US man suspected of trying to spy for Israel
Published: 07.10.10, 09:30
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SINGER ,   SINGAPORE   (10.07.10)
2. Weird headline
Danny   (10.07.10)
So to make it clear.. 1) He was not encouraged by Israel 2) He was never contaced by Israel 3) Israel helped the FBI catch him 4) and it is not clear he had any ability to spy even if anyone wanted him to Glad none of that is reflected in the headline, so when people misrepresent the story it will not be obvious....
3. Doxer wanted $ and to "help our homeland"...
seadog1946 ,   Shooters Island, NJ   (10.07.10)
if he is found guilty of industrial espionage, make an example of him... tear up his US passport, revoke his driver's license, delete his social security number, put his name on a travel blacklist and let him try to return to his "homeland".
4. e mail 'spy'
Jemma ,   US   (10.07.10)
not a bright guy to go online to advertise he has some desperate need for money. It took 52 fake drop offs to nab him. Sing the little person from Singapore has no worry. Israel sells its hi tech and arms direct to Singapore government which buys lots.
5. spies
hebrew prophet ,   israel   (10.07.10)
Russian spies Muslim spies ,why not Jewish/Israeli ones,typical leftist claptrap?
Peter ,   Vienna-Austria   (10.07.10)
Was he also wrongfully accused?
7. hahahaha sorry but can't shack this akmee aka
ghostq   (10.07.10)
Loony tunes fealing, seems like FBI make noise, but it will end in a fine and slap on the rist.
8. This is not spying - it is divulging corporate secrets
MiamiGuy   (10.07.10)
Spying would be against the US and not against Akamai Tech. Fix the headline!
9. @ #8 ~ exactly, MiamiGuy .. . .
JB ,   SoCal, USA   (10.07.10)
10. #3 I agree now do the same to Pollard!
11. see this is just what dual loyalty is all about
that's right swear an oath to two different countries and then figure out which one will give you the best deal.... that's what Pollard did and got his chops busted but good!
12. No surprise here!
christianpalestinian ,   las vegas, nevada   (10.07.10)
Majority of americans caught spying were jewish americans. This is well known even to the FBI.
13. Alleged spying
Eugene Graczyk ,   Sausalito, CA USA   (10.08.10)
This incident comes while Netanyahu presses Obama to release another convicted Israeli spy. Israel does itself no honor by spying on US military or industrial interests. If convicted, this is a crime tantamount to treason and should be treated as such.
14. talkback
William Fuller ,   Valdosta, USA   (10.08.10)
Unfortunately, the first comment is absolutely true. A relative handful of self informed people know this truth, but most Americans -- good, decent, hardworking, compassionate as they are-- are really about as ignorant of world affairs as the most backward 3rd world country.
15. Israeli spies
azbob ,   carefree, USA   (10.09.10)
When will Israel's spying on the US cease. They become increasingly bold, and our gov't gives them a pass. And the gaul of Israel wanting Pollard freed is beyond the pale. I say, make AIPAC register as a lobby for a foreign power and prosecute all future spies to the fullest.
16. #1 "Singer " - response
Rafi ,   US   (10.11.10)
I am Jewish and my dad served proudly in the US Army. Your sweeping remarks are offensive to me and many other Americans. When non-Jews are arrested as spies do you then claim that "all Christians are 5th columnists"? Who designated you as the fountain and authority on US patriotism in any case? Actually the only thing that you have proven is that you are an out and out anti-Semite.
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