Dogs to be used in next flotilla raid
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 07.10.10, 17:17
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1. a better solution
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (10.07.10)
The dogs are strong and merciless, but Israel has something stronger, more merciless and far more aggressive: the YSM stormtroopers. If YSM had landed on the Marmara instead of commandos, they would have easily beaten, immobilized, and hog-tied the terrorists. The terrorists wouldn't have received their wish to die, but they would have been hospitalized.
BENJAMIN ,   SINGAPORE   (10.07.10)
HA H AHA BWA HA :-)NJMBDHGLQdbd Doik ......;-)))
3. K9 (USA police: canine) unit: good idea
Thomas ,   Dixieland USA   (10.07.10)
It has symbolic value as well. Get ready for the Haaretzniks' assault!
4. sadly...
anat ,   Jerusalem areaa   (10.07.10)
I agree 100% to send the dogs. For me it is more important the life of the soldier, but sadly we will soon be invaded with talkbacks from animal-lovers and green-protect-the-poor-animal people
5. Dogs
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (10.07.10)
The 'Dogooders'may kill the dogs while bording.
6. If the dogs don't work out
Sidney ,   New York   (10.07.10)
how about attack pigs? wild boars?
7. Dogs to be used...
Bruria   (10.07.10)
I agree that dogs are the greatest asset, but my concern is that while they are being lowered they could be easily beaten to death! How do you get them on deck without a harness? With all the modern equipment these days could you not disable the ship, or use tear gas or something? Surely there is a better way then dropping soldiers and now dogs into the arms of terrorists.
8. To: Israel Israeli at No. 1
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.07.10)
I basically agree with your comment, but I do wish that you had not used the word "stormtroopers." That has a very clear and precise correlation. Do you remember the last time in history that word came up? Please retract just that portion of your comment. Perhaps you might consider substituting it with the word "commandos" or "special forces."
OLD SEA DOG ,   ZEFAT ISRAEL   (10.07.10)
Might be a bone of contention.
10. The Govermnet Stupidity On Revealing Future Plans Is Absurt
matt ,   Los Angeles USA   (10.07.10)
Unbelievable how these dum ass goverment just reveals any thing that suppose to be a secret in oder to be afective! Imagine this they already know that's the case so they will be ready for your dogs with appropriate tools to encounter with your smart ass dogs and you know what by then its going to be to late cuz the dogs are going to be very useless in front of bunch of smart destructive terrorists! What do you think you are dealing with ? bunch of Robots ? Can't you guys shut your mouths ? where is the whole security precidures that needs to be taken ? where is mosad and shin bet to prevent secrets leaking out ....?
MR. ALSATIAN ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (10.07.10)
12. D-I-S-A-B-L-E the vessels remotely
Schreiber   (10.07.10)
What part of that doesn't the government understand? Why send those wonderful dogs to be butchered? Disable the vessels and then tow them to port. Arrest the invaders under immigration law, lock them up and fine them upon release after a long, solitary and unconfortable sentence. AND FILM EVERYTHING, from the moment they come in until they board a flight paid with their own money. Sheesh.... Don't you realize that charity for Gaza is the last thing on their minds? They want to wear you down, to drive you crazy and then to open up Gaza for free arming and eventual full independence.
13. Stopping the flotilla
Adam Helberg ,   USA   (10.07.10)
Whatever method is used there must be a sufficient price to be paid by the invaders to deter future attemps. If a gentle approach is used and the ships are returned this problem will just get worse as more attempts to break the blockade are made.
14. To10 You are so right, matt.
thinkagain ,   jerusalem   (10.07.10)
15. Animal Cruelty!
Tony ,   Melbourne, Australia   (10.07.10)
To throw dogs onto those ships is just cruel knowing from past experience that flotilla people are violent and armed with knives, metal poles, etc. They will just kill the poor animals. Service dogs are great - they catch criminals and sniff out bombs. Lets not unnecessarily hurt man's best friends. Can't tear gas be used to avoid casualties to anyone?
16. Why not just disable thier ship at sea?
Amram ,   Netanya, Yisrael   (10.07.10)
Done by Naval Commandos, quietly -- freeze the rudder, or take off the propeller (screw). I mean if I can figure this out, surely the goaneem of Tsahal can! Hellloooo!
17. Actually it is a brilliant idea
Lioness ,   Israel   (10.07.10)
If any of the dogs get hurt by the terrorists all the dog lovers in the world will be upset by this. It will upset animal lovers to see the dogs beaten up more than seeing our soldiers beaten up as they were by the Turks.
18. PAW CRIMES!!!!!!
Abdul Al Goofy   (10.07.10)
19. Re 4
Andrew Brehm   (10.07.10)
If anything happens to the dogs, we can blame those who killed them opn the ships.
20. They will just shoot the dogs or knife them. It would be
Rivkah   (10.07.10)
better to spray the ship with a gas that induces sleep. This can also be done with certain radiowavelength microwaves and radiowaves as described in Texe Marrs' book "Project L.U.C.I.D."
21. Can they swim? don't gorget to put life suites on them.
emeth ,   istanbul   (10.07.10)
if we see those creatures in our next flotila we'll train in swiming and diving.
22. Superiority due to sharpest thinking!
Johnny ,   Stockholm Sweden   (10.07.10)
What a brilliant idea on so many levels.
AL SATIAN ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (10.07.10)
Without paws for thought .
24. For Your Information
Terry Feld ,   Houston, Texas   (10.07.10)
Muslims believe that at the moment of their birth their personal Djinn is also born. This Djinn can be invisible or it can take the form of a DOG. This is why so many Muslims fear dogs. They fear it is their personal Djinn coming to do evil to them. Of course it is true. True believers belive it to be true. It is true.
25. Snakes.
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (10.07.10)
26. Dogs can and should be shot.
Matt ,   UK   (10.07.10)
If the Peace activist know for sure that wild dogs will be used to attack them then they should prepare by bringing trained marksmen with them, in order to shoot these dangerous animals. This will serve as a warning to the two legged masters in the helicopters not to board the vessels.
27. ok, we'll bring our flying lizards, they'll be equppied
muhamad   (10.07.10)
with 9 m'm pistols and they exchale fire.
28. telegraphing tactics
moshon   (10.07.10)
What bloody dumbass decided to publicize idf tactics. You think the arabs or turks will stand pat??. They will get guns and shoot the dogs as they come do and knives and kill the animals.. No the decks should be sanitized first before dogs are launched. And if you use dogs, rotweilers should be considered as they are terrifying in appearance. Arabs will use long knives and machetes on the dogs so I have real concerns for the safey of the animals.I would advise against using dogs. How about using israeli border police for the job?
29. Agree #10
Jessica ,   USA   (10.07.10)
I was thinking the same thing post number 10. Next time terrorists will be armed with guns and just shoot the dogs. Good idea by IDF, just keep it to yourself.
30. #26 trained marksman peace activists
Ehoop ,   UK   (10.07.10)
Yes, trained marksman peace activists I can respect. What a refreshing change from the Palestine Solidarity Campaign's self-effacing call for Israel to be wiped out a la Ahmadinejad (you must look at their emblem), their half-hearted thuggery against a London shop and BBC offices in Manchester and their roster of patrons and supporters who include the sweetest anti-semites and the gentlest supporters of Islamic terrorism and its ideologues whom you might ever hope to share a copy of the Protocols with.
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