Fischer wins best bank governor of the world award
Zvi Lavi
Published: 11.10.10, 08:27
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1.  Stanley Fischer is an AMERICAN Success Story !
Salma ,   Palestine   (10.11.10)
2. Salma
dan ,   london   (10.11.10)
He is a JEWISH Success Story just like ISRAEL!
3. Dan...he was imported from NY
basel ,   Jer   (10.11.10)
He was imported from NY a while ago, being a jwish is just a category in the ID. I wanna watch what will be his policy when the dollar reach 3.2 over NIS.
4.  Stanley Fischer is a Jewish Success Story !
Anon ,   Johannesburg   (10.11.10)
5. Well done Stanley!!! You did us proud : )
Talula ,   Israel   (10.11.10)
6. #1 Give us an Arab success story - I'd love to hear one
Talula ,   Israel   (10.11.10)
Please give me a list of FIVE, no, that's way too hard - TWO things Palestinians have developed recently OR a famous Palestinian, (you can use one who originated elsewhere) who has served for the good of their country/people. I'm waiting.... YOU GOT NOTHING!!!
7. #1 He was born in Zambia
Israel   (10.11.10)
8. to # 6 the qassams are made of pasta yet still flying
Success story   (10.11.10)
9. My dear Salma
Yossef ,   Toronto/Rehovot   (10.11.10)
I love you :-) But you are wrong
10. Salma and Dan
Vernon marriott ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (10.11.10)
Erm, it's all a bit more complex than that. If anything he's African (born and raised in what is today Zambia), he then moved to London to do his first and second degrees there, then to the USA. I believe he's now taken out Israeli citizenship - so he's rather a product of a range of circumstances
11. Jonathan Pollard is American born success story
Chris ,   USA   (10.11.10)
12. Who is Euromoney anyway
Jack. A   (10.11.10)
13. Correction
Birdi ,   Israel   (10.11.10)
ooppss, pardon me, Stanley Fischer was indeed born in Zambia & not Rhodesia-Zimbabwe.
14. "being a jwish is just a category in the ID." - #3
Kate ,   London, UK   (10.11.10)
Ah, so the fact that over 20% of all Nobel Prizes ever awarded have been won by Jews (0.2% of the world's population) is just a coincidence?
15. #6 I'd be happy to tell you SOME Palestinian success story
Salma ,   Palestine   (10.11.10)
Mohammed Nuseibeh - Prominent Businessman Abdul Hameed Shoman, Arab Bank Mansur Barbari, Barbari Group Inc. Yousef Beidas, Intra Bank Hasib Sabbagh, Said Khoury..CCC Naim Attallah, Asprey, Quartet Publishing Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Sabih al-Masri Munib al-Masri, PADICO Tawfiq Gargour Fatin Albaddad THE OWNER OF Al Baddad International Group business. Ahmed Al-Arian. The List of Palestinian business success story is very long Talula, If you want more, I'm ready : )
16. Saved Israel from the precipice
zznhl   (10.11.10)
A Jewish Hero of biblical proportions. He saved Israel from bankruptcy. NIKOODA. We could so easily have ended up like Iceland or Greece. To Salma: Where are all the billions of dollars donated by the naive Europeans and Japanese? Helping to prop up the Luxembourg, Swiss and Jersey economies....oh I forgot, some pays for shopping trips in Paris for Suha.
17. Salma (#15)
Yossef ,   Toronto/Rehovot   (10.11.10)
כול הכבוד I wish for the palestinians even more success stories, and I am sure that we will achieve great things together in the middle-east :)
18. #9 Yossef , I really really miss you ; )
Salma ,   Palestine   (10.11.10)
Yossef, Correct me IF I'm wrong.
19. Salma (#18)
Yossef ,   Toronto/Rehovot   (10.11.10)
You are NOT wrong ;)
20. Salma
zznhl   (10.11.10)
Maybe you and Yossef should get together and then go and live in Gaza to help your people?
21. Salma and Yossef
R ,   Israel   (10.12.10)
Get a room!
22. #21 Why not?
Yossef ,   Toronto/Rehovot   (10.12.10)
One example, directly from the Torah: Zipporah, Moshe's wife, was one of Jethro's daughters. Jethro was a priest of Midian. I don't see anything wrong for a jew to marry a palestinian :-) By the way I feel in Salma a woman who loves and defend her people with the same strength and conviction I love and I defend my people. She deserves respect and attention. I want to leave in peace with my arab brothers and sisters. That's it.
23. Yossef, you are so right!
Michael ,   Jerusalem/Copenhagen   (10.13.10)
I really like what you writte and the respect you show to Salma. I totally agree with you. I feel solidaire first for my people but when we have the opportunity to talk with the other side in peace and without inslutes, I think we should always do it. Congratulation to both of you Salma and Yossef!
24. #22 Yossef , Is there a loyalty oath to marry a Jew ?!!!
Salma ,   Palestine   (10.13.10)
hope not ;) dear Yossef ,I wish you all the best in your life, with your friends ,family,and happy wife. Happy wife = happy life see, It's Maths :))
25. #1, Fischer is a criminal just like all the other
Rich ,   Toronto, Canada   (10.13.10)
central bank governors around the world. The whole banking system is a usurist fraud, and all these criminals need to be arrested immediately, and their banking operations shut down.
26. #25 You exaggerate
Yossef ,   Rehovot, Israel   (10.13.10)
and exaggeration never helps in a debate.
27. #24 Salma, there is a loyalty oath...
Yossef ,   Toronto/Rehovot   (10.13.10)
...from the husband to the wife and from the wife to the husband :) It is the minimum. After we can hope for mutual love and support. I don't care too much for rabbi's or imam's benediction :) I am sure that you will be a wonderful wife for the man who will have the chance to get your heart. There is a beautiful hebrew love poem שיר השירים (the song of songs) I dedicate it to you :) For the rest I agree with you and I hope for you the same and to have the husband who deserves you. One more thing: you can maybe teach me arabic and I'll teach you math. Yeap, but i is not that fun. Let's go to the beach together first, after we'll see ;)
28. #27 Yossef , Thank you all for your beautiful words
Salma ,   Palestine   (10.14.10)
Like grass growing among the joints of a rock We existed as strangers one day The Spring Sky was composing a star…and a star And I was composing a love verse To your eyes I will sing. Do your eyes know that I have waited very long Like summer waiting for a bird And I slept like an immigrant With one eye awake and the other crying We are two lovers until the moon falls asleep And know that hugging and kissing Are the food of love nights And that morning is calling for my footsteps to continue On the path! We are friends, so walk next to me hand in hand Together we make bread and songs Why do we ask this path which fate we are facing? Let’s just walk for ever Why do we look for songs of crying In an old poetry anthology? And we ask: our love, are you going to be for ever? I love you like Bedouin tribes love the oasis of grass and water Like a hungry man’s love to a loaf of bread Like grass growing among the joints of a rock We existed as strangers one day. Mahmoud Darwish. dear Yossef ,you can dedicate these words for your sweetheart :) boker tov Ynet ;)
29. #28 Thank you Salma, so much
Yossef ,   Toronto/Rehovot   (10.14.10)
It is a very beautiful poem, and Mahmoud Darwish is a great poet. And these words say so much, and say also that love is much much over race or religion or tribes or nations. "We existed as strangers one day" Let us wish that it will not be for ever, for us Jews and Arabs. Best wishes my dear Salma, לך לשלום
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