Supreme Court rejects Maguire's appeal
Aviad Glickman
Published: 04.10.10, 23:06
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LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (10.04.10)
You are a criminal .Good riddance to you .
2. Bye bye
Birdi ,   Israel   (10.04.10)
Ok enough already about this crazed woman. When is she leaving Israel?
3. Beinish undermines clarity of her own ruling
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (10.05.10)
Sometimes I guess the liberal left just can't help themselves. After noting "no flaw" in the District Court ruling, that Maguire "took the law into her own hands" ignoring the order against entry, and emphasizing the interior minister's ability to "exercise broad judgment", she falls into "accommodate the left" mode. The judges say, in effect, ignore all that; you should have accepted the proposal allowing her to complete her scheduled activities. She's already here, right? Excuse me!
4. good riddance!
il   (10.05.10)
5. now leave
pini ,   usa   (10.05.10)
we dont want nor need you here.
6. Maquire chastised
Reader   (10.05.10)
Maguire appealed and lost. Time to go home now, quietly.
7. Supreme Court rejects Maguire
Yonatan ,   Jerusalem   (10.05.10)
well I'll be asking ye now maggie Maguire a fine mess ye got yeself into even the Jew's dont wont ye now don't despair just maybe their cousins will accept ye
BEJAMIN ,   SINGAPORE   (10.05.10)
9. #2 Birdi, she's not leaving quickly enough.
Lobo ,   USA   (10.05.10)
She should be in Ireland, where bombs still go off because of her "work" Kol Ha'Kavod to the Israeli Supreme Court for not giving terrorists rights.
10. There is no soul in those empty fish eyes
Israel ,   Yaniv   (10.05.10)
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (10.05.10)
12. Gloryosky! Supreme Court upholds the law!
Ozraeli ,   Australia   (10.05.10)
Raymond #3 has it exactly right, & reading the initial report before the decision caused me to leap from my chair (reading YNet Talkbacks gives you great exercise!) Since when is Beinish a diplomat or negotiator? Since when does Beinish negotiate on behalf of the State? She is supposed to adjudicate based on the law & precedent, not invent law, reverse legislation, or "make aitzoz chochmeh" (smart suggestions) allowing circumvention of a Govt order ("We'll deport you, but only after you finish your meetings"). After all, George Soros has already paid for the flight, hotel, & per diem... Throw Maguire's lying, publicity hungry Irish ass out, so she can return to fomenting boycotts, anti Semitism, & Israel hatred from far, far, away-along with the Martyr's Brigade terrorists exiled to Ireland [,7340,L-3962680,00.html] How long can she live off a Nobel Prize from 35 years ago? Can't she find work working in a fish & chips shop, or cleaning houses? Play nice, & they"ll despise you more. As for Beinish-do your job, not pretend that you are PM & Queen of Israel.
13. She defiles our holy soil. Send her to Gaza.
Kayla ,   Florida   (10.05.10)
14. Justice served
john   (10.05.10)
Ms Maguire's cynical play acting the ignorance game did not work, now she can go home in shame, i hope this will serve as a warning to others like her to refrain from repeating her disgraceful behaviour.
15. Maguire
Spencer ,   Israel   (10.05.10)
This piece of trash should not have been allowed off the plane in the first place.
16. Missy
zznhl   (10.05.10)
Good bye and thanks but no thanks.
17. Special thanks to all those who made the HOPE possible.
Salma ,   Palestine   (10.05.10)
with a deep respect for Mairead Maguire .
18. This wicked, conceited woman should go peddle
Harry Wright ,   UK   (10.05.10)
her wares on the African continent. She can find many genuine causes there to champion. She has a fixation with Israel and should be kicked out pronto. No accomodation should be made for her. Treat her as the garbage that she is. Throw her out. She ain't no lady. She is an obsessed, worthless and wicked witch trying to get some attention.
19. Leave Israel, leave Ireland... leave planet earth!!
Gil ,   Tel Aviv   (10.05.10)
20. The nasty coments are from Irish pretending to be Israelis
judo ,   Ireland   (10.05.10)
These Irish have organized teams swarming Israeli web sites posting crazy nasty comments like the ones insulting this lady, which they sign falsely as Jews or Israelis to try to make Israelis look stupid and bad.
21. salma
deep disrespect drunken woman
22. clown court
tom ,   can   (10.05.10)
peace is a bad word; peace means lose
23. To: No. 20
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.05.10)
Oh, I think not. The comments are all from Israelis and Jews who know exactly what Maguire is. Pearse and Connolly she isn't. She's just plain, stinking garbage. We do not want her polluting our country. She can pollute Ireland as much as she likes, and you can join her in disseminating the rotten swill.
24. Good riddance Mary. go home and never come back
Eran ,   Singapore   (10.06.10)
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