Yigal Amir to remain in solitary confinement
Vered Luvitch
Published: 05.10.10, 19:04
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1. Disgusting verdict
Shalom Hartman   (10.05.10)
2. it's a wonderful verdict.
ayelet   (10.05.10)
he already got too many privileges, like a conjugal visit(s) with his lovely wife. keep him in solitary for the rest of his days.
3. Absolutely disgusting
David ,   Israel   (10.05.10)
4. 1 - why?
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (10.05.10)
this man murdered the democratically-elected leader of israel for the purpose of changing the political course of events. in what way does someone like this deserve anything less that the harshest punishment?
5. this was a political judgement and unjust
zionist forever   (10.05.10)
It might be the judgement of the left wing courts but its the entire political establishment & Shin Bet have decided that he will stay in prison till the day he dies and probably in solitary as an extra punishment. Why should the pro peace process judges fight the system? How can anybody seriously think that Yigel Amir will be a threat to other prisoners? He is also more likely to be a threat to himself in solitary rather than being with company of others. Yigal Amir has spend 16 years in solitary for killing a man ( other murderers do not ). Vanunu was only in solitary for 11 years and he had top secret information on Israels nuclear program which we did not want him sharing with others. Why do we need to keep Yigal Amir in solitary, what secrets doe he have to hide so we need to keep hide him away from others?
6. # 4
Birdi ,   Israel   (10.05.10)
Agreed. Amir will end his life in jail, like it should be. End of the story.
7. # 5
Birdi ,   Israel   (10.05.10)
Have you thought about the fact that Amir can influence other prisoners with his warped ideology?
8. This man deserves to be punished
Sagi   (10.05.10)
with severity. He should indeed spend the rest of his days in detention. I am against the death penalty for one reason only, it is not punishment, the person dies, end of story. The only persons who suffer are his family, from pain and grief and shame. Holding an inmate in solitary for so many years is also not punishment, it is mental cruelty and nobody should suffer mental cruelty, no matter what their crime. I have no pity for him and suffer he must, but mental torture is inhuman, and if we as a society wish to keep a semblance of normality and retain our dignity, then we must not allow punishment of this nature. Death is more humane than mental torture. This is definately wrong.
9. MOST people do NOT believe Amir killed Rabin
Eddie   (10.05.10)
MOST people do NOT believe that Yigal Amir was the one who assassinated Rabin and even many of the radical blind left believe that the actual killer is still on the loose. All Evidence indicates a conspiracy: 1) The Kempler video shows that Amir's gun did not shoot Rabin - he did not react to any of the discharged shots. 2) Peres is seen outside Rabin's Limousine talking to security guards. 3) Peres presented a false song sheet, with fake evidence, blood and 1 bullet hole. If it had been in Rabin's pocket, and folded, it would have 4 holes when opened, not one. 4) It took over 20 minutes for rabin to arrive at Ichilov, even though it is a 1 minute drive. He arrived in an ambulance. 5) Dr. David Niv, a pain specialist at Ichilov was assassinated, as he was a material witness. Eddie
10. # 9
Birdi ,   Israel   (10.06.10)
You cannot speak for "most people" Ichilov hospital is at least 5 minutes from Rabin Square & not a 1 minute drive. Are you trying to tell us that Peres was involved in rabin's murder?
11. Horrible!
Alistair ,   Sco   (10.06.10)
This fellow is a terrible person but thats no excuse for this kind of cruelty and torture this man needs to be treated with humanity same as the palestinians. This man should be getting rehabilitated and freed,even the exreme right are humans too.I am disgusted at this mans treatment.Israel needs to treat people with humanity .I dont think this man will kill again.Israel and america are the only two countries in the western circle that jail for revenge,this needs to stop its wrong
12. He could spill the beans otherwise.....
Jaacov Baumann   (10.06.10)
The Rabin murder is so obviously fishy business, that the gov must under all circumstances prevent Amir from telling the world who really murdered Rabin ! But the truth is pretty obvious - just connect the dots ! The shocking truth will be revealed !
13. For #9 -Rabin's murderer Yigal Amir
miri ,   israel   (10.06.10)
should remain in prison forever. Your allegations are ridiculous. There were earlier occasions when he (Amir) tried to gun Rabin down but was not successful. Explain the closet full of weapons in his parents' home. As for #11 Alistair : Amir showed no humanity committing this treacherous deed and deserves no considerations. As far as we know, the treatment he receives is much too good for this convicted murderer. May he rot in jail.
14. MOST muslims believe ISRAEL was behind 9/11
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (10.06.10)
and also a heck of a lot of other people around the world, so i guess that settles it then?
15. Eddie # 9 "Most people"
Sagi   (10.06.10)
have very feeble minds and this is the reason why clever people make money out of inventing conspiricies and then propogating them by writing books, keeping the subject "alive" by bringing it up in the media from time to time and even by producing a Hollywood film. These conspiricies feed the feeble minds and in turn feed the pockets of the "inventors". It has happened time and time again. Kennedy, Diana, the Moon landing, just to name a few. If you believe that Amir was not the assassin then indeed you are one of those "most people". The man confessed, his brother confessed, his accomplice confessed and there were hundreds of witnesses. Wake up.
16. By all accounts, the assassin of an acting
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (10.06.10)
prime minister in any country would, and should, receive the death penalty.
17. Thanks Sagi; Eddie, believe what makes you happy
roni ,   israel   (10.06.10)
but you're wrong. You can change the facts in your mind, but it doesn't change the fact that Amir confessed and there are witnesses all over the place. Go back to your la-la-land.
18. This is wrong
Raptor   (10.06.10)
I am not a "bleeding heart". 1) Nobody in Israel should undergo mental torture. 2) Nobody in Israel should be allowed to inflict mental torture. We are supposed to be a civilized nation of people. This is contrary to civilized practices. Wrong, very wrong.
19. # 16 Raymond
Sagi   (10.06.10)
Yes, but as I pointed out, this punishment is futile, it serves no purpose, the condemned one does not suffer, only his family, and it is definitely not a deterrent. It only serves the natural instinct for revenge.
20. Factual proof Amir didn't do it, based on direct evidence...
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (10.06.10)
...from an interview I did in 2001 with Elvis Presley, who was dressed incognito while praying at the kotel. Elvis told me that after he killed Paul McCartney just before the release of Sgt. Pepper, he was made an offer by the Mossad to be a double agent while still working for the CIA. Elvis convinced his CIA handlers that he had to convert and after becoming a Chabadnik he infiltrated a small group of religious members of the Labor Party. That's when he got involved in the cocaine smuggling with Damien Peres, the half-brother of Shimon Peres who had been given up for adoption and grew up in post-WW2 Germany before becoming a soap opera star in the US. Peres the half-brother was at the same time working for the Mossad and the infamous Stassi brokering arms deals in South America and funneling coke into western nations, while pretending to fundraise for the Labor Party. In short, Elvis agreed to become a mule for the bank drafts in the arms-for-coke market, trying to get closer to the ex-Nazis who were running things in South America. Just as Elvis was closing in on Mengele's lieutenants, he opened one of his courier packets and found a transfer from Haliburton to a numbered bank account in Switzerland belonging to Leah Rabin, with an invoice for consulting services rendered for a deal between Rafael military industries and a straw company that Elvis had setup. Not able to take the chance that his operational cover was about to be blown, Elvis paid Jimmi Hendrix to make the hit on Rabin. Yea, I know, you all THOUGHT that Hendrix had died from an overdose, but if you go check his coffin you'll find it's full of 4 and a 1/2 sets of Funk and Wagnall's encylopedia to match what Hendrix weighed. Hendrix has been in and around the Mir Yeshiva in west Jerusalem for the past 25 years, and was also the man who got the intel on Abu Jihad enabling Israel to bump him off in Tunis. And no, Joplin wasn't in on it cuz she really did OD. Anyhow, the only question mark is why Hendrix set up Amir with the gun with the blanks in it. We think Hendrix was disguised as a peace now activist, but the only photo we have is from 1994 at the rosh yeshiva's son's bar mitzva where Hendrix is seen leading the benching from under a wde-brimmed black fedora...
21. # 18
Birdi ,   Israel   (10.06.10)
The following is wrong aswell; No man has the right to take another man's life. Amir has to pay for the murder he committed. He is being kept in solitary confinement for a very good reason.
22. Re: #1, 3
Ariel ,   Toronto   (05.04.12)
He is a murderer, he murdered the acting Prime Minister! He should never be allowed to be free, for he took a man's life.
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