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2nd day: 'We need time to strike'
Ahiya Raved
Published: 06.10.10, 20:52
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1. arrogance masked total incompetence
Lemmings Hotline ,   sd usa   (10.06.10)
Moshe Dayan lack of military intelligence about what the strength of enemy forces is unforgiveable.
2. It's unforgivable Rabin's incompetence was so well hidden
ab   (10.06.10)
from those who voted for him to become the PM...
3. arrogance
michaelpielet ,   boca, usa   (10.07.10)
Israeli arrogance at its best. If the 270 tanks in sinai would have been on the canal before the war started and the Bar Lev line had been manned by first rate fighters,thank you shmuel Gonen, the egyptian losses would have been immense. The war in sinai would have been over in a week with far greater egyptian casualties and far fewer israeli casualties. On the golan there were 180 tanks on the line. if israel had an adiditional 100 tanks on the line, the syrian tanks would have been decimated and there would have been few if any syrian breakouts into the Heights. In addition it would have helped if tank crews on the golan would have been told war was imminent. The air force was was not effectively used early in the war. conflicting orders. Calling up massive reserve forces before the war was irrelevant A preemptive air force attack on the Syrians was not necessary if enough tanks were on the golan. Thank you Dado and Hofi.
4. It's of utmost importance that Israel
Zooog ,   US   (10.07.10)
be number one in electronic warfare and countermeasures.
5. Israel did win the war finally
Len ,   Australia   (10.07.10)
It is regrettable that many Jewish miltary personel died in this surprise attack by its enemies, but the clearly positive side to this war was that Israel is clearly superior militarily than its enemies. Many commentors say that israel turned the tide of the war because the US supplied them with weapons, but the victory is not only weapons but the men and women who wielded them. It is about 40% weapons and 60% Users. to win a war. Remember tools does not make a good tradesman. Israelis are formidable warriors, no doubt about that.
6. WAR..the last one and the next oen..
Ali ,   villanova -PA- USA   (10.07.10)
All the WARS of the PAST will be like a walk in the park...compared to this one coming and soon...... You look at this way.... All the RIGHT people are in PLACE ARMAGEDDON and nothing is going to stop it..... US needs business..Israel wants Hizbullah...and Iran..Abbas does not whers he ..Mubarak is OUT...King Abdalla of Jordan has Bags ready for getting the hell and moving to Onaco.. Iran has what it takes to make HOVOC..and they have the NUKES, like Israel.The Easter Blocks sold all their NUKES ti iAn...of money selling
7. disgrace. the problem was not even about preemption
dante ,   uk   (10.07.10)
to say, as Golda apparently said, that Israel should have preempted is not wrong. BUT THAT COMMENT SHOWS HOW FAR OFF THE LEADERS WERE: even if, for political reasons, it were determined not to preempt, ISRAEL SHOULD STILL HAVE BEEN PREPARED TO ABSORB THE INITIAL BLOW AND TO RETALIATE MASSIVELY. the "leaders" disgracefully failed the people and the state.
8. next time. remember what has the world done for us then, now
ralph   (10.07.10)
9. Perhaps, #3
Cameron ,   USA   (10.07.10)
The Israelis certainly got caught resting on their laurels in '73. Like the French & the Maginot Line, the Israelis paid a heavy price by relying on fixed defences like the Bar Lev Line, and viewing their opponents with contempt. Sorry to see the Israelis slipping back into that same sort of defensive posture of waiting behind sandbags, and waiting for the enemy to take the initiative.
10. Arik!
Patrick ,   Paris Francarabia   (10.07.10)
It was a frickin' panic - when high officers ask Arik : what do you think about the situation? It was the secund day of the war. He answered with his famous quiet voice even in terrible moments: "we all know how it is going to end: on the other side of the canal". Arik, one of the greatest among us!
11. I think this war was pre-planned by
Israeli 2   (10.07.10)
Russia, USA and Israel.....because Arab moral after the 6 day war was in the pits of hell. Arabs needed a comeback and that was the plan. Israel must be in a slumber. Yeah really?....the Mosad knew nothing because they were in a slumber too? Give me a break! On top of all Rabin and Dayan were saying: The Egyptians are real good fighters. What a moral booster that was. OK! NOW, Sadat will make peace!!! Heee...heeeee.....heeeee.
12. We always have weapons, ammo and
jason white ,   afula,israel   (10.10.10)
supply shortages. The defense is always cut by the min of defense. We need more and better than the enemy. We need to train more for the next wars.
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