04.10)
Gilad is in the middle of the storm. At least there is some movement on all sides and even the people of Gaza in their own strange way are aware of the danger of any harm coming to him. There are some foundations of trust that can be built on. These must be exploited at all costs. The devil is in the detail. There are deep, metaphysical reasons for everyone in the region to include the fate of Gilad in their deliberations. The universe is interconnected...
4. Re: #1 - Only the country inhumane enough...
Dan the Jafa ,   Auckland, Aotearoa   (10.04.10) organize an automated driving license database, capable of posting renewal notices without human intervention. Oh the humanity!
5. are you mad?
lola ,   australia   (10.04.10)
every country i have ever lived in does this. when schalit finally returns home if his license has expired he will have to sit all the tests again. im not sure wey ynet even bothered to publish this it is a non-event. i bet his parents are keeping his passport up to date too.
6. Shame on the ministry of transport
Avi ,   Israel   (10.04.10)
What a discrase to send such a letter to the Shalit family.
7. #1 they should issue a Shalit law?
observer   (10.04.10)
8. That's technology for you!
Shalom Hartman   (10.04.10)
9. how is this possibly news
avi ,   shamir, israel   (10.04.10)
an automated system sent the shalit's a letter saying he needs to renew his license? OH NO! THE HORROR!!! how insensitive!! we all want shalit back, but this is terrible journalism
10. schalit
moron ,   galut   (10.04.10)
what does anyone but leftists expect of bureauocracy?
11. He should be brought home no matter how many hamass
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (10.04.10)
leaders have to be assassinated to convince them it is in their best interest to release him. May Hashem bless and keep Shalit and bring terror to his captors.
12. Forward it with a stamped return envelope and a check for
Rivkah   (10.04.10)
the renewal to the Hamas leadership for Gilad Shalit to sign and perhaps Hamas would send it back to the Motor Vehicle Division.
13. Tragic but it happens when people don't take care
Esther ,   Netherlands   (10.04.10)
Four years after the death of our little son we received a call to bring him over for inoculations. Someone clearly made a mistake and they excused themselves profusely after I telephoned. It hurts almost beyond endurance. But humans are fallible. It's worse that the Red Cross and all the NGO's protesting Israel's attitude towards Arabs don't feel - and are not made to feel - the urge to protest Shalit's captivity.
Harry ,   Israel   (10.04.10)
A country with an automatic license renewal letter sending system.... i know, totally sick, right?
15. Israel loves to keep him kidnaped
Ivan ,   Haifa   (10.04.10)
Just make the exchange and free him, he is your soldier
16. Driver's license should be withdrawn from Netanyahu & Barak!
Salma ,   Palestine   (10.04.10)
17. Sent out by a computer program
Anomymous User: ,   Anomymous User:   (10.05.10)
This is very sad but it was probably sent out by a computer program, so it's not the company's fault...
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